All Dogs Go To Heaven

I’m a dog lover.

But after this episode I found myself changing in the bathroom with the door shut.

I've often wondered if she is REALLY a dog...

Our Chevvy was most put out. Now back to the show…

Crowley sends the boys out looking for another monster – what he thinks is the Alpha Werewolf. Wrong again Mr King of Hell.

“You’d sell your brother for a dollar right now if you really needed a soda.” Crowley tells Sam

I love the way Crowley throws his weight around with TBs, it is soooooo British.

TBs – or actually Sam – figures out a connection between the attacks.

Remember our Sam no longer sleeps, which I think creeps Dean out a bit.

After interrogating a couple on the death of his brother, and their landlord, TBs are convinced that they have the culprit.


Luckily Dean isn’t ready to hand him over to Crowley until he’s sure. Soulless Sam couldn’t care less.

When their suspect ends up dead from the same sort of attack it occurs to TBs they may have been barking (oops) up the wrong tree.

Sam is left to play the waiting/watching game outside the family home as TBs are beginning to suspect Mandy – who’s now lost a boyfriend’s brother, a landlord, and a boyfriend.

Mandy lives with her son Aiden, and the family dog, an Alsatian by the name of Lucky.

“Oh, Lucky. Honestly, you are the only decent boyfriend I have ever had.”

And a lucky pooch he is. He gets to sleep with Mandy, he gets to watch Mandy shower and change.

Only Lucky is not just any Alsatian – he’s a skinwalker.

All the dead people are people who made Mandy’s life difficult.

After seeing the family pooch change Sam gives chase.

Lucky is not so lucky it seems and he ends up hit by a car, then locked up in the pound, where Dean and Sam go to fetch him.

Sorry about all the doggy puns, but I can’t help myself with this episode.

Skinwalkers, unlike werewolves, can change at will.

TBs take Lucky back to the motel for a bit of interrogation.

This was my favourite scene. The writers gave Sam some bloody awesome lines.

“Why shack up with a family? Is it a kinky thing? Do you like to play with your food? Roll over, Lucky. Speak.”

Soulless Sam can be very funny.

Lucky was recruited with a bunch of others. The plan being to turn the families the skinwalkers live with when they all get the signal. TBs talk Lucky into helping them get the ringleader.

Dog lovers may not want to watch what happens next as a lot of dogs get the silver bullet. Not Lucky though – he’s left to wander the streets as a homeless stray now that Mandy knows he’s really not just a dog.

Can’t say I blame her.

The episode ends with TBs having their first serious chat in a while.

I’ve missed those.

Sam admits that all along he’s been lying.

“But I’ve been thinking. I was that other Sam for a long time. And it was kind of harder, but there are also things about it I remember. Let’s just say, I think I should probably go back to being him.”

He doesn’t give a damn about anyone – including Dean.

Time to get his soul back please…


    1. I have little choice – especially as we are behind, getting the episodes – and I can’t even watch it online as I am way over here and they won’t let us – meanies.


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