The Colour of My Love

The possibilities that surround the beginning of love always seemed vivid purple to me.


it’s what I remember

skin – touch – love

they’re entangled

how it should be


I need your help.

I’ve entered a photocompetition where I need your votes to get in to the top 5 for consideration.

It is for Justin Timberlake’s new movie – IN TIME. Justin Timberlake is inviting artists to get inspired by his new movie In Time, set in a world where time is literally money. Artists submit a photograph for the chance to have work featured at the Premiere of In Time, and as Justin’s Facebook profile picture.

This is mine…

Voting started October 11th and ends October 17th. I’d be ever so grateful if you would consider voting for me. You do need to be either on Facebook or Twitter to cast a vote on the page – or once voting starts on the 11th you can text it through.

Here is the link to my profile page on the website: talenthouse.

On the right of the page is my photo.

Facebook users click on the blue button under my photo with the F and Vote.

Twitter users click on the light blue button with the T and Vote.

A box will appear for you to leave a comment in. Stay nice people – I need all the the emotional support I can get. Then click submit. It will ask you to allow it to connect to your Facebook/twitter page. A few friends have done this already and other than a post saying on Facebook/twitter that you are a supporter of mine – the only time they post to you is to remind you it is time to vote.

Well I’m saying thanks in advance. Leave me a comment and I’ll reply with bucket loads of appreciation.


This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

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This poem is part of the Poets United Poetry Pantry #65 where poets share their works.


    1. Nice one – I like that. 🙂
      I am having fun with this photo – playing – around – editing thing I’m doing at the moment.
      Too much fun maybe…


    1. You can’t fool a pirate Cap’n. 🙂 Yep that’s her all right. Full of beans then – and maybe still a bit now ???
      Oh and as a bit of trivia – for a time – she DID have real purple hair. “Dyed it for a while.”


  1. The illusion of a purple love … so high on the metaphysical range.
    Outstanding interpretation of the challenge “Possibility”.
    Love it,

    P.S. thanks for the pingback. I will have to learn how to do that.
    A new avenue open to me. ~~~~ : – )


  2. Great entry into the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge!
    I voted for your In Time inspired photo via Facebook. Good luck!


  3. Purple passion….thanks for the memories! 🙂 I’m not on FB anymore or Twitter so I can’t vote for your beautiful photo but good luck! 🙂


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