Barely able to breathe moment

Sometimes something will appear before us.

It is unexpected.

And we are for a moment, barely able to take a breath.

This morning I read something that gave me one of those moments.

I hope you will feel as I did – when your chest expands and for a second everything stops.

The following is an excerpt from ‘To See With One’s Heart…’

If I make myself wings, will I get to heaven any sooner?
But you already have wings, my dear.
Yes. The problem isn’t you.
It’s the rest of us who forget to remind you that you can fly.

Please…please visit PRESENCE OF MAGIC to read the rest of this amazing piece of writing.

Give yourself some time – there is a lot more to experience on this blog.

Meanwhile I shall print this out and post where I can see it ALL everyday.

Thank you Brynne…


8 thoughts on “Barely able to breathe moment”

  1. What I posted on my blog since I am wordless…”Did your heart connect with mine? Or did we just puff the dust away so we could see what was there all along? Thank you, Jo. Your words mean so very much. So very very much.


  2. wow!! Her post is a treasure. I tried to leave a comment for her but different blog platforms confuse me so Im not sure it worked.So.. Brynne if you see this… That post is amazing. The part about the widow especialy made my heart ache.


    1. Thank you both sooO very much. I wish I could hug you:)
      Sorry about the confusion in leaving a comment. Wish I could make it easier. I love to hear people’s reactions. I feel more connected that way. Thank you again. Shallow words for what I feel.


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