*insert your title here*

At the invitation of my pirate mate – I wrote this as per his instructions. These were as follows: write a poem without a title, without thinking about it, and without taking more than a few minutes to write. No forethought, no images, no plan.

It is for the ‘The Thursday Think Tank #49 – Untitled’ at Poets United

Here is my effort:

A carved rock stands sentinel.
Wave upon wave of white tips,
sharp and blinding to unprotected eyes
send fingernail sized crabs scraping for darkened protection.
Tangled, green emerald fresh
soothing, enlivening limbs
honeycombed pockets
harbouring free flowing flora
wretched from unsafe shelters, now
minute crustaceans, hidden
among dancing green tentacles,
espy undulating breakers
enveloping bodies in a shroud
of salt
playful lovers
lips to skin
relishing the bitter flavour
covered in the turquoise, emerald fresh blanket


Great exercise – even if it still needs some work !!

(C) Jo Bryant 2011


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