My Small Stones Poetry

Winter – Small Stone #16

smoke rides the air currents beside my house,

warmth licks at my legs

and I stare out across the frosted lawn


14 thoughts on “Winter – Small Stone #16”

    1. I wish mine hadn’t gone out overnight – it is freezing here – but such a beautiful morning with a full moon still floating in the sky. Now, if I could just get warm. LOL


    1. Slowly starting to with fresh coffee in me and my youngest (puss) wrapped around my hands as I try to type. Keep a space for me – should it keep going this way I’m coming over pronto – the older I get the less I like extremes of temperatures. Especially cold. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr So weird – yesterday I was telling someone that I wanted to go back to Africa. Hmmmmm


        1. Visited. A long time ago – 1984 went from Jo’berg through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Cameroon, where we got stuck for 6 magical weeks. Seems like a lifetime ago now – but one of the most magical memories I have comes from that trip. When we were in Rwanda we went to see the gorillas. A toddler started playing with my head. After the birth of my kids – well that’s number 3 on my list of life’s awesome moments.


    1. It was amazing – I have always wanted to go back and do it with a few friends – instead of on a big orange truck with 19/20 others. Maybe when the book sells.


  1. Suddenly you show me the other side of the world, another season where a toasty fire inside is comforting and not outside where its toasting off the grass as its nearing 100 degrees. Not only that, its already the 17th of July where you are and its only mid-afternoon on the 16th where I sit. I’m in a time warp, delighted to read your poems and know you are maybe dreaming now so many time zones away.


    1. Just getting into my day – if I can drag myself from my relit fire, computer keyboard and second cup of coffee. 🙂 I am so glad that you enjoy your stops here – I feel the same when I pop over to your blog.


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