How to deal with a fire on your stove.

I will admit that the thought of being in a fire makes me a little shaky.

We have had one fire at my house.

We came close to a second one night. Had I not checked on my son before I went to bed, he had left a light on close to a pillow, well I refuse to contemplate the consequences.

The effects of a fire can be terrifying.

When a friend sent me this in an email I was amazed at how simply you can put out an oil fire on your stove, if it is not too far gone – and how using the wrong tool (water) can cause so much devastation.

So watch the video and send it to your friends – little videos such as these may save a life.

Please make sure you install working fire alarms and that the batteries are working.

When the son was home last he was driven mad every time I cooked my toast – I like it a little dark.

Luckily he can reach the ceiling without stretching really – that smoke alarm came down every morning until after breakfast.


We are fire scared here after the 2 experierences we have had.


5 thoughts on “How to deal with a fire on your stove.”

  1. Hello Jo,

    We’ve had a couple of near-misses with home fires and I know how scary it is. One time the transformer outside our house went on fire–flames shooting ten feet in the air–on a hot summer night when lightning struck. I was scared to death the flames would leap across the lawn and set the house up in flames, but it burned itself out while the firemen watched. I think they were afraid to go too near, in case it exploded.

    We’ve had an oil burner puff-back and a near fire in a clothes dryer when a sheet got stuck in the door. Now we always pay attention to working fire and smoke alarms, and never leave appliances on when we go out.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog. I see that we share an interest in writing. I’ve done some poetry, a few short stories, and four middle-age novels!

    Hope to see you again in the Blogosphere!


  2. Hey Jo, thanks for sharing this.
    I was once in a fire that took everything I owned. I didn’t have any fire alarms, but I was warned and so got out with my life.
    How was I alerted?
    By a kitten I’d adopted and had smuggled home from California to OKCity by plane.
    PS: His smuggled adoption happened the very day of the fire! I named him Freeride ;-D


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