Why do they want to ban our dogs?

These are some of the sights I see as C H E V V Y  and I walk each day.

Recently our local council put forward a proposal to stop dog walkers from using a local walkway that runs along the local river, from the harbour into our town.

Some prat complained.

About poop.

So I am mad.


Because very soon – if the local prats and council have their way I will only be allowed to walk C H E V V Y on the streets.

I’ve walked her along this walkway for years, and NOT ONCE have I ever stepped in a dog’s business.

All along the way live people with dog and cats.

I’m curious how that will work – shall all dog owners have to now fence their dogs in to make sure they don’t befoul the damn walkway?

And what about cats????

How do you stop the cats from doing their thing?

The people who use this walkway are responsible dog owners, who want to enjoy the beauty of the town we live in while being able to enjoy their pet as well.

You see their little plastic bags in their hands, or tucked into their pockets. It is not the dogs being walked that cause problems on the walkway.

We have become so PC these days.

I can no longer take the dog to the beach in the summer months.

It is a VERY long beach, and face it people – New Zealand is not that over populated.

There’s room for all of us.

Dog lovers as well.

Why can’t they allow dogs owners one portion of the beach that is not trafficked by tourists?

But no.

It is time we stopped catering to the few loud, whiney, pain in the butt, stick up their ‘you know what’, idiots that think they should be able to restrict what others do.

Why can’t they go complain about the horse riders that let their mounts go happily on the footpath?

Or couldn’t they go hassle the kids who leave their beer cans and cigarette butts from late night parties all along parts of it?

Surely that is worse than a bit of dog poop?

If you can find the dog poop that is.

In 8 years of walking this beautiful walk I have managed to avoid stepping into any.

I hope we won’t lose the ability to enjoy this lovely scenery with our pets.

I’m afraid we will.

Because the loud whiners get heard.

The rest just hope common sense will prevail – and do little if anything to fight their case. Apathy reins. It is often  ‘let the other guy fight’.

That makes me sad.

So now I’m mad and sad – not a good combination.

I will be keeping my eye out for updates – the council kept this whole business quite – trying to slip it through without fuss I imagine.

The Australian in me wants to stand up this time – let my voice be heard for once. My little voice in my head says it is time to put the apathy aside and step out of my comfort zone.

While avoiding the imaginary poop…


  1. Damn the poop! Full speed ahead! I agree with you on how ridiculous this is. And yet you say horseriders are allowed? I’ve never seen a horserider get down off their mount with a huge bag to pick up THEIR waste matter.


  2. I support you, Jo and will be prepared to march on council if necessary. Steffi will be very disappointed if she loses the haiku pathway and the bird walk as a walking destination. I always carry a plastic bag and pick up her poop as that is what responsible dog owners do. Like you, I have never seen poop on the bird walk section, and only once have I seen poop on the pathway. And I can tell you, if I saw someone letting their dog poop I would take a photo of them on my iphone, and if they refused to clean it up I would post a poster on the town billboard.
    Dogs are wonderful friends and give people a lot of pleasure, and like you I am disappointed that I cannot use Waihi Beach as a walking spot over summer.
    I was working down the haiku pathway one day, on the stones behind the library, and some dirty bitch of a mother had dumped her child’s disposable nappy there. Tourists came past and saw it before I disposed of it. Fortunately I had disposable gloves with me, and they and the nappy went in the bin which was only 10 metres away. So she was a fat, lazy bitch too. How disgusting is that, and yet have I called for the council to ban mothers and babies from the walkway? No I have not, because the majority of them are responsible citizens.
    So give dogs a break, council, or I may call on citizens to unite and refuse to pay their registration fees, or organise a day to pick up all the garbage that humans discard in public places and then storm a council meeting and dump it at their feet. Like tissues on bush walks and the street. Use condoms in parks, not to mention the disposable food containers, broken bottles etc. heavens above, our dogs are really clean little critters in comparison.


    1. It is incredible to me that they might actually go ahead with this – it is turning into a mini Police state where we live in a sterile world. They say it is also because of the need to protect such areas and wildlife – but what about all the cats???? Do they think dogs do more damage than cats to the wildlife? Come on!!!!

      And I am a cat lover….


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