Funny Stuff

Oh but they’re weird and they’re wonderful…

I came across some of these and well…I can’t stop laughing.

I’m not sure if I am laughing at the product – or the idiot that came up with it.

1. The Hands Free Pump Bra – seriously.

Because we all would have worn this around the house while doing chores.

When you are ready to pump, just slip in the pumping horns (that’s really what they’re called) add your bottles, hook up your pump and – there you go.

Easy peasy…

Now who's gonna notice that??

2. Kush- sleep support for your breasts.

At $19.99 the Kush website tells me that the Kush provides the support your breasts need for a comfortable sleep.

So lightweight and comfortable that it feels like part of your body.

3. The Potty Putter.

While you tend to your boobies the man of the house needs something to occupy his time.

The Potty Putter allows men (known for their difficulty with multi-tasking) to perform two actions at once.

Putting & pooping.

And wait for it – it’s also ONLY $19.99

I have but one question.

When he is out on the green – will he need to crouch down and drop his pants to get that putt?

Wonder what Tiger Woods would think of this.

Though apparently he doesn’t need something this handy to drop his pants.

Last one for today folks…

4.Visor Toupee

For that balding man in your life.

The ‘FlairHair’ combination of visor and hairpiece made by Kotula’s comes in five different colours.

Serves two functions I think.

Especially useful on the golf course.

In keeping the sun off that shiny done it helps prevent sunburn, and stops glare bouncing into other players’ eyes.

Well I’m off to discover more weird …


8 thoughts on “Oh but they’re weird and they’re wonderful…”

  1. I had to read this post when I saw the title! It didn’t disappoint! I think the visors are actually growing turf! And did you notice the lady with the sleepy boobs has lovely eye make-up on? I always fix my mascara before bed!


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