Hi From Phillip | Joa’s Arc

Hi From Phillip | Joa’s Arc.

This image is sourced from Joa's Arc. Meet Phillip

This site gives me hope – that there are such caring people out there willing to help not just the cute animals, but those in the most desperate of circumstances. helping animals with problems that need fixing and rehoming them after.

Joa’s Arc gets a humble bow of appreciation from me !!

Image sourced from Joa’s Arc.


6 thoughts on “Hi From Phillip | Joa’s Arc”

  1. Look at that – almost a year since you posted this and I randomly came across it.

    Jo, thank you so much for the shout out and kind, kind words. We love what we do and the animals we help … makes it that much better when we see people who “get it” 🙂 Check out the blog and there’s a lot more activity on Facebook too, if anyone wants to check it out – we added some great videos today.


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