Dark Side of the Moon

The boys made it to Heaven.

How many times can you kill someone?

You’d think once would be enough.

Not the Winchester boys.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks here – for the signature move that only Supernatural does this well – the montage.

I wonder if they have a school that teaches how to do a montage well – ‘cause if they do, someone sent the guys on this series there.

So – for those of you who haven’t guessed. When a Supernatural episode starts with a montage – I get delirious. Good delirious.

Which with this montage might sound somewhat sick.

We got to see Sam and Dean.

Sounds good so far.

Well we see almost ALL the times they have died.

Now with Dean – that’s happened a lot. So it’s a nice long montage.

Of course this is followed by the boys dying once again.

This episode then made me very happy. Happiest I’ve been since Dean sung Eye of the Tiger in and on the Impala.

Why you ask.

Dean wakes up in Heaven – in the Impala, with Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door playing.

The Impala – and music I relate to. Is it any wonder I love this show?

That’s right. The Impala made it to Heaven. Okay, technically it’s there ‘cause Heaven is where you relive your happiest memories. It goes without saying Dean’s baby would be there with him.

Dean without the Impala, kinda like an ice cave at the equator.

But I want to hang on to the idea of the Impala in Heaven.

Someone is on my side these days, because when Dean hops out of the sexiest car ever, there is young Sam.

After the boys and Cas (my favourite trench coat wearing angel, actually the only trench coat wearing angel I know of), young Sam is one of my favourite characters in this show. He is such a sweetie.

The way brothers should be...

Watching him dance against the backdrop of fireworks – lumps were forming in the throat.

Back in the Impala (ohhhhhhhhhh) Cas is doing radio announcements. Almost as good as…well…you know.

This episode brought back some of my other favourites.

Good and bad.

Mary Winchester puts in an appearance. It is sad to watch the boys with their mother. The longing that they both have for her is so poignant.

Of course seeing Dean in an




t-shirt brought a smile out.

Zachariah is back. Evil angels make great villains.

Ash's Heaven is The Roadhouse

Mullet-haired Ash is there. Ash makes mullet-hair cool.

And…wait for it…Pamela Barnes. This strong, sexy, physic is so much fun.

After waiting 2 seasons for it, getting her eyes burned out and dying put a hold on her and Dean getting it on, she goes in for the kiss.

Zachariah wasn’t quite finished with the boys – he’s one angel I wouldn’t like to piss off. He is one scary, angry guy. It was a little creepy, an angel using the word MILF.

Of course this is Supernatural, so staying in Heaven is not an option for Sam and Dean. They still have a planet of people to save from the Apocalypse.

When Dean is reunited with the amulet Sam gave him I was lulled into a false sense of all ending well for once.

As usual the writers had something ready to change that.

One last look - God I hope not !!

Dean throwing the amulet in the rubbish sounds like a small thing I know, but all right, I admit it, that gesture had me crying again.

Lately I long for an episode that doesn’t end with me in tears.

Somehow, with the series finale looming, I think I might be in for some more.

A little part of me is really hoping and wondering.

Did Sam pick it up out of the bin?


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