Sticking my neck out about PC Bullshit…

Political correctness makes me want to kick someone. Preferably the idiot who came up with the term.
I blame my present irritation on Oprah. And the idiots in the shop who removed the golliwogs so they would not offend her. I’m pretty sure she is not the first African-American to pass by that shop window. Probably the only billionaire though.

The poor old Golliwog. I grew up with Golliwogs. I never had one, though my friend did, and I was jealous enough to try to get her to exchange it for the Raggedy Anne I had. She was too clever for that.

As a child I loved curling up under the blankets while reading about Noddy and Big Ears. Wondering what mischief the Golliwogs were going to set in motion, and how Noddy and Big Ears would thwart their machinations.

These days – the Golliwogs are no longer PC.

They are JUST dolls.

I miss the Golliwogs.

It gets worse.

Now Big Ears and Noddy are under analysis. No longer are they are allowed to bunk together. Seems that some people think it looks a little gay. God forbid that our children might think that.

Homophobes - leave these guys alone!!!

Big Ears, and Noddy?
What sick mind came up with the thought that Big Ears was slipping Noddy a little under the blankets? As a child…I never once…wondered if Big Ears might be anything else than a nice little round guy with big ears.

Even Christmas is under threat. No longer is it PC for politicians to send out Christmas cards. They send out holiday greeting cards.
Seems we can’t offend the non-Christians in the country. Jesus Christ !!

Then in 2009 a Canadian tourist got her knickers in a twist because we Kiwi’s have Eskimo lollies and Eskimo Pies (ice cream for you uneducated out there).

I get called a ‘pakeha‘ all the time here. Sometimes it is meant in a derogatory, insulting way, other times it’s just what I am. Either way I don’t get my knickers all twisted because of a name.

I think I’m pretty tolerant. You do what you want, I do what I want, and everybody is happy right? Wrong.
If you want to go live in a country, or pop in for a visit, you have no right to expect that country to change to suit you. I’m happy to respect your customs, so don’t tell me I have to change mine in my home country because otherwise I might offend you.

If you are so offended – go home.

You go places because you want to experience something new and different. Just like I did. Just because I came over from Australia to New Zealand doesn’t mean that Kiwi’s should start calling jandals thongs.

Confused? I was.

Kiwi Jandals
Aussie Thongs

It’s our differences that make the change so exciting, so why do so many want to change their new home or holiday spot into a version of their old.

Yes, teach us about your history, but be open to embracing ours. The good, and the sometimes incomprehensible.

In Australia – a Golliwog is just a doll. A bit funny looking maybe, but just a doll. Like Raggedy Anne, who is a white trash kind of doll, but just a doll.

Being a celebrity doesn’t mean you should expect a country, and Australia is a pretty big one at that, to hide stuff in case you don’t like it.

I’d like to take PC and – well, you get the idea.

Perhaps next time Oprah visits, her Production Company (PC – get it?) can take it back to the USA with her, if we’re lucky that is.


9 thoughts on “Sticking my neck out about PC Bullshit…”

  1. I must’ve missed this drama. I wish people would leave Noddy and Big Ears alone. It’s a kid’s story and one I used to love. There are a couple of stores near me that sell golliwogs. They’re very cute. I used to have one when I was a child.


        1. Thank you Sheena – The kiddywinkles are coming down for Christmas – that’s ALL my wishes taken care of right there…
          Have a great Christmas as well, and may all your dreams fall in front of you !!


  2. unbelievably sad, the way history and everything else is being done away with, just to pamper someones feelings. Grrr, my nickers are in a bunch just thinking about it.


    1. I think it is sad that these days some people are always looking for the bad in things – instead of just seeing them for what they are. A marker to what has been.


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