Funny Stuff

Two old men…

Two old men go to an escort service house.

The madam asks them what they want. They say women.

She asks, “How old are you?” They say 90.

So she tells one of the girls to take them upstairs and put each of them in a room with a blow up doll.

So they go upstairs and do their thing.

When they come back downstairs the first old man asks the other “How was it?”

The other one says “I think she was dead, she just layed there, how was yours?”

“I think mine was a witch.”

“A witch?”

“Yeah, I bit her on the tit, she farted and flew out the window.”


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28 thoughts on “Two old men…”

          1. Man, did I forget to click suscribe to comments? Ive been waiting and waiting for you to reply! I got impatient and came here anyway. Sorry guys. it’s…..

            Bunny Farts. πŸ˜€


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