Art with a heart – Jack Henderson

I’ve said it myself.

“I’m only one person. How can I make a difference?”

I’m rethinking…

Because one six-year-old boy did make a difference.

Jack’s baby brother Noah spent time at the children’s hospital in Edinburgh and Jack decided he would raise money – his way of saying thanks for helping Noah.

So how did Jack do this?

He set up ‘Jack Draws Anything’ and all commissions from his art went to the Royal Hospital for Sick Kids in Edinburgh.

Jack has raised close to £ 17,000 so far.

Now Hodder Children’s Books have signed Jack to a book deal The proceeds will go the Sick Kids’ Friends Foundation.

So, as I said – I’m rethinking…

Because it is apparent that one person can make a huge difference.

If only we all had as big a heart as this little boy !!


2 thoughts on “Art with a heart – Jack Henderson”

    1. WOW – I am really touched that you not only read this but liked it. You must be incredibly proud of your son. He is an inspiration – certainly to me – and I am sure to others. I can’t wait to see the book. Please tell him for me that what he is doing – it is a magical thing. 🙂


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