the surfers image, how fashion writers see you .. ..

the surfers image, how fashion writers see you .. …

Just a hint of what is waiting for you…

Image 1

<  – – – Here the professional surfer and his babe of the day. He has obviously just emerged from the Makaha surf and has had hardly enough time to pull on his levis before she has thrown him down onto the ground and herself onto him.

Where she hotly sulks, predatorily.

(C) peterbowes


Please people – click on the link at the top of the post, and go and read this. Ten minutes later and I am still ROTFLMAO.

This post is soooooooooooo Australian.

I am so glad I was born there.

Thank you Pete – you just made my day.


  1. I followed the link as you suggested and thought the article was great.
    Your blog is fascinating! Thank you for leaving a comment at mine so I could find you.


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