Supernatural – I watch it. But why?



I began watching this show by accident years ago.

I freely admit to being addicted.

I’ve seen five seasons – we’re a bit behind here in New Zealand. At least we get it I suppose.

There is something about it – if you watch interviews with the cast or crew they all talk about the fans.

How loyal they are.

And we all are.

Once you’re a fan – well that’s it really.

I spent time (while I was still on dial up – so devoted – or is it demented?) voting for them to get the TV Guide magazine cover.

I like to think my vote did it – the boys (hereafter known as TB’s) got the cover.

And don’t they look good ???

I’ve tried to examine over five seasons why I like it so much.

Part of the attraction is definitely the writing. As a writer, whenever I read a book, watch a film, or TV show, I automatically examine the writing.

Supernatural writers are good. No, actually they are great.

This is a show that is about horror – ghosts, shifters, demons – they have it all. It is like a mini horror movie every week. But again and again, they have these moments.

In the beginning there were four…

Moments of incredible emotion. Laughter and love.

It is also about the acting.

TB’s do a great job. I feel like I have watched them grow up as the show has gone on. And they keep getting better.

Not that they didn’t do a good job in the beginning. But recently I watched the end of season five, and it blew me away.

Anywho…the daughter…God bless every one of her fingers and toes, got me seasons 1,2,3,4,5.

Baby and TB’s

YEAH !!!!!!!

I rewatched Season 1. There were a few quirky little things for me.

1. TB’s voices – they are pitched a bit differently.

2. Obviously they had a small budget. VERY OBVIOUSLY. The driving in the car scenes – it was noticeable that it was fake.

Yet from these small beginnings it has gone on for 6 seasons with a 7th being filmed now.

I read once that the small budget was also responsible for the music. They couldn’t afford the newer popular stuff. Not a bad thing – if that’s true. The music has become one of the best things about Supernatural – for me, and I think most fans think the same.

The Winchester Men

♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫     OH HAPPY DAYS    ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫

Now that I have Seasons 1 – 5 well…you guessed it.

I’ve decided to rewatch ALL episodes.

At great cost to myself – hehehehe.

And review the lot.

Sam & Dean looking young…

So – starting with the Pilot Episode I’ll be busy watching Baby and TB’s over the next wee while.

Yes – I am rewatching from the Pilot.

Necessary people.

The first time was just for pleasure.

The things we have to do !!!!!!!!!!!!!



7 thoughts on “Supernatural – I watch it. But why?”

  1. hmm maybe now is a good time then for me to also watch mine. I own seasons 1-3, then something happened, I dont remember what but i missed about a month of episodes and after that I could no longer understand the details of the weekly show. I really want to get up to date on them. Your enthusuasm is infectious.


    1. Season 4 was my favourite – until season 5 came along. The acting in Season 5 was amazing. Jared Padalecki was incredible in the final episode. He just blew me away with his performance. But you’re right – from Season 3 on, you do need to follow them as there is a thread running through the show.
      Now go woman – watch and enjoy !!! LOL 🙂


  2. You’re not hooked or anything, are you Jo??!!

    I tried to click on the link you provided to watch the clip of this AMAZING show but it took me nowhere. : (

    Perhaps I am not destined to watch it as I may become an addict like you! LOL!! : D XXX


    1. Try again – it is not a link – it should just play the video on the page.

      It should work – it does for me.

      Hooked – baby I was YEARS ago – only I’m ‘fessing up to it now !!!!!

      🙂 🙂


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