Winter ills…

Go Back !!

I thought that this one year I was going to get away with it – uhuh.

Those pesky germs have found my house – and me.

Luckily it is Sunday – so I am curling up in bed with the WWW and maybe a DVD.

I am going to snuggle with Chevvy, and Charlie,

(who BTW has something weird going on with his tail – it looks almost dislocated. It’s not, but he has a sore back, so is on anti-inflammatories)

who are hunkering down inside for the day with their sneezing, eyes watering, snotty nosed Mum, while the wind blows.

Jack is of course being Jack, and nose in the air, is avoiding the sick room at all costs.

I’m off in search of the Vicks,

and The Postman – Kevin always makes me feel better.

After that it might be time to watch a little of TBs…

How cute are they back in Season 1 ??

Yep – season 1 it is…

All 22 episodes – if you haven’t heard from me by next Friday…

Thought I’d throw in one more for the heck of it – hell, I’m delirious here.

Toodles - ta ta, see ya....


  1. Sometimes I wish I was sick so I had an excuse to stay in bed, though when I am sick all I do is wish it to be gone! Get well soon, enjoy your hibernation as best as you can 🙂


  2. So sorry to hear you’re “under the weather.” Sounds like you’ve figured out the right treatment for what ails you, however. Have you thought of going to medical school? We need more physicians who get the diagnosis right, the first time. ha, ha. I know I’d fly to where you are to be treated…I’ve never been there.

    all this to say…hope you feel better…real soon…;)


  3. Remember Jo, go back to the basics. You’re a Pirate, and rum kills all germs. (at least they don’t seem to have hung around, once I wake up and pull myself out of the bilge).


  4. Hey Jo, hope you are better now and that things are all good across the ditch! As a get well gift I have a pressie for you, but you’ll have to wait until this Friday’s blog to find out what it is…come by on Friday once I post part…hmmm 17. Get well soon.


  5. Aw Joe, Its monday, I hope youve kicked the worst of it. Your to do list for laying in bed looks rather enjoyable. Im hoping you and the critter with the goofy tail both recuperate well.


    1. We are doing better – though I sound a tad funny when I open my mouth – which I am afraid to do as everytime I do i want to cough. LOL 🙂


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