When the world comes to you…

I can get very excited about little things.

In the last two days people from the following places have come to have a look at my blog.

Oslo, Norway

Tauranga, New Zealand

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Milton Keyes, Untied Kingdom

Yadkinville, NC, United States

San Francisco, CA, United States

Seattle, WA, United States

London, United Kingdom

Begrolles-en-mauges, France

Lahore, Pakistan


Trebic, Czech Republic

Fort Worth, TX, United States

Port Louis, Mauritius

Athens, Greece

Bucharest, Romania


Narangba, Australia

Backa, Sweden

Montreal, QC, Canada

Islamabad, Pakistan

Bristol, United Kingdom

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Mathura, India

South Bend, IN, United States

Santa Barbara, CA, United States


Parker, CO, United States

Sydney, Australia

Rome, Italy

Land O Lakes, FL, United States

Castlecrag, Australia

Auckland New Zealand

San Diego, CA, United States

Drummoyne, Australia

Lawrenceville, GA, United States

Singapore, Singapore


Mesa, AZ, United States

Tallahassee, FL, United States

Copake, NY, United States,

Highland Lakes, NJ, United States

Izmir, Turkey

London, ON, Canada

West Chester, PA, United States

Langhorne, PA, United States

Gloucester, United Kingdom

Stockholm, Sweden

Middletown, OH, United States

It is extraordinary that people from so many countries take the time to look at what I write, and that some also bother to comment on the things I choose to talk about.

I am very appreciative that people stop by, look around, and read the words that I at times agonised over.

Thank you for becoming part of my world !!

And letting me into yours !!


9 thoughts on “When the world comes to you…”

    1. The thing that I am so grateful for, is that I am able to connect with so many amazing people through this blog – people who would have remained out of my sphere had I not finally taken the step to do it. I curse technology at times – but in this instance – I love it.


  1. Blogging does make a person view the world in a new way. I love it. On a side note when I scrolled to the bottom of the post, my emotions conficted. Half of me said, “Oh look, cute dancing kitties, how cute” and the other half of me said, “Oh look 3 identical dancing kitties, how strange.” heheh LoL πŸ˜€


    1. I thought they looked pretty strange – but then that part of me needs to come out sometimes too !!
      Hence the dancing kitties !!!
      Keeping my 2 cats away from the screen though !! No need to shatter their illusions about their Mum.


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