Hammer of the Gods

Where do the writers find the inspiration?

I would like to say that the hotel name gave the game away – or should have to the boys.

But…a brilliant, if somewhat slightly unusual take on mythology.

Oops – forgot what show I was watching for a moment.

Like that’s true…

So – back to fourth last episode of this season for me. (That thought is enough to send me howling.)

A convention of Pagan Gods.

Yes – you read it right.

And God bless the writers, they had them all wearing name tags !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here’s a list of some of them:

Kali: The destroyer, a powerful Hindu goddess – when Dean tries to pick her up – what a special moment that was.

Ganesh: A Hindu god often depicted as an elephant – the first sighting of him leads to some of the funniest moments of the episode.

Baron Samedi: A spirit of the dead in Haitian voodoo

Baldur: The Norse god of light

Odin: Head of the Norse gods and Baldur’s father

Zao Jun: The Chinese kitchen god – would NOT like to eat in his kitchen

Mercury: The hotel concierge is the Roman messenger god – really creepy the way this guy checks you in – would have sent me back out into the rain

Loki: The Norse trickster god – aka Gabriel the Archangel

Of course there are a bunch of others – but these are the troublesome ones for the Winchester boys.

For once the boys are back in it together – about time that happened.

Trapped in the hotel (at least Dean has lots of pie), it is up to Gabriel to help them.

That confused me for a bit – Gabriel, helping? Really?

Gabriel is one of my favourites. But he is usually giving the boys hell if he can.

As usual, he had some of the best dialogue:

“It’s always ‘Wrong place, worse time’ with you muttonheads”

“I’m the Costner to your Houston. I’m here to save your ass”

“Those guys are either gonna dust you or use you as bait. Either way, you’re uber-boned”

“Screw this marble, let’s go check out Pandora”

“I’ve tussled with those winged ass-monkeys once or twice”

“So I got wings, like Kotex”

See what I mean?

My favourite line of dialogue can from Dean. Checking out the hotel kitchen, he comes across a bubbling pot of red liquid on the stove.

“Please be tomato soup. Please be tomato soup”

Yep – that’s my favourite line in this episode. Because we all KNOW it’s NOT tomato soup.

Sorry – but I also need to include the following conversation. Dean is describing his sighting of Ganesh to Sam.

Sam: “An elephant?”
Dean: “Yeah.”
Sam: “Like, an elephant?”
Dean: “Like full-on Babar.”

Watching Gabriel die was a bad moment. Of course he wasn’t really dead – at least not that time.

I wish they’d stop killing of the great bad guys.

Gabriel gave me some of my biggest laughs on the show.

Then Lucifer showed up and the brothers got into it. As Lucifer is Lucifer – well Gabriel is no more. The wings’ outline, burnt onto the ground is a sure sign that it really is over for the angel.

But, Supernatural being Supernatural, that was not the last we saw of Gabriel. An Archangel as a porn star.

Priceless – as was the look on the boys’ faces as they watched the DVD.

Gabriel has given them a plan, at least, to send Lucifer back to the cage in Hell. I was wondering when they’d reveal that.

The ending.

GROSSEST moment ever.

And they’ve had a lot of those in five years.

I’m hoping tonight’s episode doesn’t continue like that.


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