Strandbeests – a man’s dream for evolution

What is a Strandbeest? It is artificial life.

These animals are created by Theo Jansen using what he calls the holy numbers, and recycled materials, plastic tubing, rods, and rubber rings.

He hopes one day that they will be able to live on without him, and scuttle about the beach doing their thing.

You know the saying – life is stranger than fiction.

In this case  – I think it’s true.

THEO JANSEN was born in 1948 in Scheveningen, The Netherlands. Check out his website. I think you’ll be glad you did.


  1. wow what a gem youve found! Im now thinking of Don Quixotes windmill in a whole new light!


    1. I would love to get into his mind – when you listen to him – he talks of them as living creatures. Check out his website. He has a live webcam where you can watch him work, he is so…i don’t know. but Theo fascinates me.


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