Supernatural gone bad…


I am about to commit to the ultimate sacrilege.

My hands are shaking at the thought of it.

I am going to criticize Supernatural.

Oh God I feel sick already.


You heard me.

It’s not my fault.

It all started with a gift.

A friend came back from Australia with a present for me.

A special edition of the Supernatural magazine,

There was the expected squealing with joy when I saw all the goodies in it.

Lots of photos of the boys (TBs as I’ll call from here on). Lots of articles. Whoo hoo.

I read a bit last night.

Great magazine BTW.

Loved the article ‘Going Rogue’ on Sebastion Roché.

Great article on the music from the show.

“Crowley’s Guide to Life” – I love Crowley as a character so this article was a fun read.

So we’re clear – loved the magazine.

Guess you wondering by now what the hell I’m complaining about.

This morning it’s cold and yucky here in New Zealand, so after letting the dog and the cats out, feeding them breakfast, and checking my e-mails, I tootled back under the duvet for some more delicious reading of my gift.

Why oh why, did I do that????

I came across an article that informed me of the existence of a book.

A book about the year Sam and Dean were apart from the end of season five until the start of season six.

“Yeah,” I said.

Great idea.

What did happen in that year?

I made plans to buy the book.

I know.

I know.


So I read a pretty good article about Rebecca Dessertine, the book’s writer. At the time of the article she was Mr Kripke’s assistant. Maybe she still is. She’s quite well informed on the Salem witch trials, and other subjects to do with demons and such like. She seems to be a well read, intelligent lady.

Turned the page I did.

Mistake – big, big, mistake.

There was an excerpt from the book.


One Year Gone

is the title.

In my opinion it should have stayed gone.

Okay – no I have not read the whole book.

I have no intention of EVER reading the whole book.

One excerpt was enough.

Oh God.

What were Eric Kripke and Sera Gamble thinking, letting someone print this?

I love the show.

If you’ve read my other posts on Supernatural, you’ll know that after TBs, and the Impala, I am crazy about the writing. It is so damn good.

The writing is fresh, funny, innovative, well it’s just damn good writing.

It gets better every season.

The characters are believable (which is crazy in itself for a show that is all about the supernatural), the drama is edge of your seat good, the laughs are wet your pants funny.

Need I go on?

Back to the book. I read ‘Prologue 2010, and what I am assuming is all of Chapter One.

What is so sad is that Supernatural fans – like me, but who haven’t read this magazine – will probably go out to buy the book.

I hope they don’t.

They’ll probably imagine that it’s like the show – well written.

In my opinion it’s not. I found it to be clichéd, over dramatic, the dialogue trite and unbelievable.

And that’s just Dean’s side so far.

This could have been something special for the fans.

A look into TBs experiences away from each other, adding a new facet to their complex relationship.

Instead it comes across as just another money making venture, trying to capitalize on the shows fans.

Supernatural has a loyal fan base. I know – I’m one of them. If not for the magazine printing this excerpt I would have considered it.

It makes me sad. Because it could have been so much more.

Just a tip – buy the magazine instead !!!!


  1. Jo, think about it as if it was a “tell all” biography, written by someone who had a grudge or axe to grind, and in hindsight, really knew very little about the character(s) they were writing about. Poor writing and bad intentions can’t harm TB’s, they’re SUPERNATURAL. 🙂 Ignore the Supernatural lunch boxes, action figures and t-shirts (OK… those were bad examples, you would probably buy all of them, given the chance, but you get my drift :-)), and just enjoy TB’s.


    1. I shall take on board ALL of your sage like advice. 🙂 There are at present no lunchboxes, action figures, (hmmmmm) or t-shirts with any Supernatural connections residing here. I do have a standing order in for a LARGE poster of TBs. As yet unfulfilled. ‘SIGH‘ But it is unseemly to have the words – dare I say them? Yes I do – bad writing and Supernatural in the same room. 🙂


  2. I was going to make a comment originally, about the action figure. Glad to see you were able to make the mental leap without any prodding. 🙂
    As far as the bad writing, would you consider the phrase ‘unnatural Supernatural writing’? 🙂


    1. Hahahahahaha – consider the phrase considered. 🙂 Don’t you mean action figures? This is after all the same woman as written about in ‘Buckshot Bryant‘ who has a bunch of Poker Studs to look out for her needs !!!


  3. Oh dear, isn’t it awful when you get such a BIG let down like that after dreaming it was so different!!
    I was the other way around with Dan Browns Da Vince Code. I thought the book was excellent, but the movie was a dead loss even though Tom Hanks is such a good actor, too. He seemed to not know how to play the part at all.
    Awwwww ..


  4. I thought you were going to critisize Supernatural, Im glad you didnt. I know exactly how you feel. I was a comic book fan of some butt kicking wolf riding elves at constant war with humans. When the paperback books came out I devoured them. But they used different authors and all the elves had wishy-washy smurf-like names. I was very disapointed.


    1. I thought, and think, that on the whole it is actually a good idea. Fill in the missing year – which they can’t do on the show as it wouldn’t work with TBs being apart. But – it was like someone let loose a six-year-old (in my humble opinion) . Boo hoo 😦


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