Living Oprah

A few weeks ago a friend mailed a copy of Living Oprah to me. One day I must ask her why she thought I needed to read it.

It took a while for me to get around to reading it. The whole premise of the book actually put me off.

Why oh why would anyone want to live by every piece of advice issued on the Oprah show for a year?

I have to admit to skipping over the monthly accounting most of the time. I just got bored with those pages.

Socially it is possibly a good experiment – not one I would EVER like to have a go at. My wallet couldn’t take it for a start.

Before I go any further I would like to say this.

Her husband is a saint !!!!!!!!

Have I watched Oprah?

Damn right I have.

Did I realise the woman had a lot of influence?


But I never realised just how insidious her influence is. It extends into so many areas of peoples’ lives.

Oprah can either tell us herself, or find an authority to bring on to her show for any situation in our lives.

We can learn how to live healthier, richer (both pocket-wise and spiritually), happier lives as long as we tune in on the right day.

When Oprah endorses something, sales go through the roof, or they get elected President of the USA.

The book certainly reinforces what I already knew, or thought I knew.

I wish I could say I closed the last page understanding what the experiment and book was all about. But all I was left with was thinking ‘what a strange way to live for a year – letting someone else make all your decisions.

Then I remembered being married for a while. Oops.

Still – if her book sells well, at least she won’t be so out of pocket.


2 thoughts on “Living Oprah”

  1. You forgot? lol 🙂
    I recommended it as an example of someone who had gotten a book deal from her blogging. And I agree that the book wasn’t that great! Some bits boring, some parts not in depth enough. But I agree: a crazy experiment that I definitely wouldn’t want to participate in myself.
    Now I’m off to look for your vege curry recipe that I thought I saw posted somewhere around here…


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