The Best I Ever Had…you never know what you’ll find on the web…

The video from Steve Carlson had me laughing so hard I ALMOST – note the ALMOST – peed my pants.

I found it in a roundabout way.

Being the Supernatural New Zealand superfan that I am I was Googling the boys…

I was actually looking for some stuff for a post I am writing about the show. Really !!

First I came across this…which is cool, but made me laugh.


Well on the show they make a bit of a thing out of Dean being a terrible singer.

Which apparently Jensen Ackles isn’t.

So then I gave him a little clap.

With my hands – not the other sort, you gutter minded whatevers…

It’s nice when people surprise you with their talent. So I clapped my hands cheering.

Not for long though.

The dog stuck her head out from under the duvet (it’s winter here – and night time), and gave me THE LOOK.

What I’d like to know is this.

Who teaches them (pets) THE LOOK?

All of mine have it perfectly perfected.

Steely eyed, disdainful.

And it works.

Which leads to a bigger question.

I’m ten times their size.

Why do I give in to THE LOOK?

Hmmmmmm – interesting – but back to whatever it was I was on about before…oh yeah.

Jensen singing. Not too shabby at all.

Now – if you were watching closely in the beginning you’ll have heard someone asking for “Eye of the Tiger.”

Another great funny clip. From the bloopers of Season 4 of Supernatural.

But…well these guys are mates I gather…so through association I found ‘The Best I Ever Had…”

For all you guys who actually think he has a point…I thought I’d pop it on here.

Me…I might make a pit stop before I watch it again !!


4 thoughts on “The Best I Ever Had…you never know what you’ll find on the web…”

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