My Photos, My Poetry



Some music to set the mood as you read.

Sung by Jen Titus








I carry

you with

me   on   a

back weighted

  numberless days

   out     over     hard

    unforgiving    water

    shall  we   float  down,

     away, follow the currents

     tug the essence out of your


    swim a whirlpool

     spinning ceaselessly

     into       the        ebony

     corridor  of   darkness


8 thoughts on “Giltinė”

    1. Thank you for that. It is a photo of a friend, and I found myself playing around with when I wrote the poem. Not that she is at all like death/a reaper – but the image just wanted to be made to fit. I hope that it does. 🙂


  1. dark imagery of the reaper rowing down the river styx. my take on the final few lines of this poem is that it refers to the uncertainty of our deeds and our fear for our future. we don’t know what lies ahead for us. we “spin ceaselessly” due to our actions which might lead us towards the “corridor of darkness”


  2. I saw the picture and thought to myself, “this is how things would look if I was dying.” This poem is enchanting. I love these lines, spinning, tugging, swirling. You even would charm and dance with death. Love it!


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