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I Heart Photo Challenge : White

Frozen – from the inside…

Here is my first entry for this challenge. This is from my time in Holland.

An attempt at a self-portrait.

This photo is entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge: WHITE –

Head on over to see amazing shots around the white theme.


16 thoughts on “I Heart Photo Challenge : White”

    1. Oh it was real all right – I was freezing, as I left my jacket in the car because I wanted the pink jumper in the photo. it was my first experience at a white winter – where better than to do that than Holland.


  1. You look like you are freezing. You need a jacket but the scene is really pretty and white There is nice contrast and subdued lighting that makes the white the star of that photo. It’s a really good pic for the white photo challenge. Good luck. I’m going to check out the site.


    1. I feel like a duck out of water – there are so many amazing photographers and photos – but hey, you have to start somewhere. And I didn’t find any others like this photo. I just want to try to get better at taking and editing photos, and I thought this type of thing might help.


  2. Woah – that’s a lot of snow! I’m glad you sacrificed your comfort to get the pink sweater in the pic. 🙂 And I love the windmill in the background – makes it so quintessentially “Holland” instead of some generic snow scene. Great job!


  3. That really does look like it came straight out of a painting. And you look great there! I hope you got to buid a snowman? That’s a very important part of the snow experience ya know.


  4. This is a wonderful pic – everything looks so still and cold. I love the rusty orange colour of whatever it is that’s growing alongside the water (bullrushes? Long grass?). I don’t think you should feel like a duck out of water in relation to your photography – anything but.


    1. I think they are a type of grass. Thank you for the comment about my photography – but wow, when I see some of the others – hmmmmmmm…amazing. I’m just a beginner/amateur. But that’s okay. Less of a rep to live up to. 🙂


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