Shrek dies…

He became a national treasure for New Zealand.

After hiding out for years, once caught, this oddity of the farming world was embraced not only by us slightly odd Kiwis, but by the world.

He met the Prime Minister, raised money for charity, and became national celebrity.

Like the rest of the world I followed his every move.

And now he is gone, but not forgotten as his death is big enough news to be shown on the BBC.

Tens of thousands of people die every day and if they are lucky they make it to in to the local obituary.

But this woolly mammoth makes global headlines.

Something seems a little skewed to me.

But in case you are one of the few who missed the announcement – watch Shrek here.

And wonder perhaps, as I do on the way the world is…


8 thoughts on “Shrek dies…”

  1. Ah, another oddity of human nature. Of course a big woolly ram who escaped the muster for five years – or was it seven – is more interesting than the plight of humanity.
    TV is more interesting than people. If it were not so we would have a human standing in the corner of the lounge.
    And Shrek has personality. He adapted from his role of fugitive to a life in the limelight with great aplomb. He made world headlines. He raised moeny for excellent causes. He should have been Prime Minister, or at least Minister of Welfare, for Shrek cared. He cared.


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