My Small Stones Poetry

Scope – Small Stone # 31

Borrowed from Google Images

throwing away the junk opens my eyes to the possibilities of space



18 thoughts on “Scope – Small Stone # 31”

    1. โ€ฆ we are just another storage locker โ€“ not collecting rentโ€ฆ
      Ohhhh, can I relate to those words! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
      Jo, you know I’m gonna hafta pilfer ’em…LOL!


  1. How freeing it is to get rid of STUFF. When I left the US, I came to Brazil with one bag. I loved just walking out the door and not looking back. I have a house here now, also full of STUFF, but the difference is that none of it is important and I can easily walk away from it. Love this picture and your idea of simplifying your life. Hugs, pat


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