Life – Small Stone # 23

a lone Monarch butterfly,

tastes the leaves through its feet

leaving before the main course

They are celebrating  Jingle Poetry Community’s One Year Anniversary.

Fro some great poetry visit Poetry Potluck Week 49 = Poetry Picnic Week 4


  1. Beautiful picture. Sorry I’m not keeping up with all your posts but am flat out with two part time jobs, this place and am struggling to manage my one post a week at present! Hope you’re feeling good.


    1. I am grateful you are able to pop in at all – all is good – except for the black eye I am sporting at the moment – funny story…LOL


    1. Thanks Susan. Haiku – hmmmm – I’ll ask my friend who is a really great Haiku poet. Probably not, technically haiku are 5 – 7 – 5.


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