Barking cat…I swear it is true.

You can’t tell me cats are not clever, intelligent, and CUNNING animals.


8 thoughts on “Barking cat…I swear it is true.”

  1. Priceless! When he saw the human he changed to meows hoping the human would not notice! HAHAH!

    Im linking this to my Cat Ventriliquism post!


    1. I couldn’t believe it either.

      The look on his face when he was caught.

      And the ‘oops’, better slowly change that to a meow…

      Cats as sooooooo cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Brilliant! But it makes me curious…was it barking just to mock a neighbour’s dog? Or perhaps it has learned to swear in dog and is hanging out of the window, shouting obscenities (hoodlum-style) to any poor dog who passes by?


    1. I wondered myself how it learnt to bark. Did it just pick it up – or did its owners teach it to bark?
      And why did it act so guilty when it realised it had been seen and suddenly start meowing instead?
      Clever pussy cat indeed. 🙂


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