Rock pool heaven…

Honeycombe Bay

found between

Coogee Beach


Lurline Bay

Sydney, Australia

I spent summer days baking on the rocks.

Cooling off in the pool.

And the odd night…

well that’s for me to know.


  1. I love these pictures. I’ve never been to Australia (must go one one day), and it seems that the only image we in Blighty ever get to see of the country in the TV news and in the papers is of the Opera House. Are the posts in the third picture those also shown in the first picture? Why has that little area been roped off in that way?

    The turquoise colour of the sea against the stone colour of the rocks is beautiful in the second from last pic.


    1. Yep – same posts. It is a little rock pool right on the edge. Waves come in and sometimes they can be quite large.
      The rope is sort of a warning if you like – that any closer to the sea is dangerous.
      And maybe just in case you need something to grab as you get washed away – LOL
      Just joking !!!!!!


  2. Jo, These pics are incredible. Love the rock pool! I bet those rocks are warm to lay on as well. Thank you for bringing me images of down under. I like how you caught the different textures in the photos. Just beautiful.


  3. Great images, looks a lot like the rock and tide pools we have in San Diego. What is it about warm rocks, smooth sand and dark nights that make people do things they can’t talk about on their blogs? 🙂


    1. Thanks Cap’n – for liking the images. 🙂 As to the rest – well, they are (warm rocks, smooth sand, dark nights) intoxicating. That’s why we do those things we do !!!


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