Bucket list…mine.

I like lists.

Shopping lists. Things to do lists. Goals lists.

They are both orderly and completely chaotic at the same time.

This is something I understand, being slightly like that myself.

Therefore I have decided to write my ultimate BUCKET LIST.

This will take some time.

You need to understand that such a list must be thought about carefully.

Here then, are the first 30 things on the list. The order is random.

There will be more to come as new ideas present themselves to me.

These lists are mini stories about me.

You see – where I want to go and what I want to do, it’s all because of, and about, where I’ve been and what I’ve done so far.

1 – 30…

1. To watch my children find their places in this world. I want to know that they have joy in their lives – because they have brought so many smiles and so much laughter into mine. I want to see them succeed in their endeavours because they have made me want to succeed in mine. I want to see them loved for the special people they are because they have filled my heart, my soul, my house, and my life with love.

2. Finish and publish my novel. This is such a part of my life – the main character lives not only on the pages but he shares my home and my life. My wish is to see him come to life for others.

3. To be a good friend – because I have so many amazing ones in my life.

4. To see the following in concert:

• Adam Lambert
• Elton John
• Aerosmith
• Bon Jovi
• Florence and the Machine
• Red Hot Chili Peppers
• Modern West

5. Live in Italy on the Amalfi Coast for a year.

6. Spend some of those months in Positano.

7. Drink Limoncello with a flirtatious tall, handsome Italian.

8. Learn Italian.

9. Visit the Sistine Chapel alone, and stand there – just looking – for as long as I want.

10. Live in Mexico for a year.

11. Drink Tequila as the sun sets while trying out my faltering Spanish.

12. Dance with my oldest friend on a table in a bar in Cuba while drunk on rum.

13. Listen to a gorgeous Irishman talk and then kiss him just because I love the sound coming out of his mouth.

14. Sit in the ’67 Chevy Impala from Supernatural and inhale deeply.

15. Turn the key while sitting in the ’67 Chevy Impala, and feel the engine vibrate and hear its snarl.

16. Meet the cast from Supernatural. Hopefully Misha Collins will be wearing a trench-coat.

17. Go back to Africa and see a cheetah in the wild.

18. Travel through the Sahara and sleep under its stars.

19. Walk the streets of Morocco and wander aimlessly through the markets.

20. Go back to the Virunga National Park to spend time with the mountain gorillas.

21. Catch a plane to Vancouver, rent a ’67 Chevy Impala and travel across country to Toronto, with LOTS of side trips, in the spring and summer.

22. Spend as long as it takes to ride every ride and see every thing Disneyland has to offer with my children.

23. Explore Kakadu National Park, camping and travelling with an Aboriginal guide.

24. Swim with dolphins.

25. Swim with sharks.

26. Get my pilots license and fly from New Zealand to Australia.

27. Parachute out of a plane – more than once.

28. Take a ride in a hot air balloon, sipping champagne please.

29. Take a cruise around Alaska

30. Then get off the ship and really explore the place.


20 thoughts on “Bucket list…mine.”

  1. Aw, Jo, LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing! As of today, I can help you with 5, 7, 10, 11, 24!! Just let me know…when!!!!:) But I can only help you with 7 if your dream is to drink Limoncello in Mexico. There is a wonderful Italian restaurant in the mtns 3 hours away and I just *know* you’d love the owner/chef.:) Plus…he makes his own Limoncello…an old Italian family recipe!


    1. Thanks for visiting – I think that would be an all time favourite of mine out of the list.:)
      Particularly if he is named Marcello!!! LOL

      Now I wonder if anyone will work out where I got THAT whole Limoncello/tallHansomeItalian/Marcello idea from !!!



  2. dear, dear Jo…I moved to Mexico after a divorce, bought an old fixer upper, and fell in love with Marcelo soon thereafter. And well, I am also a writer. Do you think maybe I need to meet Frances Mayes? And just for the record, my Marcelo is from Argentina. 🙂


    1. Dear clever Brynne – why did I not think to do something similar after my divorce???

      You must remember there are people out there who do not read such books (shock, horror), or see such movies. It’s sad, but true !!!

      Argentina?? Really??

      I am sooooooo coming to visit. I could be your friend who comes and NEVER leaves – minus the gay tendencies and the baby belly of course !!!


      I am quite certain the kids won’t notice I’m gone for a day or two !!!


    1. Done !!!
      I have been told I am really easy to travel with…it all has to do with the whole “I don’t give a *&$# ‘ attitude I am trying to adopt these days I think. Hey…did you perchance get my e-mail ???


      1. There is always an exception to the rule!

        No lilting brogue, sorry, that is the accent reserved for Tom Cruise & the like when they pretend to be Oirish in films!

        I was born in South Dublin & have a very ‘soft’ accent for a Dubliner, but I have lived in London now for 23 years now so I don’t really sound Irish at all now (to me & my Irish friends & family) they think I sound really British, People tend to ask me where I am from, unless they are also Irish and can identify the accent hiding in there!


        1. Well at least you agreed with me on something…
          I lived in The Netherlands for three years and when I moved back to Orrsstralia they all thought I sounded Dutch. These days when I go back they moan about my Kiwi accent, yet here even after almost 20 years they still pick up [and usually pretty quickly] that I am originally an Aussie.


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