Two Minutes to Midnight

Cas is human….oh no !!!!!!!!!!!


The beginning of the episode – one of the grossest ever. But as we start with Pestilence, understandable.

We are getting close to the end, so that means things are about to get tense.

No surprise then that Dean is yelling at Sam right off.

Yes – he knows about Sam’s plan to say yes to Lucifer, try to take control, and jump into the pit.

Dean doesn’t think much of the idea.

Considering he went to Hell for a while to keep Sam alive – not so surprising.

Castiel is back after a couple of episodes. Phew – I thought he might be in trouble.


He is.

Cas has lost his angel juice.


In hospital.


Well – that takes some getting used to.

As always – Castiel’s point of view is, interesting.

Castiel to Dean: : “You are not the burnt and broken shell of a man I believed you to be.”

Poor Dean had no answer to that one.

So the boys head off, finding Pestilence, and trying to procure his ring.

Lucky for them, Castiel arrives to lend a hand in chopping off Petilence’s finger.

Even without his angel juice, this Angel in a trench coat is a force.

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Back at Bobby’s they all gather.

Dean: “Please tell us you have actual good news.”
Bobby: “Chicago’s about to get wiped off the map. Storm of the Millennium. Sets off a daisy chain of natural disasters. Three million people are gonna die.”
Castiel: “I don’t understand your definition of good news.”

See what I mean about great dialogue.

Crowley turning up leads to the funniest part in this episode.


Bobby was stupid enough to agree to Crowley’s terms and gave up his soul for info on where Death is going to be.

Sam: “Did you kiss him?”

Deny it all you will Bobby. The photo is enough to convict you. Second grossest moment – seeing Bobby kiss Crowley.


Death comes to Chicago…


Interesting character.

I loved the way they introduced him.

What did you think?

While Dean meets with Death, Sam, Bobby, and Castiel go off to play urban terrorists and blow up the shipment of Croatoan virus before it goes out to the general public.

Which brings us to the following clip.

“What are you afraid of Dean?”

I know what I am afraid of.

Two things.

1. Sam is going to jump into the pit.

Because this means bucket of tears during the next, and last, episode of the season.

Who am I kidding?

Last episode – ALWAYS lots of tears.



There are two things I know for certain. One: Bert and Ernie are gay. Two: I want to hear your opinion.

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