He doesn’t look like he lost all his marbles…

Mark Davis

What the hell is wrong with this idiot?

He staged a fake kidnapping, e-mailing agents he had their kids to get their attention for a book he wanted published.

Writing is not about stunts – and if you need one such as this – well maybe you should take a look at your writing skills.

It is amazing that this fool did not end up in the poke.

Lynn Price, editorial director for Behler Publications  gives her opinion on this stunt from her side of the publishing industry on her blog post:  When authors get hit with the stupid stick.

I don’t think his stunt would have worked  on her.

For more about Mark Davis, his book, and his ridiculous stunt, read this article.

After you’ve read it, I’d love to know what you’d do with this idiot.


8 thoughts on “He doesn’t look like he lost all his marbles…”

  1. Well, he got some attention, but in the end it may have not been what he was hoping for. Checking his Amazon ranking, I see the book hasn’t even hit the 3 million mark. However I did notice he received three 5-star reviews–from reviewers who had never reviewed anything previously. Hmmmm.

    Tossing It Out


  2. I think he is very disrespectful. Telling a parent that kind of thing is not acceptable! Isn’t it considered a threat and therefore illigal anyway? What an embarasment he is.


    1. Apparently he rang and checked with police/lawyer whatever that it wasn’t illegal. I agree about the embarrassment though. If he had done something like that to me I’d have shot him. DEAD as a doornail.


    1. He did get a deal I believe for the original book – but I believe that sales have not been good. Hopefully no publisher will be silly enough to deal with him. He gives writers a bad name. It makes me ill that there are people out there who would as a joke do that to a parent.


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