No wonder I have trouble sleeping.

This is Chevvy – and it is actually C H E V V Y – my daughter named her, not me, so no, she was not named after the ’67 Chevy Impala.

I do however think I have rubbed off on the daughter’s taste in cars – she likes the old ones as well.

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As you can see – she makes herself at home in my bed.


  1. hahah, that last look Chevvy gives… the one that shows you are the disturber of sleep. classic. He’s a cutie. Now youl have to get an Impalla to complete the look.

    I used to have a thing for 71 Buik Skylarks. But I dont recall they were ever famous. I used to want to get one that was all falling apart and then restore it. Notice I said used to. šŸ™‚


    1. She is such a character. Rules the household completely with those big brown eyes. šŸ™‚

      I can see her and I riding around in an Impala – though the daughter had an old Mini, and she hated the noise.

      Have to spell the words ‘car’ and ‘drive’ around her or she gets crazy !!!

      Also have to spell: treat, food, dinner, walk, walkies, Jess (daughter’s name).


  2. And she is just a little dog! You should try sharing with a big one luxuriating between two people. DAwn is the witching hour Off the couch and kerplunk between us. You;d think a dog could sense whether you are a morning person or not.


  3. Funny how our dogs can take over the house! We have to spell many things in our home too. People think I am crazy, but I am hear to tell you if I do not spell certain words…the pups understand and go nuts! : )


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