My Bloody Valentine

Well the boys are back after two weeks off my screen. Why Easter should see the show sidelined is…well I can’t use the language I did when I discovered I was going to have to go without my weekly dose of the the best TV show ever !!!

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I went back and forth between ‘yuk’ and ‘laughter’ in this episode to begin with.

What do you expect when you start with a couple eating each other to death.

It was gross – until Cupid showed up.


A fat guy wearing a diaper – that was Cupid.

He got as close to Dean as I imagine quite a few ladies out there would like to get.

It was a bit unnerving watching Castiel devour a hamburger. Almost as unnerving as watching Dean not.

This all heralds the arrival of another of the four horsemen – Famine.

So everyone is consumed by their desires. Sam included. Yes, Sam is now itching for more than a drop of the demon juice.

It was a hard moment to watch when Dean handcuffed him to the sink. But as always the writers were keeping the best in abeyance.

You have to remember we are talking about the Winchester boys here.

So Sam indulges in some demon blood. Actually a lot of demon blood.

But Sam is still Sam, and he saves the day by blowing Famine up – or rather the demon souls Famine drank after Sam killed them.

Like any addict, one shot of whatever you are addicted to and it is back to detox.

Right about this time the lumps were forming in my throat.

I like Sam. I admit it.

He is the cute little brother, and it is tough to watch his character go through all this stuff.

You would think this was enough drama to finish with.


The writers weren’t finished.

They really should have stopped right there.

But they didn’t.

Luckily I am always prepared – tissues close at hand.

I’m an easy crier, people.

Never watch The Notebook with me.

Not unless you come prepared.

I so often go from laughter to tears in seconds watching this show.

Tonight they just built up to it slowly.

Sam in crisis is one thing.

Dean is another. Dean in crisis REALLY brings me to tears.

I hope that the saying is true – a good cry is good for you. Because I ended tonight with a good cry.

I am really hoping that next week they end the show on a happier note.

I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.


There are two things I know for certain. One: Bert and Ernie are gay. Two: I want to hear your opinion.

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