Comment, shmomment…

Part of blogging is the interaction. Actually for me, it is probably the most important part.

Since I started this blog on Valentine’s Day – I’m single, okay !!!!

Sorry I digress. So, where was I?

In a little over three months I’ve learnt much from this blog.

Firstly, how to start one.

I now know what the difference is between a page and a post.

I can successfully set up a widget, place an image or a badge, add a link, add images or videos. I consider myself somewhat blog educated now – even if the diploma might still take a while to arrive.

When I started this blog I had the idea to set up a platform for some of my better scribblings.

But in three months my ideas have changed.

Yes I still want to display the poems and stories that come out of my brain, but it is no longer just a platform for writing.

It has become a chronicle about me.

And the reason for this has been the incredibly supportive interaction that happens in the blogging community.

That support, indeed that encouragement makes you unafraid to expose parts of yourself that have up to this point remained hidden.

I have shared – with my amazing readers – my loves, my dislikes, my opinions, my thoughts, my joys, my grief, my life generally.

When the book isn’t going well, when my father’s birthday rolls around, and I write about it, their words are often a balm for my wounds.

Unexpected as it was – I have also gotten to know friends closer, to home, better – as they have learnt more about me through the blog.

When you open yourself up to people, they generally handle you with kindness and respect.

So – to the point of this post.

In my comments (sitting under spam) for ‘Another update about me’ was the following comment:

That is a super-peachy-keen post. Thanks for really blathering on like that! Seriously, I don’t think I could have spent more effort wishing for something heavy to fall on me to erase that nonsense from my mind!

Obviously written by an idiot.

It came from a site that sells guns in the USA.


So, as I said, an idiot wrote it obviously. Steve doesn’t seem to get the point of spamming. Maybe I should e-mail him. Suggest that if he was a bit nicer the post would have gotten through. I always check the ‘spam’ section, just in case they make a mistake. Doesn’t happen often, but it does.

I understand Steve’s irritation at the post.

I can imagine his thoughts.

Damn stupid woman – the world is going to pot, and we need to be out there supplying enough guns so people can shoot anyone that says BOO. What is she doing? Recommending God-awful movies for people to watch. Vampires, Streisand and Kristofferson singing about love, Christmas movies, some fella prancing about in suspenders and high heels.

But if you want to get your site popping up on another’s – sorry Steve – this way won’t work. In case you didn’t realise, WordPress automatically deletes SPAM.

Luckily I realise that Steve doesn’t have all his marbles in a row, or I might be upset by his comment.

Writing is all about what readers think. That’s why writers write. We want people to read our words, and honestly, we want people to like our words.

Any writer who says they don’t want acceptance for their work is lying.

A writer does need to possess an ability to handle critique – I look back on some of my early efforts and am amazed that people were so kind.

And I still get a thrill when someone says ‘I like that’, and do a little jig.

Practising my pirate’s jig these days outta respect for the Cap’n.

I get the purpose of SPAM. Annoying it is (Yoda speak – I watched Star Wars last night), but I know it is a minor annoyance mostly.

But nasty spam – really – defeats the purpose a little.

That brings me to another point to this post.

Why? Be nasty at all I mean.

If people don’t like something why do they have to say anything?

Why don’t they just shut the page down and go elsewhere?

I’ve come across some amazing blogs and I now follow them, comment on them. I’ve come across some appallingly bad blogs. I close the page and never return.

Yes – sometimes there are blogs out there that rile me up a bit. But I think by commenting I probably only fuel their need to spread their message. These blogs are mostly hate-filled, written by sad prejudiced poeple with nothing good in their lives.

I’d hoped, that as the world evolved that people would evolve with it. That the inane judgements of the past would be tempered with reason and empathy.

I have to say that it is not happening fast enough for me.

For each wonderful, loving, caring person in this world there seems to be someone intent on hate, or mischief.

Which is why I will continue to write.

To take what I see, what I hear, what I know, and send it out there.

I will also be grateful for anti-spamming applications !!!!!!


12 thoughts on “Comment, shmomment…”

  1. You go Girl – and remember sometimes comments like this are a blessing – as although praise and encouragement is a real motivator – sometimes comments like this one make us mad enough to say @%*# you and be even more determined to keep on going – so at the risk of a pun – I guess they just shot themselves in the foot !!! – looking forward to more posts πŸ™‚


  2. Well that was just not nice. Seriously, some people do the stupidest things. Luckily, the only spam I comments I get are pretty hilarious. Still, I have to delete them.
    Still, though, when you get a comment, it’s a good feeling. (So long as it’s a positive comment.)


  3. I think that guy spread that particular comment randomly on a lot of blogs. I got the same one twice this morning. It really is getting old, receiving so much dumb spam. I can’t beleive they would think we would be fooled into thinking its a real comment. But then again, a new blogger would be fooled because comments are rare and wanted.

    Youve only blogged since Feb? I never would have realized you are that young a blogger. I really like this blog and all your posts are a pleasure to read. Youve got a fun spirit. πŸ™‚


    1. It is annoying – and I think that someone might just take it to heart, as it was so nasty. My thick aussie skin is to old for that. πŸ™‚

      Thank you for liking the blog and posts – I get a real kick out of doing it.


  4. It WAS spam, and they never read yours, or probably any post, on any blog. I’ve received a few like this, some with random arcane verbiage, some just web links. I actually received the same spam this morning, and deleted it immediately. They have absolutely no idea what or if you even post to your blog, their only intent is to get you to click the link to see why they wrote, which in a roundabout way, gets you to their site.

    I check my spam also, as it has made a mistake or two in the past. I only read enough to determine if it’s spam (which it usually is), then delete immediately. Oh, and another coincidence, I started my blog this February also, but not actually ‘on’ Valentines day. πŸ™‚ It seems we’re learning this blogging stuff together. πŸ™‚


    1. Two newbies huh ?? Well I would never have guessed you were still in learner’s mode… πŸ™‚

      I figured as much really – but the whole spam thing really annoys me. And this one in particular as it was unnecessarily nasty.


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