Close encounter? What kind? First, second? Third kind already? You’d better run, man, I think the fourth kind is a butt thing.”

The opening of this episode is fantastic.

X-Files parody.

I love it when Supernatural writers do parody – love it !!!!!!!!!!!

Disappearing people in a burst of light, crops circles. The aliens are here – or are they ??

People are disappearing in Elwood Indiana.

Sam – oh I kinda like Sam without a soul.

Dean decides to be Sam’s conscience.

“So you’re saying…you’ll be my …Jiminy Cricket?” Sam asks. “Shut up. But yeah you friggin’ puppet…that’s exactly what I’m saying,” Dean.

Dean is the next one to experience a close encounter. His phone conversation with Sam as he is on the run is…there is no way to tell it.

Close encounter? What kind? First, second? Third kind already? You’d better run, man, I think the fourth kind is a butt thing.”

Now, old Sam would have spent all his time looking for Dean.

New Sam does investigate. He goes to the local UFO watchers camp, where he gets a little distracted by a hippy chick.

Dean returns to their room after fighting off his abductors to find Sam having a romp with the hippy chick.

“You’re upset,” Sam asks

“I was abducted. And you were banging Patchouli,” Dean replies

“I didn’t think she smelt that bad.” says Sam.

See what I mean about new Sam – he is funny.

Sam trying to be all brotherly as Dean tells him what happened – priceless.

Dean: “There were these beings and they were too bright to look at, but I could feel them pulling me towards this table." Sam: “Probing table," Dean: “God, don’t say that out loud!"

Sam goes off to the library, leaving Dean back at the motel.

Apparently size is not important at all, because a little, naked, hot, lady fairy takes on Dean and if it weren’t for the microwave – I think she’d have kicked his arse.

Dean can actually see the fairies as he has been ‘to the other side’, but Sam (even without his soul, Sam still does research like no other) puts it all together.

TBs visit the crazy fairy lady – where she explains how to interact with them.

“Dean, did you service Oberon, king of the fairies?” Sam asks...

She also tells them the fairies looooovvvvveeee cream.

When TBs see the local watchmaker loading gallons of cream into his shop they get suspicious.

Seems he has a workshop full of elves – but wait – it gets better.


There is a Leprechaun.

Wayne the Leprechaun

And there is also a Redcap stalking Dean. A redcap is a malevolent fairy, elf, type being.

So far we have:

  • fairies
  • elves
  • a leprechaun
  • a redcap

and a lot of hippies chasing UFOs.

Are you really still not watching this show people ???

Dean ends up in the local poke after tackling what he thought was his stalker.

“You little fairy! What do you want, you fairy?”

Sounds mundane??

Nuh uh. Watch the clip.

After the leprechaun beats Sam around for a while – he finally remembers one of the crazy fairy lady’s tips.

Spill salt or sugar and the fairy/elf/leprechaun MUST count every grain.

While the poor old leprechaun is on his knees counting Sam does the spell to send the lot back to whence they came.

Now – how can they top this ??


      1. It simply means your obvious pleasure with TB’s, the cool parts you share and the sheer enthusiasm you have for them that spills out onto your pages cracks me up (makes me laugh out loud with, with joy and pleasure of course) 🙂


        1. kick
          My story is not too sad to be told,
          but practically everything
          leaves me totally cold.
          The only exception i know is the case,
          when i’m home on friday night,
          i feel everythings about right
          i flip the switch and i see,

          so tell me why should it be true
          that i get a kick
          out of TBs

          Some get a kick from cocain
          i’m sure that if i took even one sniff
          that would bore me terrificly too
          yet i get a kick out of TBs

          i get a kick every time i see them standing there before me
          i get a kick though its clear to me they obviously don’t
          notice me

          I get no kick in a plane
          Flying too high
          with some guy in the sky is my idea of nothing to do

          Yet i get a kick
          Out of TBs


  1. HAHAHA This post!!! I do SO want to watch these episodes! I love how you share them with so much joy and humor.


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