bellissimo was the cry she

attached to her mother’s

gentle tones, not for her the

ordinary, a breaker of all

rules, from the cradle

desirous of lemon scented visions,

attracted to the unruly and

riotous noises that only a truly deaf

ear has any chance of hearing


bagodare is Italian and means to carouse, to revel

This was written for the photo prompt # Mag 75 at Magpie Tales

It is also submitted to ABC Wednesday Round 9 – B

Dverse – Poets Pub – OpenLinkNight – Week 2

An explanation of acrostic poetry is here.

For other Acrostic poems:



Fleeting Moment


34 thoughts on “Bagordare”

  1. I liked the way you let the words speak to each other, creating an effect and especially liked the turn at the end. Well done!
    Thanks for linking, Gay


  2. Interesting. Your imagination and poetic sense is spot on too! I’ve changed one of my sites (Writing and Beyond) on Blogger and added a new article…hope you can stop by!


  3. ..sadly, most teens these days were like that.. attracted to the scent liberation and going beyond the norms… always misinterpret and unconscious from the tireless care of their parents… i am glad i’ve changed and picked the way to maturity.. thanks for the poem!(:

    Brightest blessings,


  4. ‘Lemon scented visions’ – an evocotive line among many interesting relations.

    There is a real sense of interplay and drive

    Great write


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