Chapter 6 revisited – again…

This chapter has had way too much attention. It has held me back from progressing with chapters 7 and so forth.

I know that writing your first draft means just writing on and revising later. I have trouble doing that, especially when I am really unhappy with what I have written.

Chapter 6 has been like that for me.

Part of my routine is to read over the previous chapters so that I get continuity. Every time I read chapter 6 I wanted to scream.

With frustration.

It was wrong, off, cumbersome, troublesome. A real pain in the arse.

I left it alone for a while. Went on to chapter 7, and 8. But it was like a bug crawling around in my ear, irritating.

I went back, and except for the first few paragraphs, I started again. Threw all those pages out.

That is a really hard thing to do to your writing. And there were a couple of things in those pages I was proud of – happy with – wanting to keep.

They had to go.

They may still be used – in another book perhaps. Now how many books am I up to?

I have been doing the Spring Into Summer Challenge, trying to write 1,000 words a day (first draft). I am a little behind.

The reason for doing this challenge is to stop me from dwelling on a chapter (such as chapter 6), and simply get on with it.

I am getting there – but changing my habits has been hard. I just hope that it works – before I go even more mental.

Jo Bryant
Me - trying to look like I know what I am doing.


  1. As long as you always have hair to tear out (but don’t or still haven’t yet), that’s a good sign that something’s working for you. Er, for those male readers out there who may…well… I guess this is a lady writer’s tip…LOL!


    1. Ohhh…you are cheeky. Throwing out those pages has helped a lot. It wasn’t working – but for various reasons I was reluctant to lose those words. Now I have done that – well, it feels…better. 🙂


  2. Idea 1: Do you have someone who can read it to breath fresh air into it?
    Idea 2: What if you lie down and ask the characters (not yourself) why they are being so ornery? What do they want? What are they really saying to you? What are you forgetting, missing, not seeing? Isnt that always the reason we get stuck mid book? When we see something in a way that isnt part of our flow?
    just ideas…and empathy…I have been there, too, my friend.:) This too, shall pass.


    1. Thank you Brynne for the empathy – badly needed !!!

      I feel a lot better now those pages are gone – well, gone from this book – the flow is better and I am not so bogged down in all these little side plots anymore – the direction is clearer – thank GOD !!!!

      So now it is onwards it is – and lots of death and destruction and mayhem I think. Plus a little loving for those odd moments…:)


  3. Glad you’re “unblocked” and rolling along!

    (By the way feel free to edit this part out, I’m not trying to spam you -just wanted to let you know your Saga is coming along and in the meantime I posted mine (The Blackwater Kid) and 2 others – Amarillo Rose and Dusty Murtaugh. )


      1. Now I just need to figure out how to get a picture to suit like Sara did. I love the story you wrote for her !!!

        Ohhhh…wonder what I’ll get up to and with whom??????????????


    1. Thanks Toni – will be sending some stuff to you soon – just needed to figure out what was staying and what was going and the order. Do I look a bit more modern?? Hope so.


  4. hi Jo, nice to see you looking as if you know what you are doing.. YOU DO know what you are doing or you wouldnt have thrown those pages out.. … Keep going and Doing… and Please Keep Writing …
    Sue xox


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