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Fascination – an acrostic poem


act charily,

suppose that in all

circumstances your absorption

is precarious and

not dependable,

attraction is a lie on

the lips,

insidious in its ability to

overtake the

nuances that colour the atmosphere



For a definition of Acrostic poetry click here

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19 thoughts on “Fascination – an acrostic poem”

  1. thanking you for your comment on my work – and returning πŸ™‚

    Loved this one – I wouldn’t have even realised it was an acrostic if you hadn’t said, which to me is always the sign of one well done! very nice!


  2. I’ve always enjoyed composing Acrostics as well as reading others. You did a very fine job with the form in this piece, really enjoyed it, thanks


  3. “Attraction is a lie on the lips.” Excellent line, a wonderful poem to read aloud, as I do all my fellow poet’s posts.

    Hope to see you again soon, Jo. You are gifted – this was an acrostic that was not obvious in its form, simply because the word was lovely and not at all forced. Good stuff! Amy


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