The mysterious hero…

Brandon Routh

I’m a hero kind of girl. Some like the bad boys – I can see the attraction.

Me though, I like someone who will save the girl every time.

Growing up I was glued to the TV (when we finally got one) watching Superman as he saved Lois, again, and again, and again – well you get it. Right ??

I didn’t know it at the time I was watching, but in real life a bullet had gotten the better of George Reeves.

George Reeves

I don’t think I would have enjoyed the show in quite the same way had I known.

I watched every episode – I’m like that. Once I give myself to something – I’m an all or nothing kind of girl.

Lois envy. That was my main problem.

Dean Cain from Lois and Clark

Please don’t tell me that having a guy in tights (who looks amazing), and flies around catching you as you fall off buildings before gently soaring away with you isn’t every girl’s dream.

Superman is all about mystery. I like mystery. Come on…admit it. You probably do as well.

He appears out of nowhere, just when you need him. Saves the day, then flies away. The perfect guy really. No dirty socks to pick up or toothpaste left smeared around the sink.

With each new Superman I have been waiting for the fascination to end. Familiarity breeds contempt right?

Hasn’t happened.

So far I have been happy with the actors who have taken on the Superman role – on TV and at the movies.

If I must admit to a favourite – well Christopher Reeve has my vote.

Weird thing about the “Reeves/Reeve” though.

Christopher Reeve was Superman. He gave him something special. Hmmmm – I was a little in love with both the character and the actor.

I’ve seen ‘em all though.

Can I tell you a secret?

I’ve even watched Smallville.

Tom Welling in Smallville

Trivia moment here – Jensen Ackles (Dean in Supernatural) had a role for a time in Smallville.

So long as they keep making Superman – I’ll keep watching.

There is something endearing about a mysterious hero who never gives up hoping the girl will see him for who he really is.



19 thoughts on “The mysterious hero…”

  1. Hi, Jo! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I had the pleasure of being in QLD (Brisbane and Glasshouse Mts) and Adelaide last year this time. It was a wonderful visit. One day we hope to get to NZ as well. I’ve only read a bit, but I already love your blog. Thanks for stopping by!



    1. Hey, wait a minute what about Supergirl (though for me she’s not up to the job…ROTFL!)
      I mean, after all, Wonder Woman’s got to be a cousin or something…LOL


  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…I LIKE you.

    I always feel so good after a comment from you – even a slightly facetious one…LOL 🙂

    Keep ’em coming me ol’ pirate matey !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. heheh, someday we are gonna have to make up T shirts that say “Im crew of RWJ”

    Im more envious of Jane of Tarzan than I am of Lois. But then I bet that doesnt surprise anyone. As a little kid I even had a crush on the Tarzan of the cartoon series. heheh good memories, as then my friend and I would play Tarzan and yodel through pretend forests and swing from things on pretend vines.


    1. Oh now I feel better – I had a bit of a crush on Tarzan. The 1966 – 1986 one with Ron Ely – he was sooooo handsome. And there was a cute little kid called Jai I think.

      But my biggest LOVE was Clarence the cross-eyed lion on Daktari.

      My family let me watch way too much tv as a kid.


  4. “All or nothing kinda gal”…I am SO there with you, Jo! I think that’s where David Emory came from: an essentially good guy of the type so rare in life. How do we balance these expectations from the real world with what the world is so reluctant to offer us?


    1. David is definately a hero – I am not sure we should balance those expectations. I did that my whole life – it led to disappointment every time. Now I EXPECT more – I may NOT get it, but I won’t settle for less and would rather have the cats and the dog than have a portion of what I KNOW is out there…

      After all those expectations, they must come from somewhere where they are possible and real.



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