Sex Robots are not for me…

Roxxy and Douglas Hines

Last night I watched “My Sex Robot” on TV3.

The programme showed us the world of three robot fetishists, and the sex robots and their inventors who are racing to be first on the marketplace with the first sex robot.

It was a disturbing programme.

I am fairly broadminded.

Live and let live is pretty much how I think on most things so long as it doesn’t involve coercion or violence (physical or mental).

Yet this was too bizarre for me.

But first – the programme.

It appears that men who are into robots (oh, just realised what I wrote there. LOL) are looking for their perfect companion. Someone who never answers back, is always ready for a bit of nookie, tells them how great they are, and will NEVER leave them for someone else.

Another gentleman (for want of a better word) revealed his desire to hypnotise his partner so that she would act in a more robotic fashion.

Then we were introduced to the people who are trying to be the first on to the sex market with their versions of a sex robot.

Douglas Hines has been working on ‘Roxxy’ for some time. He unveiled her at the Adult Entertainment Expo for the first time to a rather disappointed crowd.

Unsurprising, as Roxxy looked liked a plastic surgery gone wrong – a very ugly, scary drag queen looking robot. Roxxy can and does talk, but she still lies about like a plank – rather missing the point Mr Hines if you ask me.

If I woke in the night with Roxxy in the room I am afraid I would feel like I was in the movie “Chucky”, and be terrified.

Okay, I am a woman. But another inventor had a male version.

This one didn’t talk – but had been programmed to thrust its little heart out on all fours.

No – I am not kidding.

My problem with this robot. He was nearly as scary looking as Roxxy, but for different reasons. His skin freaked me out. There is no way to describe it really. So here you go. You can make up your own mind.

I think that we might still be a way off seeing sex robots wandering about freely. Which may not be a bad thing.


The whole sex robot fad.

Sounds like slavery to me. One of the men was honest enough to admit that as well.

I understand that there are lonely people out there.

But there has to be a better way.

I have lived without a partner for fifteen years. Have there been lonely moments? Yes.

But I prefer that than the alternative.

What disturbed me the most was the tone these men used when discussing the robots.

They spoke of companionship, love, happiness.

How can you have true companionship when the thing that is your companion has no will of its own?

How can you have love when the thing you love, and supposedly loves you back has no real feelings?

How can you have happiness when it is all about you? Your wants, your needs, your desires.

Yes – of course a person can break your heart. Probably break your wallet too if they want. But isn’t that what life is all about?

Taking the risk and feeling the thrill when it does work.

I had my heart broken.

Yet I survived. And there were years when I was happy, was loved, had companionship. Real happiness, real love, real companionship, given freely and given as a conscious choice.

Anything else sounds like second best to me.


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