Divo – Freddie Mercury, My Fairy King

people dancing across your skin,

held fast in the ridges as you wave down your hands,

words bouncing in the fog,

clear as a water drop,

your meaning flutters through the pathways,

never lost in the maze we build to protect the secret places,


I hear the many colours that you warble,

across the ripples, your breath,

I see its feathery embrace of fairy kings,

how it rides the thunder,

shaking angels from their perches


Freddie was and is a Divo.


Definitions of Divo

1. An operatic prima donna.
2. A very successful singer of nonoperatic music
3. Prima donna
4. Celebrity
5. Star


This is for me the ultimate Freddie song.

My Fairy King – Words and music by Freddie Mercury

In the land where horses born with eagle wings
And honey bees have lost their stings
There’s singing forever to you
Lions den with fallow deer
And rivers made from wines so clear
Flow on and on forever
Dragons fly like sparrows thru’ the air
And baby lambs where Samson dares
To go on on on on on on
My fairy king can see things
He rules the air and turns the tides
That are not there for you and me
Ooh yeah he guides the winds
My fairy king can do right and nothing wrong
Then came man to savage in the night
To run like thieves and to kill like knives
To take away the power from the magic hand
To bring about the ruin to the promised land
They turn the milk into sour
Like the blue on the blood of my veins
Why can’t you see it
Fire burnin’ in hell with the cry of a streaming pain
Son of heaven set me free and let me go
Sea turns dry no salt from sand
Seasons find no helping hand
Teeth don’t shine like pearls for poor man’s eye, no more.
Someone someone has drained the colour from my wings
Broken my fairy circle ring
And shamed the king in all his pride
Changed the winds and wronged the tides
Mother mercury
Look what they’ve done to me
I cannot run I cannot hide


5th September 1946 – 24th November 1991


Written for Freddie but posted at ABC Wednesday,

where you can see what all the other creative types

came up with for the




For more on Freddie: Happy Birthday Freddie.


  1. I agree, nowhere or when have I ever heard a voice quite like his special sound. He was gifted. Songbird aptly describes him.


  2. Thank you for this video. It’s the first time I hear him singing. You wrote that you are from Australia. My daughter lives in Queensland so I have been there several times now, but we also went to NZ. for a holiday.My daughter’s first husband was an Aboriginal. They got divorced but she still is visiting his relatives and his mother, who became my friend. Two of my grandchildren are half Aboriginal. Last year they were all here in my country.


    1. I am really glad you liked it. I lived in Holland for a few years. In Bennekom. I loved the country, and was homesick for it when we went to Australia to settle. My ex-husband was Dutch.


  3. Hello.
    A fitting tribute to the man who could sing! His music certainly got people dancing.
    Great video. He was indeed a Divo.

    Lovely post.

    Thanks also for the visit. I appreciate it.


  4. About three years ago my friends and I went to see Queen in Dubai. Although the lead singer was good enough there was a lack of that “divoness” there. I don’t know how everyone else felt but I missed him!! I am so glad you posted this and reminded us of how special he was!


    1. He was born to perform. There is a quote of his which always makes me smile. Apparently one night in a bar someone said to him that he would be a rockstar. “I’ll going to be a legend,” Freddie replied, throwing his hands out and up. How right he was. πŸ™‚


  5. An entertainer by whom all others shall be measured…and so far, none come up to snuff!!
    I loved Freddie!
    Fabulous post.
    Jane x


    1. It is from their Queen album. Being a Queen nut from Queen onwards – I have almost all their ablums, in the old form of LP’s (I must get the kids to buy the CD’s for a birthday or Christmas present – ohh one of those is coming up soon), there are few of there old songs I don’t cherish.


    1. I have the 3 CD set, plus some of Freddie’s – but I still have nearly all the albums. One day i want to get them all on CD – there are so many great songs not on the Greatest Hits CDs.


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