You Can’t Handle The Truth

Imagine living in a place where everyone told you the truth – all the time.

Sounds great.

Hmmmmmm – after this week’s episode I am not so sure.

It starts off this week with poor hapless waitress Jane, who shoots herself.

Now, if I had heard that the cook had added his own ingredient to the clam chowder,

You’re sad and pathetic and I pity you. Only reason I’m giving you a heads up: Stay away from the clam chowder. I flavored it with my own … seasoning.

that the nice old lady had run over a homeless man,

that the sweet little girl wanted to murder her mother,

I hate mommy. I want to burn her in her sleep. Creepy kid !!!

that the greasy looking waiter thought I was creepy, and that my sister thought I was pathetic, all within a short space of time, I might have gone a little nuts.

But Veritas is in town, and once you ask for the truth she gives it to you – then requires a payment. You – for dinner.

Who is Veritas? She was the daughter of Saturn in Roman mythology, and went on to become the mother of Virtue. She is believed to have hid in a holy well. So she was a bit odd as well apparently.

Trivia: Veritas’s name is used in a famous Latin quotation: ‘In vino veritas’ (‘The truth is in wine’), therefore a drunk person tells the truth.

The boys (TBs from here on in) hit town after a bunch of unusual deaths. While they are looking around, the local dentist drills a patient to death.

After what the patient was telling him – truthfully (oh, that’s funny) I would have done the same. But I think I might reschedule that dentist appointment for now.

While all this is going on Dean and Bobby are trying to figure out what is wrong with Sam. I have to admit Sam is creepy at times.

Lying to Sam - not a good idea.

When he interviews the waitress’s sister, he really goes for the jugular.

"You know what a tell is?" Sam asks.

Creepy yet sexy. It’s nice to see Sam be something other than – well nice.

At first TBs are way off track, thinking that maybe Gabriel’s Horn of Truth is to blame for all the honesty going around. After putting in a call to Cas that theory goes out the window.

Mysteriously ALL the bodies seem to have disappeared from the morgue except for the drill happy dentist.

So now things gets interesting. Dean goes to a bar – okay I know, nothing unusual there. But he mutters that he just wants to know the truth. We all know he’s talking about Sammy. But truth comes from surprising places. The barmaid confides that she can’t get pregnant, her marriage is a sham, and she has been sniffing drugs.

Too much information if you ask me.

"I'm sitting like this so you'll look at my breasts. I just bought them. I need a lot of attention." - "Good luck with that, " Dean replies.

On the way out a customer flashes Dean with her newly acquired breasts.

Atta boy Dean.

Yeah it’s Dean, so he takes another look.

This is a bit suspicious huh?

Dean thinks so, so he calls Bobby to see if this truth telling works via phone lines. It does.

“Tori Spelling. I’m a huge fan. The girl’s a real talent.” Booby spilling the truth.

And what follows is either hilarious or disturbing. I’m not sure which.

Dean also talks to Lisa – she spits out a few truths of her own, and that’s all folks. She calls it quits.

"Me and Ben can't be in this with you," Lisa to Dean

I had a serious lump in my throat for Dean. I know that it doesn’t make sense in the context of the show for him to settle down happily with a family – BUT – a part of me wanted the happy ending.

"Sorry Mittens."

Meanwhile Sam has found out that one of the dead people has slaughtered her kitty and kept the skull. Gross.

“I froze. I don’t know, shock. And then it was too late. I feel terrible about it. Believe me. Dean, I can’t lie here. Do you really think I would let something like that happen on purpose?” Sam telling Dean the truth about why he let him get turned into a vampire.

TBs  – yes Dean asks Sam for the truth, and Sam’s answer seems to make him feel better. I’m not buying it.

Turns out creepy kitty killer girl was using the skull to summon Veritas so she could learn the truth about her cheating man. Seriously, some women just need to trust their own instincts.

Veritas’s house looks great ( I want a staircase just like hers), until you get to her kitchen I guess you’d call it.

The meat tray?

Ah – there are all those missing bodies. And what are all those preserving jars full of?

Is that fruit in those jars?

After slamming TBs around she ties them up.

"I ain't a father, I'm a killer," Dean.
"What we hard," Sam.

Get your minds outta the gutter !!!!!!!!

Seems they’re about to become dinner. As an appetizer she munches away on a dead guys tongue.


Seems lying makes it sweet to eat.  Where do the writers come up with these ideas?

TBs aren’t about to be the main course and they deal to this Goddess. But not before she flashes some seriously scary teeth.


Before she lies dead on the floor though the Goddess had some surprising news. Sam hasn’t been telling the truth.

"What are you?"" Veritas asks Sam.

He’s not human she says – which opens up a whole lot of questions.

Questions that have Dean right back where he started, with a head full of doubts about his brother.

What’s wrong with Sammy?

Oh Sammy - now you're in trouble...

The end was a little hard to watch. I will admit to some hiding behind the hands with fingers slightly apart for peeking.

I know.

It’s fake.

But it looked…

I’m sorry but Dean beating the crap out of Sam…

Now that was just hard to watch.


  1. The Winchester clan rules! The car was at Fan Expo (The ultimate Canadian Con!) last year, but not the boys, sadly.
    This past season was pretty kick-ass! I can’t wait to see just what happens next.
    Great post!


    1. You got to see the Impala in real life – I am so jealous. I LOVE THAT CAR. I love the boys, the writing – the whole show really. Just thought I’d mention it in case you didn’t realise. LOL 🙂


  2. I haven’t seen this before as I hardly ever watch television, it would seem
    as though I am missing a wickedly fine show and Veritas is rather charming
    in more ways than one and that ghoulishly fangtastic shot of her as she is
    about to have her lunch is delightful, I think that Dean needs some coaching
    but will he last long enough before he too succumbs to her dark desires?



    1. Dean – coaching – uhuh. As for Veritas, sorry to tell you – TBs dealt her a fatal blow. But there are always new scary, creepy, bad guys popping up. Seriouly – one fine show.


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