Words tantalize me.

I disappeared into them as a child, on journeys that would otherwise have been withheld from me. In the pages of Born Free and Daktari I travelled to Africa and tramped across plains where zebra and cheetah fought life and death battles.

I felt the damp earth between my fingers as I lay prone, crying on Old Yeller’s grave. My skin flushed with warmth as I danced with Robin while Will Scarlet filled the forest with music and song.

The arrival of the teenage years brought with it a whole new arena for my exploration of words.


Each teenage angst I worked my way through was usually more eloquently expressed by someone other than me to the accompaniment of music.

I am convinced that if you really look – and these days with the WWW at your fingertips, there really is no excuse to say you can’t – you will find a song that is aptly suitable for any situation that occurs in your life.

To imagine a life without words scares the crap out of me.

Luckily I was born long after the human race left grunting at each other behind.


7 thoughts on “Words…”

  1. “Luckily I was born long after the human race left grunting at each other behind.”

    You’ve obviously not staid late enough at one of our Pirate parties. 🙂

    I’m with you though, love words, where I’ve been with them, where they take me, and where they will take me next. Written, spoken or sung, love them all.


  2. One of my favorite ways to enjoy words is in the chill of winter I like to read books that take place in cold places. If reading of hot climes I like to sit in a sunbeam, and ships when its raining. It brings the words to life even more for me.

    But in marriage, if it lasts long enough, speaking words can progress to a level that only grunts are ever necessary for whole legs of communication. Its rather freeing, if you ask me. We can grunt at each other and no one but us knows what we are saying.


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