Weekend at Bobby’s – Supernatural

Weekend at Bobby’s fulfilled lots of wants for me.

  • Wanting to see more of Bobby

  • Wanting to learn more about Bobby
Research for the boys
  • Wanting to see more of my favourite demon – Crowley
Crowley - best bad guy invented
  • Watching the episode Jensen Ackles directed.
Jensen Ackles wearing his director hat

So – yeah !!!!!!!!

I got all of that.

Happy little Supernatural fan.

Last season Bobby took a big gamble. He ‘lent’ Crowley his soul. We ALL knew that was going to end badly for Bobby.

Crowley being the sneaky demon he is, slipped in a clause in the soul buying contract. Also being Crowley he doesn’t want to give up 1 soul.

Bobby confronts Crowley

Naughty Crowley – oh how I love naughty Crowley.

The writers make Crowley one of the most brilliant bad guys to pop up on our small screen.

Mark Sheppard is absolutely perfect in the role of Crowley.

You’re not sure if you want to kill him or down a glass of scotch with him.

Fast forward from just after Sam jumps into Hell to a year later.

There’s not a lot of the boys in this episode – due to Jensen directing. But I can cope with that. Especially when it means delving into Bobby’s life.

Jim Beaver has brought Bobby to a new level, not that I wasn’t a Bobby fan before. This episode however showed us just how important Bobby is to the boys.

So what does Bobby do when he’s not pulling Sam and Dean out of scrapes?

Montage – yeah.

We see a montage of Bobby researching for the boys, which includes breaking into the library, and spending all night drinking coffee to find out what it is the boys are after this week.

Which is a Lamia. Never heard of that – well neither had I. Lamia  – according to Greek mythology was the daughter of King Belus of Egypt. She had an affair with Zeus, bearing his children. This did not make Hera to happy, who killed Lamia’s children. Insane with grief Lamia began devouring children.

Later there is a very funny scene of the boys dealing to their Lamia.

Sam gets his butt kicked by the Lamia
Deans deals to the Lamia

Back to Bobby.

We learn that Bobby helps out a few other hunters in the course of his day. He helps Rufus bury an Okami.

Bobby and Rufus

In Japanese mythology the Okami is a wolf like creature. Supernatural’s Okimi looks like a small lady with nasty teeth and very quick reflexes.

Oops - seems the Okami wasn't completely dead

He also gets hit on by a neighbour while he is in the process of burning up a demon in his basement.

Bobby getting ready to torture a demon
Adios demon

Seems Bobby is attractive to the ladies. Getting hit on by a neighbor leaves him a little confused. Putting the Okami through her wood chipper quickly nixes any chance he had there.

That's the end of Bobby's chances with Marcy

While all this is going on Bobby is still trying to figure out how to get his soul back from Crowley. With the help of Rufus and Sheriff Mills Bobby gets what he needs to summon Crowleys son’s ghost.

But wait – there’s more

The boys...

Bobby gives the boys a talking to when he has finally had enough. And they offer to help with the Crowley issue.

Crowley’s real name was Fergus MacLeod when he was alive, and our dear Crowley sold his soul for a few extra inches in the tackle bag.

Do you still wonder why I love Crowley?

Crowley's son Gavin's ghost

Seems Rufus wasn’t a very nice fellow either, as his son hates him and gives Bobby just what he needs to use against Crowley.

Re-enter the boys.

My favourite moment in the whole show comes when Dean talks to Crowley on the phone.

Bobby has him trapped back at his place and informs him he knows where his BONES are buried.

Apparently burning a demon’s bones is pretty well adios, exit stage left for the demon.

I was sorry they didn’t show us Dean flying to Scotland though.

Dean on a plane – always funny.

Back to the favourite moment.

Sam and Dean have dug up Crowley's bones in Scotland

Dean standing over Crowley’s bones flicking his lighter. “You hear that, Crowley? That’s me flicking my bic for you.”

Love you, Supernatural writers.

As for Jensen Ackles – damn fine job of directing this episode. He nailed it. So happy to hear he is doing another one !!!


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