My Poetry


he grew out of a place

where there was no beginning,

only what was,

it came to him when he needed it,

a piece so strong,

a peace so strong

it needed no explanation,

simply to hold him apart from the rest,

in doing so it masked that which had blinded him before,

only from behind the wall could he be free


Written for the photo prompt at Magpie Tales


45 thoughts on “Wake”

  1. A man on his own, more or less. He does’nt bother nor is he bothered. He’ll feel free only when he is masked? Great!


  2. This struck me immediately as a very powerful message of self acceptance and having confidence and a sense of purpose despite the challenges. Excellent poem!



  3. Deep thought provoking words. Pun is a tool blog poets seldom use. Not seen much about pun on online poetry lessons either. Really appreciate your use of pun.


  4. Mysterious and tranquil, another commentator said, and I agree. Is it just happenstance that your amazing poem is shaped like a pawn in a chess-set, or is there significance? Thank you for the thoughtful read.


  5. Masks have a universal appeal. They allow us to be, for the moment, that whom we otherwise would/could not be.
    Piece/peace is very nice!


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