Julie Bass is tearing down society…thank God for officialdom !!

The things you learn via the blogging world are sometimes – well you decide.


Down in Oak Park Michigan, Julie Bass has been battling local officials.


I guess it’s not just in New Zealand where local officials are short a few brain cells.


The story goes that Julie planted a vegetable garden.


Sounds boring so far huh?


Wait – Julie planted it in her front garden.



Naughty Julie.






How dare she put up a tidy plot that has pretty, orderly plants that will actually do more than just flower, where people can see them.

Disgusting !!!!!!!!


Such behaviour will bring down the government.


What about her poor kids?


They may learn to provide for themselves in times of economic distress.


Bad, bad Julie for teaching them such terrible ways.


Ahhhhhh – but we have local officials to see to the neighbourhood, rooting out these dastardly criminal types.


They issued Julie a warning. Then charged her with a misdemeanour.


Surely this terrible act deserved more.


Of course it did.


Ohhhhh – she has dogs.


Bad, bad Julie forgot to license her dogs.


Two more misdemeanours were issued regarding the dogs.


Yeah for those righteous government officials who spent time and money pursuing this dreadful woman with her radical ideas.


Can’t have that happening all over the place.


Unfortunately some judge thought this was all a storm in a teacup and a bit silly to boot and just the other day let her off.


In court



You mean to say that she got away with these dreadful crimes.


She never went to gaol.


What is happening in the world?


It’s her children I feel sorry for.


They have to live with a mad woman who thinks it is all right to grow vegetables to provide healthy meals for her children, and teach them some values along the way.


Dear Lord, they may even grow up believing that it’s okay to stand up and fight for your rights.


It’s the end of all that society stands for.


God save us all.



  1. This is so sad!!! But it is close to home for me and more than quite embarrassing for me as a resident of the same state. With times as hard as they are wouldn’t you think there might be a bit of leeway?!


    1. It is crazy – I am so glad she fought through all the crap. There’s a link to Julie’s website in the post. Yeah Julie – give ’em HELL !! 🙂


    1. Hi Julie – so glad you stopped by, and took the trouble to say hello. I think you are great and am so glad you kept fighting through all this insanity. 🙂


  2. I almost can’t believe that, to be honest. But then, I have to because it’s true. I guess my husband and I would have gone down the same way if we lived there. Maybe we shouldn’t moan about our neighbours thinking that we’re weird. It looks like they’re very nice people after all. It’s amazing how the people running our countries/the world find the time to pick on people like her, but don’t get around to tackling real crime. Well done to her for sticking by her guns and fighting the narrow-minded system…Go, Julie! And thanks, Jo, for sharing this story. x


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