Jubilate Agno – A list poem by Christopher Smart

I like to try different types and forms of poetry writing. My investigations of list poetry led me to an amazing poet and an amazing poem. Good writing trancends time – this is very good writing. I hope you will take the time to read right through it, as there are so many lines waiting to be discovered in it.

Jubilate Agno


Christopher Smart

Rejoice in God, O ye Tongues; give the glory to the Lord, and the Lamb.

Nations, and languages, and every Creature, in which is the breath of Life.

Let man and beast appear before him, and magnify his name together.

Let Noah and his company approach the throne of Grace, and do homage to the Ark of their Salvation.

Let Abraham present a Ram, and worship the God of his Redemption.

Let Isaac, the Bridegroom, kneel with his Camels, and bless the hope of his pilgrimage.

Let Jacob, and his speckled Drove adore the good Shepherd of Israel.

Let Esau offer a scape Goat for his seed, and rejoice in the blessing of God his father.

Let Nimrod, the mighty hunter, bind a Leopard to the altar, and consecrate his spear to the Lord.

Let Ishmael dedicate a Tyger, and give praise for the liberty, in which the Lord has let him at large.

Let Balaam appear with an Ass, and bless the Lord his people and his creatures for a reward eternal.

Let Anah, the son of Zibion, lead a Mule to the temple, and bless God, who amerces the consolation of the creature for the service of Man.

Let Daniel come forth with a Lion, and praise God with all his might through faith in Christ Jesus.

Let Naphthali with an Hind give glory in the goodly words of Thanksgiving.

Let Aaron, the high priest, sanctify a Bull, and let him go free to the Lord and Giver of Life.

Let the Levites of the Lord take the Beavers of the brook alive into the Ark of the Testimony.

Let Eleazar with the Ermine serve the Lord decently and in purity.

Let Ithamar minister with a Chamois, and bless the name of Him, which cloatheth the naked.

Let Gershom with an Pygarg Hart bless the name of Him, who feedeth the hungry.

Let Merari praise the wisdom and power of God with the Coney, who scoopeth the rock, and archeth in the sand.

Let Kohath serve with the Sable, and bless God in the ornaments of the Temple.

Let Jehoida bless God with an Hare, whose mazes are determined for the health of the body and to parry the adversary.

Let Ahitub humble himself with an Ape before Almighty God, who is the maker of variety and pleasantry.

Let Abiathar with a Fox praise the name of the Lord, who ballances craft against strength and skill against number.

Let Moses, the Man of God, bless with a Lizard, in the sweet majesty of good-nature, and the magnanimity of meekness.

Let Joshua praise God with an Unicorn — the swiftness of the Lord, and the strength of the Lord, and the spear of the Lord mighty in battle.

Let Caleb with an Ounce praise the Lord of the Land of beauty and rejoice in the blessing of his good Report.

Let Othniel praise God with the Rhinoceros, who put on his armour for the reward of beauty in the Lord.

Let Tola bless with the Toad, which is the good creature of God, tho’ his virtue is in the secret, and his mention is not made.

Let Barak praise with the Pard — and great is the might of the faithful and great is the Lord in the nail of Jael and in the sword of the Son of Abinoam.

Let Gideon bless with the Panther — the Word of the Lord is invincible by him that lappeth from the brook.

Let Jotham praise with the Urchin, who took up his parable and provided himself for the adversary to kick against the pricks.

Let Boaz, the Builder of Judah, bless with the Rat, which dwelleth in hardship and peril, that they may look to themselves and keep their houses in order.

Let Obed-Edom with a Dormouse praise the Name of the Lord God his Guest for increase of his store and for peace.

Let Abishai bless with the Hyaena — the terror of the Lord, and the fierceness, of his wrath against the foes of the King and of Israel.

Let Ethan praise with the Flea, his coat of mail, his piercer, and his vigour, which wisdom and providence have contrived to attract observation and to escape it.

Let Heman bless with the Spider, his warp and his woof, his subtlety and industry, which are good.

Let Chalcol praise with the Beetle, whose life is precious in the sight of God, tho his appearance is against him.

Let Darda with a Leech bless the Name of the Physician of body and soul.

Let Mahol praise the Maker of Earth and Sea with the Otter, whom God has given to dive and to burrow for his preservation.

Let David bless with the Bear — The beginning of victory to the Lord — to the Lord the perfection of excellence — Hallelujah from the heart of God, and from the hand of the artist inimitable, and from the echo of the heavenly harp in sweetness magnifical and mighty.

Let Solomon praise with the Ant, and give the glory to the Fountain of all Wisdom.

Let Romamti-ezer bless with the Ferret — The Lord is a rewarder of them, that diligently seek him.

Let Samuel, the Minister from a child, without ceasing praise with the Porcupine, which is the creature of defence and stands upon his arms continually.

Let Nathan with the Badger bless God for his retired fame, and privacy inaccessible to slander.

Let Joseph, who from the abundance of his blessing may spare to him, that lacketh, praise with the Crocodile, which is pleasant and pure, when he is interpreted, tho’ his look is of terror and offence.

Let Esdras bless Christ Jesus with the Rose and his people, which is a nation of living sweetness.

Let Mephibosheth with the Cricket praise the God of chearfulness, hospitality, and gratitude.

Let Shallum with the Frog bless God for the meadows of Canaan, the fleece, the milk and the honey.

Let Hilkiah praise with the Weasel, which sneaks for his prey in craft, and dwelleth at ambush.

Let Job bless with the Worm — the life of the Lord is in Humiliation, the Spirit also and the truth.

Let Elihu bless with the Tortoise, which is food for praise and thanksgiving.

Let Hezekiah praise with the Dromedary — the zeal for the glory of God is excellence, and to bear his burden is grace.

Let Zadoc worship with the Mole — before honour is humility, and he that looketh low shall learn.

Let Gad with the Adder bless in the simplicity of the preacher and the wisdom of the creature.

Let Tobias bless Charity with his Dog, who is faithful, vigilant, and a friend in poverty.

Let Anna bless God with the Cat, who is worthy to be presented before the throne of grace, when he has trampled upon the idol in his prank.

Let Benaiah praise with the Asp — to conquer malice is nobler, than to slay the lion.

Let Barzillai bless with the Snail — a friend in need is as the balm of Gilead, or as the slime to the wounded bark.

Let Joab with the Horse worship the Lord God of Hosts.

Let Shemaiah bless God with the Caterpiller — the minister of vengeance is the harbinger of mercy.

Let Ahimelech with the Locust bless God from the tyranny of numbers.

Let Cornelius with the Swine bless God, which purifyeth all things for the poor.

Let Araunah bless with the Squirrel, which is a gift of homage from the poor man to the wealthy and increaseth good will.

Let Bakbakkar bless with the Salamander, which feedeth upon ashes as bread, and whose joy is at the mouth of the furnace.

Let Jabez bless with Tarantula, who maketh his bed in the moss, which he feedeth, that the pilgrim may take heed to his way.

Let Jakim with the Satyr bless God in the dance. —

Let Iddo praise the Lord with the Moth — the writings of man perish as the garment, but the Book of God endureth for ever.

Let Nebuchadnezzar bless with the Grashopper — the pomp and vanities of the world are as the herb of the field, but the glory of the Lord increaseth for ever.

Let Naboth bless with the Canker-worm — envy is cruel and killeth and preyeth upon that which God has given to aspire and bear fruit.

Let Lud bless with the Elk, the strenuous asserter of his liberty, and the maintainer of his ground.

Let Obadiah with the Palmer-worm bless God for the remnant that is left.

Let Agur bless with the Cockatrice — The consolation of the world is deceitful, and temporal honour the crown of him that creepeth.

Let Ithiel bless with the Baboon, whose motions are regular in the wilderness, and who defendeth himself with a staff against the assailant.

Let Ucal bless with the Cameleon, which feedeth on the Flowers and washeth himself in the dew.

Let Lemuel bless with the Wolf, which is a dog without a master, but the Lord hears his cries and feeds him in the desert.

Let Hananiah bless with the Civet, which is pure from benevolence.

Let Azarias bless with the Reindeer, who runneth upon the waters, and wadeth thro the land in snow.

Let Mishael bless with the Stoat — the praise of the Lord gives propriety to all things.

Let Savaran bless with the Elephant, who gave his life for his country that he might put on immortality.

Let Nehemiah, the imitator of God, bless with the Monkey, who is work’d down from Man.

Let Manasses bless with the Wild-Ass — liberty begetteth insolence, but necessity is the mother of prayer.

Let Jebus bless with the Camelopard, which is good to carry and to parry and to kneel.

Let Huz bless with the Polypus — lively subtlety is acceptable to the Lord.

Let Buz bless with the Jackall — but the Lord is the Lion’s provider.

Let Meshullam bless with the Dragon, who maketh his den in desolation and rejoiceth amongst the ruins.

Let Enoch bless with the Rackoon, who walked with God as by the instinct.

Let Hashbadana bless with the Catamountain, who stood by the Pulpit of God against the dissensions of the Heathen.

Let Ebed-Melech bless with the Mantiger, the blood of the Lord is sufficient to do away the offence of Cain, and reinstate the creature which is amerced.

Let A Little Child with a Serpent bless Him, who ordaineth strength in babes to the confusion of the Adversary.

Let Huldah bless with the Silkworm — the ornaments of the Proud are from the bowells of their Betters.

Let Susanna bless with the Butterfly — beauty hath wings, but chastity is the Cherub.

Let Sampson bless with the Bee, to whom the Lord hath given strength to annoy the assailant and wisdom to his strength.

Let Amasiah bless with the Chaffer — the top of the tree is for the brow of the champion, who has given the glory to God.

Let Hashum bless with the Fly, whose health is the honey of the air, but he feeds upon the thing strangled, and perisheth.

Let Malchiah bless with the Gnat — it is good for man and beast to mend their pace.

Let Pedaiah bless with the Humble-Bee, who loves himself in solitude and makes his honey alone.

Let Maaseiah bless with the Drone, who with the appearance of a Bee is neither a soldier nor an artist, neither a swordsman nor smith.

Let Urijah bless with the Scorpion, which is a scourge against the murmurers — the Lord keep it from our coasts.

Let Anaiah bless with the Dragon-fly, who sails over the pond by the wood-side and feedeth on the cressies.

Let Zorobabel bless with the Wasp, who is the Lord’s architect, and buildeth his edifice in armour.

Let Jehu bless with the Hornet, who is the soldier of the Lord to extirpate abomination and to prepare the way of peace.

Let Mattithiah bless with the Bat, who inhabiteth the desolations of pride and flieth amongst the tombs.

Let Elias which is the innocency of the Lord rejoice with the Dove.

Let Asaph rejoice with the Nightingale — The musician of the Lord! and the watchman of the Lord!

Let Shema rejoice with the Glowworm, who is the lamp of the traveller and mead of the musician.

Let Jeduthun rejoice with the Woodlark, who is sweet and various.

Let Chenaniah rejoice with Chloris, in the vivacity of his powers and the beauty of his person.

Let Gideoni rejoice with the Goldfinch, who is shrill and loud, and full withal.

Let Giddalti rejoice with the Mocking-bird, who takes off the notes of the Aviary and reserves his own.

Let Jogli rejoice with the Linnet, who is distinct and of mild delight.

Let Benjamin bless and rejoice with the Redbird, who is soft and soothing.

Let Dan rejoice with the Blackbird, who praises God with all his heart, and biddeth to be of good cheer.

* * *

Let Elizur rejoice with the Partridge, who is a prisoner of state and is proud of his keepers.

Let Shedeur rejoice with Pyrausta, who dwelleth in a medium of fire, which God hath adapted for him.

Let Shelumiel rejoice with Olor, who is of a goodly savour, and the very look of him harmonizes the mind.

Let Jael rejoice with the Plover, who whistles for his live, and foils the marksmen and their guns.

Let Raguel rejoice with the Cock of Portugal — God send good Angels to the allies of England!

Let Hobab rejoice with Necydalus, who is the Greek of a Grub.

Let Zurishaddai with the Polish Cock rejoice — The Lord restore peace to Europe.

Let Zuar rejoice with the Guinea Hen — The Lord add to his mercies in the WEST!

Let Chesed rejoice with Strepsiceros, whose weapons are the ornaments of his peace.

Let Hagar rejoice with Gnesion, who is the right sort of eagle, and towers the highest.

Let Libni rejoice with the Redshank, who migrates not but is translated to the upper regions.

Let Nahshon rejoice with the Seabreese, the Lord give the sailors of his Spirit.

Let Helon rejoice with the Woodpecker — the Lord encourage the propagation of trees!

Let Amos rejoice with the Coote — prepare to meet thy God, O Israel.

Let Ephah rejoice with Buprestis, the Lord endue us with temperance and humanity, till every cow have her mate!

Let Sarah rejoice with the Redwing, whose harvest is in the frost and snow.

Let Rebekah rejoice with Iynx, who holds his head on one side to deceive the adversary.

Let Shuah rejoice with Boa, which is the vocal serpent.

Let Ehud rejoice with Onocrotalus, whose braying is for the glory of God, because he makes the best musick in his power.

Let Shamgar rejoice with Otis, who looks about him for the glory of God, and sees the horizon compleat at once.

Let Bohan rejoice with the Scythian Stag — he is beef and breeches against want and nakedness.

Let Achsah rejoice with the Pigeon who is an antidote to malignity and will carry a letter.

Let Tohu rejoice with the Grouse — the Lord further the cultivating of heaths and the peopling of deserts.

Let Hillel rejoice with Ammodytes, whose colour is deceitful and he plots against the pilgrim’s feet.

Let Eli rejoice with Leucon — he is an honest fellow, which is a rarity.

Let Jemuel rejoice with Charadrius, who is from the HEIGHT and the sight of him is good for the jaundice.

Let Pharaoh rejoice with Anataria, whom God permits to prey upon the ducks to check their increase.

Let Lotan rejoice with Sauterelle. Blessed be the name of the Lord from the Lote-tree to the Palm.

Let Dishon rejoice with the Landrail, God give his grace to the society for preserving the game.

Let Hushim rejoice with the King’s Fisher, who is of royal beauty, tho’ plebeian size.

Let Machir rejoice with Convolvulus, from him to the ring of Saturn, which is the girth of Job; to the signet of God — from Job and his daughters BLESSED BE JESUS.

Let Atad bless with Eleos, the nightly Memorialist ελεησον κυριε .

Let Jamim rejoice with the Bittern — blessed be the name of Jesus for Denver Sluice, Ruston, and the draining of the fens.

Let Ohad rejoice with Byturos who eateth the vine and is a minister of temperance.

Let Zohar rejoice with Cychramus who cometh with the quails on a particular affair.

Let Serah, the daughter of Asher, rejoice with Ceyx, who maketh his cabin in the Halcyon’s hold.

Let Magdiel rejoice with Ascarides, which is the life of the bowels — the worm hath a part in our frame.

Let Becher rejoice with Oscen who terrifies the wicked, as trumpet and alarm the coward.

Let Shaul rejoice with Circos, who hath clumsy legs, but he can wheel it the better with his wings. —

Let Hamul rejoice with the Crystal, who is pure and translucent.

Let Ziphion rejoice with the Tit-Lark who is a groundling, but he raises the spirits.

Let Mibzar rejoice with the Cadess, as is their number, so are their names, blessed be the Lord Jesus for them all.

Let Jubal rejoice with Cascilia, the woman and the slow-worm praise the name of the Lord.

Let Arodi rejoice with the Royston Crow, there is a society of them at Trumpington and Cambridge.

Let Areli rejoice with the Criel, who is a dwarf that towereth above others.

Let Phuvah rejoice with Platycerotes, whose weapons of defence keep them innocent.

Let Shimron rejoice with the Kite, who is of more value than many sparrows.

Let Sered rejoice with the Wittal — a silly bird is wise unto his own preservation.

Let Elon rejoice with Attelabus, who is the Locust without wings.

Let Jahleel rejoice with the Woodcock, who liveth upon suction and is pure from his diet.

Let Shuni rejoice with the Gull, who is happy in not being good for food.

Let Ezbon rejoice with Musimon, who is from the ram and she-goat.

Let Barkos rejoice with the Black Eagle, which is the least of his species and the best-natured.

Let Bedan rejoice with Ossifrage — the bird of prey and the man of prayer.

Let Naomi rejoice with Pseudosphece who is between a wasp and a hornet.

Let Ruth rejoice with the Tumbler — it is a pleasant thing to feed him and be thankful.

Let Ram rejoice with the Fieldfare, who is a good gift from God in the season of scarcity.

Let Manoah rejoice with Cerastes, who is a Dragon with horns.

Let Talmai rejoice with Alcedo, who makes a cradle for it’s young, which is rock’d by the winds.

Let Bukki rejoice with the Buzzard, who is clever, with the reputation of a silly fellow.

Let Michal rejoice with Leucocruta who is a mixture of beauty and magnanimity.

Let Abiah rejoice with Morphnus who is a bird of passage to the Heavens.

Let Hur rejoice with the Water-wag-tail, who is a neighbour, and loves to be looked at.

Let Dodo rejoice with the purple Worm, who is cloathed sumptuously, tho he fares meanly.

Let Ahio rejoice with the Merlin who is a cousin german of the hawk.

Let Joram rejoice with the Water-Rail, who takes his delight in the river.

Let Chileab rejoice with Ophion who is clean made, less than an hart, and a Sardinian.

Let Shephatiah rejoice with the little Owl, which is the wingged Cat.

Let Ithream rejoice with the great Owl, who understandeth that which he professes.

Let Abigail rejoice with Lethophagus — God be gracious to the widows indeed.

Let Anathoth bless with Saurix, who is a bird of melancholy.

Let Shammua rejoice with the Vultur who is strength and fierceness.

Let Shobab rejoice with Evech who is of the goat kind which is meditation and pleasantry.

Let Ittai the Gittite rejoice with the Gerfalcon amicus certus in re incertâ cernitur.

Let Ibhar rejoice with the Pochard — a child born in prosperity is the chiefest blessing of peace.

Let Elishua rejoice with Cantharis — God send bread and milk to the children.

Let Chimham bless with Drepanis who is a passenger from the sea to heaven.

Let Toi rejoice with Percnopteros which haunteth the sugar-fens.

Let Nepheg rejoice with Cenchris which is the spotted serpent.

Let Japhia rejoice with Buteo who hath three testicles.

Let Gibeon rejoice with the Puttock, who will shift for himself to the last extremity.

Let Elishama rejoice with Mylæcos Ισχετε χειρα μυλαιον αλιτριδες . ευδετε μακρα .

Let Elimelech rejoice with the Horn-Owl who is of gravity and amongst my friends in the tower.

Let Eliada rejoice with the Gier-eagle who is swift and of great penetration.

Let Eliphalet rejoice with Erodius who is God’s good creature, which is sufficient for him.

Let Jonathan, David’s nephew, rejoice with Oripelargus who is noble by his ascent.

Let Sheva rejoice with the Hobby, who is the service of the great.

Let Ahimaaz rejoice with the Silver-Worm who is a living mineral.

Let Shobi rejoice with the Kastrel — blessed be the name JESUS in falconry and in the MALL

Let Elkanah rejoice with Cymindis — the Lord illuminate us against the powers of darkness.

Let Ziba rejoice with Glottis whose tongue is wreathed in his throat.

Let Micah rejoice with the spotted Spider, who counterfeits death to effect his purposes.

Let Rizpah rejoice with the Eyed Moth who is beautiful in corruption.

Let Naharai, Joab’s armour-bearer rejoice with Rock who is a bird of stupendous magnitude.

Let Abiezer, the Anethothite, rejoice with Phrynos who is the scaled frog.

Let Nachon rejoice with Parcas who is a serpent more innocent than others.

Let Lapidoth with Percnos — the Lord is the builder of the wall of CHINA — REJOICE.

Let Ahinoam rejoice with Prester — The seed of the woman hath bruised the serpents head.

Let Phurah rejoice with Penelopes, the servant of Gideon with the fowl of the brook.

Let Jether, the son of Gideon, rejoice with Ecchetae which are musical grashoppers.

Let Hushai rejoice with the Ospray who is able to parry the eagle.

Let Eglah rejoice with Phalaris who is a pleasant object upon the water.

Let Haggith rejoice with the white Weasel who devoureth the honey and it’s maker.

Let Abital rejoice with Ptyas who is arrayed in green and gold.

Let Maacah rejoice with Dryophyte who was blessed of the Lord in the valley.

Let Zabud Solomon’s friend rejoice with Oryx who is a frolicksome mountaineer.

Let Adoniram the receiver general of the excise rejoice with Hypnale the sleepy adder.

Let Pedahel rejoice with Pityocampa who eateth his house in the pine.

Let Ibzam rejoice with the Brandling — the Lord further the building of bridges and making rivers navigable.

Let Gilead rejoice with Gentle — the Lord make me a fisher of men.

Let Zelophehad rejoice with Ascalabotes who casteth not his coat till a new one is prepared for him.

Let Mahlah rejoice with Pellos who is a tall bird and stately.

Let Tirzah rejoice with Tylus which is the Cheeslip and food for the chicken.

Let Hoglah rejoice with Leontophonos who will kill the lion, if he is eaten.

Let Milcah rejoice with the Horned Beetle who will strike a man in the face.

Let Noah rejoice with Hibris who is from a wild boar and a tame sow.

Let Abdon rejoice with the Glede who is very voracious and may not himself be eaten.

Let Zuph rejoice with Dipsas, whose bite causeth thirst.

Let Schechem of Manasseh rejoice with the Green Worm whose livery is of the field.

Let Gera rejoice with the Night Hawk — blessed are those who watch when others sleep.

Let Anath rejoice with Rauca who inhabiteth the root of the oak.

Let Cherub rejoice with the Cherub who is a bird and a blessed Angel.

* * *

For I am not without authority in my jeopardy, which I derive inevitably from the glory of the name of the Lord.

For I bless God whose name is Jealous — and there is a zeal to deliver us from everlasting burnings.

For my existimation is good even amongst the slanderers and my memory shall arise for a sweet savour unto the Lord.

For I bless the PRINCE of PEACE and pray that all the guns may be nail’d up, save such are for the rejoicing days.

For I have abstained from the blood of the grape and that even at the Lord’s table.

For I have glorified God in GREEK and LATIN, the consecrated languages spoken by the Lord on earth.

For I meditate the peace of Europe amongst family bickerings and domestic jars.

For the HOST is in the WEST — the Lord make us thankful unto salvation.

For I preach the very GOSPEL of CHRIST without comment and with this weapon shall I slay envy.

For I bless God in the rising generation, which is on my side.

For I have translated in the charity, which makes things better and I shall be translated myself at the last.

For he that walked upon the sea, hath prepared the floods with the Gospel of peace.

For the merciful man is merciful to his beast, and to the trees that give them shelter.

For he hath turned the shadow of death into the morning,the Lord is his name.

For I am come home again, but there is nobody to kill the calf or to pay the musick.

For the hour of my felicity, like the womb of Sarah, shall come at the latter end.

For I shou’d have avail’d myself of waggery, had not malice been multitudinous.

For there are still serpents that can speak — God bless my head, my heart and my heel.

For I bless God that I am of the same seed as Ehud, Mutius Scævola, and Colonel Draper.

For the word of God is a sword on my side — no matter what other weapon a stick or a straw.

For I have adventured myself in the name of the Lord, and he hath marked me for his own.

For I bless God for the Postmaster general and all conveyancers of letters under his care especially Allen and Shelvock.

For my grounds in New Canaan shall infinitely compensate for the flats and maynes of Staindrop Moor.

For the praise of God can give to a mute fish the notes of a nightingale.

For I have seen the White Raven and Thomas Hall of Willingham and am my self a greater curiosity than both.

For I look up to heaven which is my prospect to escape envy by surmounting it.

For if Pharaoh had known Joseph, he woud have blessed God and me for the illumination of the people.

For I pray God to bless improvements in gardening till London be a city of palm-trees.

For I pray to give his grace to the poor of England, that Charity be not offended and that benevolence may increase.

For in my nature I quested for beauty, but God, God hath sent me to sea for pearls.

For there is a blessing from the STONE of JESUS which is founded upon hell to the precious jewell on the right hand of God.

For the nightly Visitor is at the window of the impenitent, while I sing a psalm of my own composing.

For there is a note added to the scale, which the Lord hath made fuller, stronger and more glorious.

For I offer my goat as he browses the vine, bless the Lord from chambering and drunkeness.

For there is a traveling for the glory of God without going to Italy or France.

For I bless the children of Asher for the evil I did them and the good I might have received at their hands.

For I rejoice like a worm in the rain in him that cherishes and from him that tramples.

For I am ready for the trumpet and alarm to fight, to die and to rise again.

For the banish’d of the Lord shall come about again, for so he hath prepared for them.

For sincerity is a jewel which is pure and transparent, eternal and inestimable.

For my hands and my feet are perfect as the sublimity of Naphtali and the felicity of Asher.

For the names and number of animals are as the name and number of the stars. —

For I pray the Lord Jesus to translate my MAGNIFICAT into verse and represent it.

For I bless the Lord Jesus from the bottom of Royston Cave to the top of King’s Chapel.

For I am a little fellow, which is intitled to the great mess by the benevolence of God my father.

For I this day made over my inheritance to my mother in consideration of her infirmities.

For I this day made over my inheritance to my mother in consideration of her age.

For I this day made over my inheritance to my mother in consideration of her poverty.

For I bless the thirteenth of August, in which I had the grace to obey the voice of Christ in my conscience.

For I bless the thirteenth of August, in which I was willing to run all hazards for the sake of the name of the Lord.

For I bless the thirteenth of August, in which I was willing to be called a fool for the sake of Christ.

For I lent my flocks and my herds and my lands at once unto the Lord.

For nature is more various than observation tho’ observers be innumerable.

For Agricola is Γηουργος .

For I pray God to bless POLLY in the blessing of Naomi and assign her to the house of DAVID.

For I am in charity with the French who are my foes and Moabites because of the Moabitish woman.

For my Angel is always ready at a pinch to help me out and to keep me up.

For CHRISTOPHER must slay the Dragon with a PHEON’s head.

For they have seperated me and my bosom, whereas the right comes by setting us together.

For silly fellow! silly fellow! is against me and belongeth neither to me nor my family.

For he that scorneth the scorner hath condescended to my low estate.

For Abiah is the father of Joab and Joab of all Romans and English Men.

For they pass by me in their tour, and the good Samaritan is not yet come. —

For I bless God in the behalf of TRINITY COLLEGE in CAMBRIDGE and the society of PURPLES in LONDON. —

For I have a nephew CHRISTOPHER to whom I implore the grace of God.

For I pray God bless the CAM — Mr HIGGS and Mr and Mrs WASHBOURNE as the drops of the dew.

For I pray God bless the king of Sardinia and make him an instrument of his peace.

For I am possessed of a cat, surpassing in beauty, from whom I take occasion to bless Almighty God.

For I pray God for the professors of the University of Cambridge to attend and to amend.

For the Fatherless Children and widows are never deserted of the Lord.

For I pray God be gracious to the house of Stuart and consider their afflictions.

For I pray God be gracious to the seed of Virgil to Mr GOODMAN SMITH of King’s and Joseph STUD.

For I give God the glory that I am a son of ABRAHAM a PRINCE of the house of my fathers.

For my brethren have dealt deceitfully as a brook, and as the stream of brooks that pass away.

For I bless God for my retreat at CANBURY, as it was the place of the nativity of my children.

For I pray God to give them the food which I cannot earn for them any otherwise than by prayer.

For I pray God bless the Chinese which are of ABRAHAM and the Gospel grew with them at the first.

For I bless God in the honey of the sugar-cane and the milk of the cocoa.

For I bless God in the libraries of the learned and for all the booksellers in the world.

For I bless God in the strength of my loins and for the voice which he hath made sonorous.

For tis no more a merit to provide for oneself, but to quit all for the sake of the Lord.

For there is no invention but the gift of God, and no grace like the grace of gratitude.

For grey hairs are honourable and tell every one of them to the glory of God.

For I bless the Lord Jesus for the memory of GAY, POPE and SWIFT.

For all good words are from GOD, and all others are cant.

For I am enabled by my ascent and the Lord haith raised me above my Peers.

For I pray God bless my lord CLARENDON and his seed for ever.

For there is silver in my mines and I bless God that it is rather there then in my coffers.

For I blessed God in St James’s Park till I routed all the company.

For the officers of the peace are at variance with me, and the watchman smites me with his staff.

For I am the seed of the WELCH WOMAN and speak the truth from my heart.

For they lay wagers touching my life. — God be gracious to the winners.

For the piety of Rizpah is imitable in the Lord — wherefore I pray for the dead.

For the Lord is my ROCK and I am the bearer of his CROSS.

For I am like a frog in the brambles, but the Lord hath put his whole armour upon me.

For I was a Viper-catcher in my youth and the Lord delivered me from his venom.

For I rejoice that I attribute to God, what others vainly ascribe to feeble man.

For I am ready to die for his sake — who lay down his life for all mankind.

For the son of JOSHUA shall prevail against the servant of Gideon — Good men have their betters,

For my seed shall worship the Lord JESUS as numerous and musical as the grashoppers of Paradise.

For I pray God to turn the council of Ahitophel into foolishness.

For the learning of the Lord increases daily, as the sun is an improving angel.

For I pray God for a reformation amonst the women and the restoration of the veil.

For beauty is better to look upon than to meddle with and tis good for a man not to know a woman.

For the Lord Jesus made him a nosegay and blessed it and he blessed the inhabitants of flowers.

For a faithful friend is the medicine of life, but a neighbour in the Lord is better than he.

For I stood up betimes in behalf of LIBERTY, PROPERTY and NO EXCISE.

For they began with grubbing up my trees and now they have excluded the planter.

For I am the Lord’s builder and free and accepted MASON in CHRIST JESUS.

For I bless God in all gums and balsams and every thing that ministers relief to the sick.

For the Sun’s at work to make me a garment and the Moon is at work for my wife.

For tall and stately are against me, but humiliation on humiliation is on my side.

For I have a providential acquaintance with men who bear the names of animals.

For I bless God to Mr Lion Mr Cock Mr Cat Mr Talbot Mr Hart Mrs Fysh Mr Grub, and Miss Lamb.

For they throw my horns in my face and reptiles make themselves wings against me.

For I bless God for the immortal soul of Mr Pigg of DOWNHAM in NORFOLK.

For I fast this day even the 31st of August N.S. to prepare for the SABBATH of the Lord.

For the bite of an Adder is cured by its greese and the malice of my enemies by their stupidity.

For I bless God in SHIPBOURNE FAIRLAWN the meadows the brooks and the hills.

For th adversary hath exasperated the very birds against me, but the Lord sustain’d me.

For I bless God for my Newcastle friends the voice of the raven and heart of the oak.

For I bless God for every feather from the wren in the sedge to the CHERUBS and their MATES.

* * *

LET PETER rejoice with the MOON FISH who keeps up the life in the waters by night.

Let Andrew rejoice with the Whale, who is array’d in beauteous blue and is a combination of bulk and activity.

Let James rejoice with the Skuttle-Fish, who foils his foe by the effusion of his ink.

Let John rejoice with Nautilus who spreads his sail and plies his oar, and the Lord is his pilot.

Let Philip rejoice with Boca, which is a fish that can speak.

Let Bartholomew rejoice with the Eel, who is pure in proportion to where he is found and how he is used.

Let Thomas rejoice with the Sword-Fish, whose aim is perpetual and strength insuperable.

Let Matthew rejoice with Uranoscopus, whose eyes are lifted up to God.

Let James the less, rejoice with the Haddock, who brought the piece of money for the Lord and Peter.

Let Jude bless with the Bream, who is of melancholy from his depth and serenity.

Let Simon rejoice with the Sprat, who is pure and innumerable.

Let Matthias rejoice with the Flying-Fish, who has a part with the birds, and is sublimity in his conceit.

Let Stephen rejoice with Remora — The Lord remove all obstacles to his glory.

Let Paul rejoice with the Scale, who is pleasant and faithful!, like God’s good ENGLISHMAN.

Let Agrippa, which is Agricola, rejoice with Elops, who is a choice fish.

Let Joseph rejoice with the Turbut, whose capture makes the poor fisher-man sing.

Let Mary rejoice with the Maid — blessed be the name of the immaculate CONCEPTION.

Let John, the Baptist, rejoice with the Salmon — blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus for infant Baptism.

Let Mark rejoice with the Mullet, who is John Dore, God be gracious to him and his family.

Let Barnabus rejoice with the Herring — God be gracious to the Lord’s fishery.

Let Cleopas rejoice with the Mackerel, who cometh in a shoal after a leader.

Let Abiud of the Lord’s line rejoice with Murex, who is good and of a precious tincture.

Let Eliakim rejoice with the Shad, who is contemned in his abundance.

Let Azor rejoice with the Flounder, who is both of the sea and of the river,

Let Sadoc rejoice with the Bleak, who playeth upon the surface in the Sun.

Let Achim rejoice with the Miller’s Thumb, who is a delicious morsel for the water fowl.

Let Eliud rejoice with Cinaedus, who is a fish yellow all over.

Let Eleazar rejoice with the Grampus, who is a pompous spouter.

Let Matthan rejoice with the Shark, who is supported by multitudes of small value.

Let Jacob rejoice with the Gold Fish, who is an eye-trap.

Let Jairus rejoice with the Silver Fish, who is bright and lively.

Let Lazarus rejoice with Torpedo, who chills the life of the assailant through his staff.

Let Mary Magdalen rejoice with the Place, whose goodness and purity are of the Lord’s making.

Let Simon the leper rejoice with the Eel-pout, who is a rarity on account of his subtlety.

Let Alpheus rejoice with the Whiting, whom God hath bless’d in multitudes, and his days are as the days of PURIM.

Let Onesimus rejoice with the Cod — blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus for a miraculous draught of men.

Let Joses rejoice with the Sturgeon, who saw his maker in the body and obtained grace.

Let Theophilus rejoice with the Folio, who hath teeth, like the teeth of a saw.

Let Bartimeus rejoice with the Quaviver — God be gracious to the eyes of him, who prayeth for the blind.

Let CHRISTOPHER, who is Simon of Cyrene, rejoice with the Rough — God be gracious to the CAM and to DAVID CAM and his seed for ever.

Let Timeus rejoice with the Ling — God keep the English Sailors clear of French bribery.

Let Salome rejoice with the Mermaid, who hath the countenance and a portion of human reason.

Let Zacharias rejoice with the Gudgeon, who improves in his growth till he is mistaken.

Let Campanus rejoice with the Lobster — God be gracious to all the CAMPBELLs especially John.

Let Martha rejoice with the Skallop — the Lord revive the exercise and excellence of the Needle.

Let Mary rejoice with the Carp — the ponds of Fairlawn and the garden bless for the master.

Let Zebedee rejoice with the Tench — God accept the good son for his parents also.

Let Joseph of Arimathea rejoice with the Barbel — a good coffin and a tomb-stone without grudging!

Let Elizabeth rejoice with the Crab — it is good, at times, to go back.

Let Simeon rejoice with the Oyster, who hath the life without locomotion.

Let Jona rejoice with the Wilk — Wilks, Wilkie, and Wilkinson bless the name of the Lord Jesus.

Let Nicodemus rejoice with the Muscle, for so he hath provided for the poor.

Let Gamaliel rejoice with the Cockle — I will rejoice in the remembrance of mercy.

Let Agabus rejoice with the Smelt — The Lord make me serviceable to the HOWARDS.

Let Rhoda rejoice with the Sea-Cat, who is pleasantry and purity.

Let Elmodam rejoice with the Chubb, who is wary of the bait and thrives in his circumspection.

Let Jorim rejoice with the Roach — God bless my throat and keep me from things stranggled.

Let Addi rejoice with the Dace — It is good to angle with meditation.

Let Luke rejoice with the Trout — Blessed be Jesus in Aa, in Dee and in Isis.

Let Cosam rejoice with the Perch, who is a little tyrant, because he is not liable to that, which he inflicts.

Let Levi rejoice with the Pike — God be merciful to all dumb creatures in respect of pain.

Let Melchi rejoice with the Char, who cheweth the cud.

Let Joanna rejoice with the Anchovy — I beheld and lo! a great multitude!

Let Neri rejoice with the Keeling Fish, who is also called the Stock Fish.

Let Janna rejoice with the Pilchard — the Lord restore the seed of Abishai.

Let Esli rejoice with the Soal, who is flat and spackles for the increase of motion.

Let Nagge rejoice with the Perriwinkle — ‘for the rain it raineth every day.’

Let Anna rejoice with the Porpus, who is a joyous fish and of good omen.

Let Phanuel rejoice with the Shrimp, which is the childrens fishery.

Let Chuza rejoice with the Sea-Bear, who is full of sagacity and prank.

Let Susanna rejoice with the Lamprey, who is an eel with a title.

Let Candace rejoice with the Craw-fish — How hath the Christian minister renowned the Queen.

Let The Eunuch rejoice with the Thorn-Back — It is good to be discovered reading the BIBLE.

Let Simon the Pharisee rejoice with the Grigg — the Lord bring up Issachar and Dan.

Let Simon the converted Sorcerer rejoice with the Dab quoth Daniel.

Let Joanna, of the Lord’s line, rejoice with the Minnow, who is multiplied against the oppressor.

Let Jonas rejoice with the Sea-Devil, who hath a good name from his Maker.

Let Alexander rejoice with the Tunny — the worse the time the better the eternity.

Let Rufus rejoice with the Needle-fish, who is very good in his element.

Let Matthat rejoice with the Trumpet-fish — God revive the blowing of the TRUMPETS.

Let Mary, the mother of James, rejoice with the Sea-Mouse — it is good to be at peace.

Let Prochorus rejoice with Epodes, who is a kind of fish with Ovid who is at peace in the Lord.

Let Timotheus rejoice with the Dolphin, who is of benevolence.

Let Nicanor rejoice with the Skeat — Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus in fish and in the Shewbread, which ought to be continually on the altar, now more than ever, and the want of it is the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel.

Let Timon rejoice with Crusion — The Shew-Bread in the first place is gratitude to God to shew who is bread, whence it is, and that there is enough and to spare.

Let Parmenas rejoice with the Mixon — Secondly it is to prevent the last extremity, for it is lawful that rejected hunger may take it.

Let Dorcas rejoice with Dracunculus — blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus in the Grotto.

Let Tychicus rejoice with Scolopendra, who quits himself of the hook by voiding his intrails.

Let Trophimus rejoice with the Sea-Horse, who shoud have been to Tychicus the father of Yorkshiremen.

Let Tryphena rejoice with Fluta — Saturday is the Sabbath for the mouth of God hath spoken it.

Let Tryphosa rejoice with Acarne — With such preparation the Lord’s Jubile is better kept.

Let Simon the Tanner rejoice with Alausa — Five days are sufficient for the purposes of husbandry.

Let Simeon Niger rejoice with the Loach — The blacks are the seed of Cain.

Let Lucius rejoice with Corias — Some of Cain’s seed was preserved in the loins of Ham at the flood.

Let Manaen rejoice with Donax. My DEGREE is good even here, in the Lord I have a better.

Let Sergius Paulus rejoice with Dentex — Blessed be the name Jesus for my teeth.

Let Silas rejoice with the Cabot — the philosophy of the times ev’n now is vain deceit.

Let Barsabas rejoice with Cammarus — Newton is ignorant for if a man consult not the WORD how should he understand the WORK? —

Let Lydia rejoice with Attilus — Blessed be the name of him which eat the fish and honey comb.

Let Jason rejoice with Alopecias, who is subtlety without offence.

Let Dionysius rejoice with Alabes who is peculiar to the Nile.

Let Damaris rejoice with Anthias — The fountain of the Nile is known to the Eastern people who drink it.

Let Apollos rejoice with Astacus, but St Paul is the Agent for England.

Let Justus rejoice with Crispus in a Salmon-Trout — the Lord look on the soul of Richard Atwood.

Let Crispus rejoice with Leviathan — God be gracious to the soul of HOBBES, who was no atheist, but a servant of Christ, and died in the Lord — I wronged him God forgive me.

Let Aquila rejoice with Beemoth who is Enoch no fish but a stupendous creeping Thing.

Let Priscilla rejoice with Cythera. As earth increases by Beemoth so the sea likewise enlarges.

Let Tyrannus rejoice with Cephalus who hath a great head.

Let Gaius rejoice with the Water-Tortoise — Paul and Tychicus were in England with Agricola my father.

Let Aristarchus rejoice with Cynoglossus — The Lord was at Glastonbury in the body and blessed the thorn.

Let Alexander rejoice with the Sea-Urchin — The Lord was at Bristol and blessed the waters there.

Let Sopater rejoice with Elacate — The waters of Bath were blessed by St Matthias.

Let Secundus rejoice with Echeneis who is the sea-lamprey.

Let Eutychus rejoice with Cnide — Fish and honeycomb are blessed to eat after a recovery. —

Let Mnason rejoice with Vulvula a sort of fish — Good words are of God, the cant from the Devil.

Let Claudius Lysias rejoice with Coracinus who is black and peculiar to Nile.

Let Bernice rejoice with Corophium which is a kind of crab.

Let Phebe rejoice with Echinometra who is a beautiful shellfish red and green.

Let Epenetus rejoice with Erythrinus who is red with a white belly.

Let Andronicus rejoice with Esox, the Lax, a great fish of the Rhine.

Let Junia rejoice with the Faber-Fish — Broil’d fish and honeycomb may be taken for the sacrament.

Let Amplias rejoice with Garus, who is a kind of Lobster.

Let Urbane rejoice with Glanis, who is a crafty fish who bites away the bait and saves himself.

Let Stachys rejoice with Glauciscus, who is good for Women’s milk.

Let Apelles rejoice with Glaucus — behold the seed of the brave and ingenious how they are saved!

Let Aristobulus rejoice with Glycymerides who is pure and sweet.

Let Herodion rejoice with Holothuria which are prickly fishes.

Let Narcissus rejoice with Hordeia — I will magnify the Lord who multiplied the fish.

Let Persis rejoice with Liparis — I will magnify the Lord who multiplied the barley loaves.

Let Rufus rejoice with Icthyocolla of whose skin a water-glue is made.

Let Asyncritus rejoice with Labrus who is a voracious fish.

Let Phlegon rejoice with the Sea-Lizard — Bless Jesus THOMAS BOWLBY and all the seed of Reuben.

Let Hermas rejoice with Lamyrus who is of things creeping in the sea.

Let Patrobas rejoice with Lepas, all shells are precious.

Let Hermes rejoice with Lepus, who is a venomous fish.

Let Philologus rejoice with Ligarius — shells are all parries to the adversary.

Let Julia rejoice with the Sleeve-Fish — Blessed be Jesus for all the TAYLERS.

Let Nereus rejoice with the Calamary — God give success to our fleets.

Let Olympas rejoice with the Sea-Lantern, which glows upon the waters.

Let Sosipater rejoice with Cornuta. There are fish for the Sea-Night-Birds that glow at bottom.

Let Lucius rejoice with the Cackrel Fish. God be gracious to JMs FLETCHER who has my tackling.

Let Tertius rejoice with Maia which is a kind of crab.

Let Erastus rejoice with Melandry which is the largest Tunny.

Let Quartus rejoice with Mena. God be gracious to the immortal soul of poor Carte, who was barbarously and cowardly murder’d — the Lord prevent the dealers in clandestine death.

Let Sosthenes rejoice with the Winkle — all shells like the parts of the body are good kept for those parts.

Let Chloe rejoice with the Limpin — There is a way to the terrestrial Paradise upon the knees.

Let Carpus rejoice with the Frog-Fish — A man cannot die upon his knees.

Let Stephanas rejoice with Mormyra who is a fish of divers colours.

Let Fortunatus rejoice with the Burret — it is good to be born when things are crossed.

Let Lois rejoice with the Angel-Fish — There is a fish that swims in the fluid Empyrean.

Let Achaicus rejoice with the Fat-Back — The Lord invites his fishers to the WEST INDIES.

Let Sylvanus rejoice with the Black-Fish — Oliver Cromwell himself was the murderer in the Mask.

Let Titus rejoice with Mys — O Tite siquid ego adjuero curamve levasso!

Let Euodias rejoice with Myrcus — There is a perfumed fish I will offer him for a sweet savour to the Lord.

Let Syntyche rejoice with Myax — There are shells in the earth which were left by the FLOOD.

Let Clement rejoice with Ophidion — There are shells again in earth at sympathy with those in sea.

Let Epaphroditus rejoice with Opthalmias — The Lord increase the Cambridge collection of fossils.

Let Epaphras rejoice with Orphus — God be gracious to the immortal soul of Dr Woodward.

Let Justus rejoice with Pagrus — God be gracious to the immortal soul of Dr Middleton.

Let Nymphas rejoice with Fagurus — God bless Charles Mason and all Trinity College.

Let Archippus rejoice with Nerita whose shell swimmeth.

Let Eunice rejoice with Oculata who is of the Lizard kind.

Let Onesephorus rejoice with Orca, who is a great fish.

Let Eubulus rejoice with Ostrum the scarlet — God be gracious to Gordon and Groat.

Let Pudens rejoice with Polypus — The Lord restore my virgin!

Let Linus rejoice with Ozsena who is a kind of Polype — God be gracious to Lyne and Anguish.

Let Claudia rejoice with Pascer — the purest creatures minister to wantoness by unthankfulness.

Let Artemas rejoice with Pastinaca who is a fish with a sting.

Let Zenas rejoice with Pecten — The Lord obliterate the laws of man!

Let Philemon rejoice with Pelagia — The laws and judgement are impudence and blindness.

Let Apphia rejoice with Pelamis — The Lord Jesus is man’s judgement.

Let Demetrius rejoice with Peloris, who is greatest of Shell-Fishes.

Let Antipas rejoice with Pentadactylus — A papist hath no sentiment God bless CHURCHILL.

FOR I pray the Lord JESUS that cured the LUNATICK to be merciful to all my brethren and sisters in these houses.

For they work me with their harping-irons, which is a barbarous instrument, because I am more unguarded than others.

For the blessing of God hath been on my epistles, which I have written for the benefit of others.

For I bless God that the CHURCH of ENGLAND is one of the SEVEN ev’n the candlestick of the Lord.

For the ENGLISH TONGUE shall be the language of the WEST.

For I pray Almighty CHRIST to bless the MAGDALEN HOUSE and to forward a National purification.

For I have the blessing of God in the three POINTS of manhood, of the pen, of the sword, and of chivalry.

For I am inquisitive in the Lord, and defend the philosophy of the scripture against vain deceit.

For the nets come down from the eyes of the Lord to fish up men to their salvation.

For I have a greater compass both of mirth and melancholy than another.

For I bless the Lord JESUS in the innumerables, and for ever and ever.

For I am redoubted, and redoubtable in the Lord, as is THOMAS BECKET my father.

For I have had the grace to GO BACK, which is my blessing unto prosperity.

For I paid for my seat in St PAUL’s, when I was six years old, and took possession against the evil day.

For I am descended from the steward of the island — blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus king of England.

For the poor gentleman is the first object of the Lord’s charity and he is the most pitied who hath lost the most.

For I am in twelve HARDSHIPS, but he that was born of a virgin shall deliver me out of all.

For I am safe, as to my head, from the female dancer and her admirers.

For I pray for CHICHISTER to give the glory to God, and to keep the adversary at bay.

For I am making to the shore day by day, the Lord Jesus take me.

For I bless the Lord JESUS upon RAMSGATE PIER — the Lord forward the building of harbours.

For I bless the Lord JESUS for his very seed, which is in my body.

For I pray for R and his family, I pray for Mr Becher, and I bean for the Lord JESUS.

For I pray to God for Nore, for the Trinity house, for all light-houses, beacons and buoys.

For I bless God that I am not in a dungeon, but am allowed the light of the Sun.

For I pray God for the PYGMIES against their feathered adversaries, as a deed of charity.

For I pray God for all those, who have defiled themselves in matters inconvenient.

For I pray God be gracious to CORNELIUS MATTHEWS name and connection.

For I am under the same accusation with my Saviour — -for they said, he is besides himself.

For I pray God for the introduction of new creatures into this island.

For I pray God for the ostriches of Salisbury Plain, the beavers of the Medway and silver fish of Thames.

For Charity is cold in the multitude of possessions, and the rich are covetous of their crumbs.

For I pray to be accepted as a dog without offence, which is best of all.

For I wish to God and desire towards the most High, which is my policy.

For the tides are the life of God in the ocean, and he sends his angel to trouble the great DEEP.

For he hath fixed the earth upon arches and pillars, and the flames of hell flow under it.

For the grosser the particles the nearer to the sink, and the nearer to purity, the quicker the gravitation.

For MATTER is the dust of the Earth, every atom of which is the life.

For MOTION is as the quantity of life direct, and that which hath not motion, is resistance.

For Resistance is not of GOD, but he — hath built his works upon it.

For the Centripetal and Centrifugal forces are GOD SUSTAINING and DIRECTING.

For Elasticity is the temper of matter to recover its place with vehemence.

For Attraction is the earning of parts, which have a similitude in the life.

For the Life of God is in the Loadstone, and there is a magnet, which pointeth due EAST.

For the Glory of God is always in the East, but cannot be seen for the cloud of the crucifixion.

For due East is the way to Paradise, which man knoweth not by reason of his fall.

For the Longitude is (nevertheless) attainable by steering angularly notwithstanding.

For Eternity is a creature and is built upon Eternity καταβολη επι τη διαβολη .

For Fire is a mixed nature of body and spirit, and the body is fed by that which hath not life.

For Fire is exasperated by the Adversary, who is Death, unto the detriment of man.

For an happy Conjecture is a miraculous cast by the Lord Jesus.

For a bad Conjecture is a draught of stud and mud.

For there is a Fire which is blandishing, and which is of God direct.

For Fire is a substance and distinct, and purifyeth ev’n in hell.

For the Shears is the first of the mechanical powers, and to be used on the knees.

For if Adam had used this instrument right, he would not have fallen.

For the power of the Shears Is direct as the life.

For the power of the WEDGE is direct as it’s altitude by communication of Almighty God.

For the Skrew, Axle and Wheel, Pulleys, the Lever and Inclined Plane are known in the Schools.

For the Centre is not known but by the application of the members to matter.

For I have shown the Vis Inertiæ to be false, and such is all nonsense.

For the Centre is the hold of the Spirit upon the matter in hand.

For FRICTION is inevitable because the Universe is FULL of God’s works.

For the PERPETUAL MOTION is in all the works of Almighty GOD.

For it is not so in the engines of man, which are made of dead materials, neither indeed can be.

For the Moment of bodies, as it is used, is a false term — bless God ye Speakers on the Fifth of November.

For Time and Weight are by their several estimates.

For I bless GOD in the discovery of the LONGITUDE direct by the means of GLADWICK.

For the motion of the PENDULUM is the longest in that it parries resistance.

For the WEDDING GARMENTS of all men are prepared in the SUN against the day of acceptation.

For the Wedding Garments of all women are prepared in the MOON against the day of their purification.

For CHASTITY is the key of knowledge as in Esdras, Sr Isaac Newton and now, God be praised, in me.

For Newton nevertheless is more of error than of the truth, but I am of the WORD of GOD.

For WATER, is not of solid constituents, but is dissolved from precious stones above.

For the life remains in its dissolvent state, and that in great power.

For WATER is condensed by the Lord’s FROST, tho’ not by the FLORENTINE experiment.

For GLADWICK is a substance growing on hills in the East, candied by the sun, and of diverse colours.

For it is neither stone nor metal but a new creature, soft to the ax, but hard to the hammer.

For it answers sundry uses, but particularly it supplies the place of Glass.

For it giveth a benign light without the fragility, malignity or mischief of Glass.

For it attracteth all the colours of the GREAT BOW which is fixed in the EAST.

For the FOUNTAINS and SPRINGS are the life of the waters working up to God.

For they are in SYMPATHY with the waters above the Heavens, which are solid.

For the Fountains, springs and rivers are all of them from the sea, whose water is filtrated and purified by the earth.

For there is Water above the visible surface in a spiritualizing state, which cannot be seen but by application of a CAPILLARY TUBE.

For the ASCENT of VAPOURS is the return of thanksgiving from all humid bodies.

For the RAIN WATER kept in a reservoir at any altitude, suppose of a thousand feet, will make a fountain from a spout of ten feet of the same height.

For it will ascend in a stream two thirds of the way and afterwards prank itself into ten thousand agreeable forms.

For the SEA is a seventh of the Earth — the spirit of the Lord by Esdras.

For MERCURY is affected by the AIR because it is of a similar subtlety.

For the rising in the BAROMETER is not effected by pressure but by sympathy.

For it cannot be seperated from the creature with which it is intimately and eternally connected.

For where it is stinted of air there it will adhere together and stretch on the reverse.

For it works by ballancing according to the hold of the spirit.

For QUICK-SILVER is spiritual and so is the AIR to all intents and purposes.

For the AIR-PUMP weakens and dispirits but cannot wholly exhaust.

For SUCKTION is the withdrawing of the life, but life will follow as fast as it can.

For there is infinite provision to keep up the life in all the parts of Creation.

For the AIR is contaminated by curses and evil language.

For poysonous creatures catch some of it and retain it or ere it goes to the adversary.

For IRELAND was without these creatures, till of late, because of the simplicity of the people.

For the AIR. is purified by prayer which is made aloud and with all our might.

For loud prayer is good for weak lungs and for a vitiated throat.

For SOUND is propagated in the spirit and in all directions.

For the VOICE of a figure compleat in all its parts.

For a man speaks HIMSELF from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet.

For a LION roars HIMSELF compleat from head to tail.

For all these things are seen in the spirit which makes the beauty of prayer.

For all whispers and unmusical sounds in general are of the Adversary.

For ‘I will hiss saith the Lord’ is God’s denunciation of death.

For applause or the clapping of the hands is the natural action of a man on the descent of the glory of God.

For EARTH which is an intelligence hath a voice and a propensity to speak in all her parts.

For ECHO is the soul of the voice exerting itself in hollow places.

For ECHO cannot act but when she can parry the adversary.

For ECHO is greatest in Churches and where she can assist in prayer.

For a good voice hath its Echo with it and it is attainable by much supplication.

For the FOICE is from the body and the spirit — and is a a body and a spirit.

For the prayers of good men are therefore visible to second-sighted persons.

For HARPSICHORDS are best strung with gold wire.

For HARPS and VIOLS are best strung with Indian weed.

For the GERMAN FLUTE is an indirect — the common flute good, bless the Lord Jesus BENJIMIN HALLET.

For the feast of TRUMPETS should be kept up, that being the most direct and acceptable of all instruments.

For the TRUMPET of God is a blessed intelligence and so are all the instruments in HEAVEN.

For GOD the father Almighty plays upon the HARP of stupendous magnitude and melody.

For innumerable Angels fly out at every touch and his tune is a work of creation.

For at that time malignity ceases and the devils themselves are at peace.

For this time is perceptible to man by a remarkable stillness and serenity of soul.

For the Æolian harp is improveable into regularity.

For when it is so improved it will be known to be the SHAWM.

For it woud be better if the LITURGY were musically performed.

For the strings of the SHAWM were upon a cylinder which turned to the wind.

For this was spiritual musick altogether, as the wind is a spirit.

For there is nothing but it may be played upon in delight.

For the flames of fire may lie blown thro musical pipes.

For it is so higher up in the vast empyrean.

For is so real as that which is spiritual.

For an IGNIS FATUUS is either the fool’s conceit or a blast from the adversary.

For SHELL-FIRE or ELECTRICAL is the quick air when it is caught.

For GLASS is worked in the fire till it partakes of its nature.

For the electrical fire is easily obtain’d by the working of glass.

For all spirits are of fire and the air is a very benign one.

For the MAN in VACUO is a flat conceit of preposterous folly.

For the breath of our nostrils is an electrical spirit.

For an electrical spirit may be exasperated into a malignant fire.

For it is good to quicken in paralytic cases being the life applied unto death,

For the method of philosophizing is in a posture of Adoration.

For the School-Doctrine of Thunder and Lightning is a Diabolical Hypothesis.

For it is taking the nitre from the lower regions and directing it against the Infinite of Heights.

For THUNDER is the voice of God direct in verse and musick.

For LIGHTNING is a glance of the glory of God.

For the Brimstone that is found at the times of thunder and lightning is worked up by the Adversary.

For the voice is always for infinite good which he strives to impede.

For the Devil can work coals into shapes to afflict the minds of those that will not pray.

For the coffin and the cradle and the purse are all against a man.

For the coffin is for the dead and death came by disobedience.

For the cradle is for weakness and the child of man was originally strong from the womb.

For the purse is for money and money is dead matter with the stamp of human vanity.

For the adversary frequently sends these particular images out of the fire to those whom they concern.

For the coffin is for me because I have nothing to do with it.

For the cradle is for me because the old Dragon attacked me in it and overcame in Christ.

For the purse is for me because I have neither money nor human friends.

For LIGHT is propagated at all distances in an instant because it is actuated by the divine conception.

For the Satellites of the planet prove nothing in this matter but the glory of Almighty God.

For the SHADE is of death and from the adversary.

For Solomon said vanity of vanities, vanity of vanities all is vanity.

For Jesus says verity of verities, verity of verities all is verity.

For Solomon said THOU FOOL in malice from his own vanity.

For the Lord reviled not all in hardship and temptation unutterable.

For Fire hath this property that it reduces a thing till finally it is not.

For all the filth wicked of men shall be done away by fire in Eternity.

For the furnace itself shall come up at the last according to Abraham’s vision.

For the Convex Heaven of shall work about on that great event.

For the ANTARTICK POLE is not yet but shall answer in the Consummation.

For the devil hath most power in winter, because darkness prevails.

For the Longing of Women is the operation of the Devil upon their conceptions.

For the marking of their children is from the same cause both of which are to be parried by prayer.

For the laws of King James the first against Witchcraft were wise, had it been of man to make laws.

For there are witches and wizards even now who are spoken to by their familiars.

For the visitation of their familiars is prevented by the Lord’s incarnation.

For to conceive with intense diligence against one’s neighbour is a branch of witchcraft.

For to use pollution, exact and cross things and at the same time to think against a man is the crime direct.

For prayer with musick is good for persons so exacted upon.

For before the NATIVITY is the dead of the winter and after it the quick.

For the sin against the HOLY GHOST is INGRATITUDE.

For stuff’d guts make no musick; strain them strong and you shall have sweet melody.

For the SHADOW is of death, which is the Devil, who can make false and faint images of the works of Almighty God.

For every man beareth death about him ever since the transgression of Adam, but in perfect light there is no shadow.

For all Wrath is Fire, which the adversary blows upon and exasperates.

For SHADOW is a fair Word from God, which is not returnable till the furnace comes up.

For the ECLIPSE is of the adversary — blessed be the name of Jesus for Whisson of Trinity.

For the shadow is his and the penumbra is his and his the perplexity of the the phenomenon.

For the eclipses happen at times when the light is defective.

For the more the light is defective, the more the powers of darkness prevail.

For deficiencies happen by the luminaries crossing one another.

For the SUN is an intelligence and an angel of the human form.

For the MOON is an intelligence and an angel in shape like a woman.

For they are together in the spirit every night like man and wife.

For Justice is infinitely beneath Mercy in nature and office.

For the Devil himself may be just in accusation and punishment.

For HELL is without eternity from the presence of Almighty God.

For Volcanos and burning mountains are where the adversary hath most power.

For the angel GRATITUDE is my wife — God bring me to her or her to me.

For the propagation of light is quick as the divine Conception.

For FROST is damp and unwholsome air candied to fall to the best advantage.

For I am the Lord’s News-Writer — the scribe-evangelist — Widow Mitchel, Gun and Grange bless the Lord Jesus.

For Adversity above all other is to be deserted of the grace of God.

For in the divine Idea this Eternity is compleat and the Word is a making many more.

For there is a forlorn hope ev’n for impenitent sinners because the furnace itself must be the crown of Eternity.

For my hope is beyond Eternity in the bosom of God my saviour.

For by the grace of God I am the Reviver of ADORATION amongst ENGLISH-MEN.

For being desert-ed is to have desert in the sight of God and intitles one to the Lord’s merit.

For things that are not in the sight of men are thro’ God of infinite concern.

For envious men have exceeding subtlety quippe qui in — videant.

For avaricious men are exceeding subtle like the soul seperated from the body.

For their attention is on a sinking object which perishes.

For they can go beyond the children of light in matters of their own misery.

For Snow is the dew candied and cherishes.

For TIMES and SEASONS are the Lord’s — Man is no CHRONOLOGER.

For there is a CIRCULATION of the SAP in all vegetables.

For SOOT is the dross of Fire.

For the CLAPPING of the hands is naught unless it be to the glory of God.

For God will descend in visible glory when men begin to applaud him.

For all STAGE-Playing is Hypocrisy and the Devil is the master of their revels.

For the INNATATION of corpuscles is solved by the Gold-beater’s hammer — God be gracious to Christopher Peacock and to all my God-Children.

For the PRECESSION of the Equinoxes is improving nature — something being gained every where for the glory of God perpetually.

For the souls of the departed are embodied in clouds and purged by the Sun.

For the LONGITUDE may be discovered by attending the motions of the Sun. Way 2d.

For you must consider the Sun as dodging, which he does to parry observation.

For he must be taken with an Astrolabe, and considered respecting the point he left.

For you must do this upon your knees and that will secure your point.

For I bless God that I dwell within the sound of Success, and that it is well with ENGLAND this blessed day. NATIVITY of our LORD N.S. 1759.

* * *

For a Man is to be looked upon in that which he excells as on a prospect.

For there be twelve cardinal virtues — three to the East — Greatness, Valour, Piety.

For there be three to the West — Goodness, Purity and Sublimity.

For there be three to the North — Meditation, Happiness, Strength.

For there be three to the South — Constancy, Pleasantry and Wisdom.

For the Argument A PRIORI is GOD in every man’s CONSCIENCE.

For the Argument A POSTERIORI is God before every man’s eyes.

For the Four and Twenty Elders of the Revelation are Four and Twenty Eternities.

For their Four and Twenty Crowns are their respective Consummations.

For a CHARACTER is the votes of the Worldlings, but the seal is of Almighty GOD alone.

For there is no musick in flats and sharps which are not in God’s natural key.

For where Accusation takes the place of encouragement a man of Genius is driven to act the vices of a fool.

For the Devil can set a house on fire, when the inhabitants find combustibles.

For the old account of time is the true — Decr 28th 1759-60 — — —

For Faith as a grain of mustard seed is to believe, as I do, that an Eternity is such in respect to the power and magnitude of Almighty God.

For a DREAM is a good thing from GOD.

For there is a dream from the adversary which is terror.

For the phenomenon of dreaming is not of one solution, but many.

For Eternity is like a grain of mustard as a growing body and improving spirit.

For the malignancy of fire is oweing to the Devil’s hiding of light, till it became visible darkness.

For the Circle may be SQUARED by swelling and flattening.

For the Life of God is in the body of man and his spirit in the Soul.

For there was no rain in Paradise because of the delicate construction of the spiritual herbs and flowers.

For the Planet Mercury is the WORD DISCERNMENT.

For the Scotchman seeks for truth at the bottom of a well, the Englishman in the Heavn of Heavens.

For the Planet Venus is the WORD PRUDENCE or providence.

For GOD nevertheless is an extravagant BEING and generous unto loss.

For there is no profit in the generation of man and the loss of millions is not worth God’s tear.

For this is the twelfth day of the MILLENNIUM of the MILLENNIUM foretold by the prophets — give the glory to God ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY —

For the Planet Mars is the word FORTITUDE.

For to worship naked in the Rain is the bravest thing for the refreshing and purifying the body.

For the Planet Jupiter is the WORD DISPENSATION.

For Tully says to be generous you must be first just, but the voice of Christ is distribute at all events.

For Kittim is the father of the Pygmies, God be gracious to Pigg his family.

For the Soul is divisible and a portion of the Spirit may be cut off from one and applied to another.

For NEW BREAD is the most wholesome especially if it be leaven’d with honey.

For a NEW SONG also is best, if it be to the glory of God; and taken with the food like the psalms.

For the Planet Saturn is the word TEMPERANCE or PATIENCE.

For Jacob’s Ladder are the steps of the Earth graduated hence to Paradice and thence to the throne of God.

For a good wish is well but a faithful prayer is an eternal benefit.

For SPICA VIRGINIS is the star that appeared to the wise men in the East and directed their way before it was yet insphered.

For an IDEA is the mental vision of an object.

For Lock supposes that an human creature, at a given time may be an atheist i.e. without God, by the folly of his doctrine concerning innate ideas.

For it is not lawful to sell poyson in England any more than it is in Venice, the Lord restrain both the finder and receiver.

For the ACCENTS are the invention of the Moabites, who learning the GREEK tongue marked the words after their own vicious pronuntiation.

For the GAULS (the now-French and original Moabites) after they were subdued by Cæsar became such Grecians at Rome.

For the Gaullic manuscripts fell into the hands of the inventors of printing.

For all the inventions of man, which are good, are the communications of Almighty God.

For all the stars have satellites, which are terms under their respective words.

For tiger is a word and his satellites are Griffin, Storgis, Cat and others.

For my talent is to give an Impression upon words by punching, that when the reader casts his eye upon ’em, he takes up the image from the mould which I have made.

For JOB was the son of Issachar and patience is the child of strength.

For the Names of the DAYS, as they now stand, are foolish and abominable.

For the Days are the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh.

For the names of the months are false — the Hebrew appellatives are of God.

For the Time of the Lord’s temptation was in early youth and imminent danger.

For an equivocal generation is a generation and no generation.

For putrifying matter nevertheless will yield up its life in diverse creatures and combinations of creatures.

For a TOAD can dwell in the centre of a stone, because — there are stones whose constituent life is of those creatures.

For a Toad hath by means of his eye the most beautiful prospects of any other animal to make him amends for his distance from his Creator in Glory.

For FAT is the fruit of benevolence, therefore it was the Lord’s in the Mosaic sacrifices.

For the very particular laws of Moses are the determinations of CASES that fell under his cognizance.

For the Devil can make the shadow thicker by candlelight by reason of his pow’r over malignant fire.

For the Romans clipped their words in the Augustan thro idleness and effeminacy and paid foreign actors for speaking them out.

For when the weight and the pow’r are equivalent the prop is of none effect.

For shaving of the beard was an invention of the people of Sodom to make men look like women.

For the ends of the world are the accomplishment of great events, and the consummation of periods.

For ignorance is a sin because illumination is to be obtained by prayer.

For Preferment is not from the East, West or South, but from the North, where Satan has most power.

For the ministers of the Devil set the hewer of wood over the head of God’s free Man.

For this inverting God’s good order, edifice and edification, and appointing place, where the Lord has not appointed.

For the Ethiopian question is already solved in that the Blacks are the children of Cain.

For the phenomenon of the horizontal moon is the truth — she appears bigger in the horizon because she actually is so.

For it was said of old ‘can the Ethiopian change his skin?’ the Lord has answered the question by his merit and death he shall. —

For the moon is magnified in the horizon by Almighty God, and so is the Sun.

For she has done her day’s-work and the blessing of God upon her, and she communicates with the earth.

For when she rises she has been strength’ned by the Sun, who cherishes her by night.

For man is born to trouble in the body, as the sparks fly upwards in the spirit.

For man is between the pinchers while his soul is shaping and purifying.

For the ENGLISH are the seed of Abraham and work up to him by Joab, David, and Naphtali. God be gracious to us this day. General Fast March 14th 1760.

For the Romans and the English are one people the children of the brave man who died at the altar praying for his posterity, whose death was the type of our Saviour’s.

For the WELCH are the children of Mephibosheth and Ziba with a mixture of David in the Jones’s.

For the Scotch are the children of Doeg with a mixture of Cush the Benjamite, whence their innate antipathy to the English.

For the IRISH are the children of Shimei and Cush with a mixture of something lower — the Lord raise them!

For the FRENCH are Moabites even the children of Lot.

For the DUTCH are the children of Gog.

For the Poles are the children of Magog.

For the Italians are the children of Samuel and are the same as the Grecians.

For the Spaniards are the children of Abishai Joab’s brother, hence is the goodwill between the two nations.

For the Portuguese are the children of Amman — God be gracious to Lisbon and send good angels amongst them!

For the Hottentots are the children of Gog with a Black mixture.

For the Russians are the Children of Ishmael.

For the Turks are the children of Esaw, which is Edom.

For the Wallachians are the children of Huz. God be gracious to Elizabeth Hughes, as she was.

For the Germans are the children of the Philistins even the seed of Anak.

For the Prussians are the children of Goliah — but the present, whom God bless this hour, is a Campbell of the seed of Phinees.

For the Hanoverians are Hittites of the seed of Uriah. God save the king.

For the Hessians are Philistines with a mixture of Judah.

For the Saxons are Benjamites, men of great subtlety and Marshal Saxe was direct from Benjamin.

For the Danes are of the children of Zabulon.

For the Venetians are the children of Mark and Romans.

For the Swiss are Philistins of a particular family. God be gracious to Jonathan Tyers his family and to all the people at Vaux Hall.

For the Sardinians are of the seed of David — The Lord forward the Reformation amongst the good seed first. —

For the Mogul’s people are the children of Phut.

For the Old Greeks and the Italians are one people, which are blessed in the gift of Mustek by reason of the song of Hannah and the care of Samuel with regard to divine melody.

For the Germans and the Dutch are the children of the Goths and Vandals who did a good in destruction books written by heathen Free-Thinkers against God.

For there are Americans of the children of Toi. —

For the Laplanders are the children of Gomer.

For the Phenomena of the Diving Bell are solved right in the schools.

For NEW BREAD is the most wholesome — God be gracious to Baker.

For the English are the children of Joab, Captain of the host of Israel, who was the greatest man in the world to GIVE and to ATCHIEVE.

For TEA is a blessed plant and of excellent virtue. God give the Physicians more skill and honesty!

For nutmeg is exceeding wholesome and cherishing, neither does it hurt the liver.

For The Lightning before death is God’s illumination in the spirit for preparation and for warning.

For Lavender Cotton is exceeding good for the teeth. God be gracious to Windsmore.

For the Fern is exceeding good and pleasant to rub the teeth.

For a strong preparation of Mandragora is good for the gout.

For the Bark was a communication from God and is sovereign.

For the method of curing an ague by terror is exaction.

For Exaction is the most accursed of all things, because it brought the Lord to the cross, his betrayers and murderers being such from their exaction.

For an Ague is the terror of the body, when the blessing of God is withheld for a season.

For benevolence is the best remedy in the first place and the bark in the second.

For, when the nation is at war, it is better to abstain from the punishment of criminals especially, every act of human vengeance being a check to the grace of God.

For the letter ל [Hebrew character lamed] which signifies GOD by himself is on the fibre of some leaf in every Tree.

For ל is the grain of the human heart and on the network of the skin.

For ל is in the veins of all stones both precious and common.

For ל is upon every hair both of man and beast.

For ל is in the grain of wood.

For ל is in the ore of all metals.

For ל is on the scales of all fish.

For ל is on the petals of all flowers.

For ל is upon on all shells.

For ל is in the constituent particles of air.

For ל is on the mite of the earth.

For ל is in the water yea in every drop.

For ל is in the incomprehensible ingredients of fire.

For ל is in the stars the sun and in the Moon.

For ל is upon the Sapphire Vault.

For the doubling of flowers is the improvement of the gardners talent.

For the flowers are great blessings.

For the Lord made a Nosegay in the meadow with his disciples and preached upon the lily.

For the angels of God took it out of his hand and carried it to the Height.

For a man cannot have publick spirit, who is void of private benevolence.

For there is no Height in which there are not flowers.

For flowers have great virtues for all the senses.

For the flower glorifies God and the root parries the adversary.

For the flowers have their angels even the words of God’s Creation.

For the warp and woof of flowers are worked by perpetual moving spirits.

For flowers are good both for the living and the dead.

For there is a language of flowers.

For there is a sound reasoning upon all flowers.

For elegant phrases are nothing but flowers.

For flowers are peculiarly the poetry of Christ.

For flowers are medicinal.

For flowers are musical in ocular harmony.

For the right names of flowers are yet in heaven. God make gard’ners better nomenclators.

For the Poorman’s nosegay is an introduction to a Prince.

For it were better for the SERVICE, if only select psalms were read.

For the Lamentations of Jeremiah, Songs from other scriptures, and parts of Esdras might be taken to supply the quantity.

For A is the beginning of learning and the door of heaven.

For B is a creature busy and bustling.

For C is a sense quick and penetrating.

For D is depth.

For E is eternity — such is the power of the English letters taken singly.

For F is faith.

For G is God — whom I pray to be gracious to Liveware my fellow prisoner.

For H is not a letter, but a spirit — Benedicatur Jesus Christus, sic spirem!

For I is identity. God be gracious to Henry Hatsell.

For K is king.

For L is love. God in every language.

For M is musick and Hebrew מ [Hebrew character mem] is the direct figure of God’s harp.

For N is new.

For O is open.

For P is power.

For Q is quick.

For R is right.

For S is soul.

For T is truth. God be gracious to Jermyn Pratt and to Harriote his Sister.

For U is unity, and his right name is Uve to work it double.

For W is word.

For X [drawn as a backwards G and a G stuck together] is hope — consisting of two check G — God be gracious to Anne Hope.

For Y is yea. God be gracious to Eennet and his family!

For Z is zeal.

For in the education of children it is necessary to watch the words, -which they pronounce with difficulty, for such are against them in their consequences.

For A is awe, if pronounced full. Stand in awe and sin not.

For B pronounced in the animal is bey importing authority.

For C pronounced hard is ke importing to shut.

For D pronounced full is day.

For E is east particularly when formed little e with his eye.

For F in it’s secondary meaning is fair.

For G in a secondary sense is good.

For H is heave.

For I is the organ of vision.

For K is keep.

For L is light, and ל [Hebrew character lamed] is the line of beauty.

For M is meet.

For N is nay.

For O is over.

For P is peace.

For Q is quarter.

For R is rain, or thus reign, or thus rein.

For S is save.

For T is take.

For V is veil.

For W is world.

For X [drawn as a backwards G and a G stuck together] beginneth not, but connects and continues.

For Y is young — the Lord direct me in the better way of going on in the Fifth year of my jeopardy June the 17th N.S. 1760. God be gracious to Dr YOUNG.

For Z is zest. God give us all a relish of our duty.

For Action and Speaking are one according to God and the Ancients.

For the approaches of Death are by illumination.

For a man cannot have Publick Spirit, who is void of private benevolence.

For the order of Alamoth is first three, second six, third eighteen, fourth fifty four, and then the whole band.

For the order of Sheminith is first ten, second twenty, third thirty and then the whole band.

For the first entrance into Heaven is by complement.

For Flowers can see, and Pope’s Carnations knew him.

For the devil works upon damps and lowth and causes agues.

For Ignorance is a sin, because illumination is to be had by prayer.

For many a genius being lost at the plough is a false thought — the divine providence is a better manager.

For a man’s idleness is the fruit of the adversary’s diligence.

For diligence is the gift of God, as well as other good things.

For it is a good NOTHING in one’s own eyes and in the eyes of fools.

For æra in its primitive sense is but a weed amongst corn.

For there is no knowing of times and seasons, in submitting them to God stands the Christian’s Chronology.

For Jacob’s brown sheep wore the Golden fleece.

For Shaving of the face was the invention of the Sodomites to make men look like women.

* * *

For God has given us a language of monosyllables to prevent our clipping.

For a toad enjoys a finer prospect than another creature to compensate his lack.

Tho’ toad I am the object of man’s hate.
Yet better am I than a reprobate.       who has the worst of prospects.

For there are stones, whose constituent particles are little toads.

For the spiritual musick is as follows.

For there is the thunder-stop, which is the voice of God direct.

For the rest of the stops are by their rhimes.

For the trumpet rhimes are sound bound, soar more and the like.

For the Shawm rhimes are lawn fawn moon boon and the like.

For the harp rhimes are sing ring string and the like.

For the cymbal rhimes are bell well toll soul and the like.

For the flute rhimes are tooth youth suit mute and the like.

For the dulcimer rhimes are grace place beat heat and the like.

For the Clarinet rhimes are clean seen and the like.

For the Bassoon rhimes are pass, class and the like. God be gracious to Baumgarden.

For the dulcimer are rather van fan and the like and grace place &c are of the bassoon.

For beat heat, weep peep &c are of the pipe.

For every word has its marrow in the English tongue for order and for delight.

For the dissyllables such as able table &c are the fiddle rhimes.

For all dissyllables and some trissyllables are fiddle rhimes.

For the relations of words are in pairs first.

For the relations of words are sometimes in oppositions.

For the relations of words are according to their distances from the pair.

For there be twelve cardinal virtues the gifts of the twelve sons of Jacob.

For Reuben is Great. God be gracious to Lord Falmouth.

For Simeon is Valiant. God be gracious to the Duke of Somerset.

For Levi is Pious. God be gracious to the Bishop of London.

For Judah is Good. God be gracious to Lord Granville.

For Dan is Clean — neat, dextrous, apt, active, compact. God be gracious to Draper.

For Naphtali is sublime — God be gracious to Chesterfield.

For Gad is Contemplative — God be gracious to Lord Northampton.

For Ashur is Happy — God be gracious to George Bowes.

For Issachar is strong — God be gracious to the Duke of Dorsett.

For Zabulon is Constant — God be gracious to Lord Bath.

For Joseph is Pleasant — God be gracious to Lord Bolingbroke.

For Benjamin is Wise — God be gracious to Honeywood.

For all Foundation is from God depending.

For the two Universities are the Eyes of England.

For Cambridge is the right and the brightest.

For Pembroke Hall was founded more in the Lord than any College in Cambridge.

For mustard is the proper food of birds and men are bound to cultivate it for their use.

For they that study the works of God are peculiarly assisted by his Spirit.

For all the creatures mentiond by Pliny are somewhere or other extant to the glory of God.

For Rye is food rather for fowls than men.

For Rye-bread is not taken with thankfulness.

For the lack of Rye may be supplied by Spelt.

For languages work into one another by their bearings.

For the power of some animal is predominant in every language.

For the power and spirit of a CAT is in the Greek.

For the sound of a cat is in the most useful preposition κατ’ ευχην .

For the pleasantry of a cat at pranks is in the language ten thousand times over.

For JACK UPON PRANCK is in the performance of περι together or seperate.

For Clapperclaw is in the grappling of the words upon one another in all the modes of versification.

For the sleekness of a Cat is in his αγλαιηφι .

For the Greek is thrown from heaven and falls upon its feet.

For the Greek when distracted from the line is sooner restored to rank and rallied into some form than any other.

For the purring of a Cat is his τρυζει .

For his cry is in ουαι , which I am sorry for.

For the Mouse (Mus) prevails in the Latin.

For Edi-mus, bibi-mus, vivi-mus — ore-mus.

For the Mouse is a creature of great personal valour.

For — this is a true case — Cat takes female mouse from the company of male — male mouse will not depart, but stands threatning and daring.

For this is as much as to challenge, if you will let her go, I will engage you, as prodigious a creature as you are.

For the Mouse is of an hospitable disposition.

For bravery and hospitality were said and done by the Romans rather than others.

For two creatures the Bull and the Dog prevail in the English.

For all the words ending in ble are in the creature. Invisi-ble, Incomprehensi-ble, ineffa-ble, A-ble.

For the Greek and Latin are not dead languages, but taken up and accepted for the sake of him that spake them.

For can is (canis) is cause and effect a dog.

For the English is concise and strong. Dog and Bull again.

For Newton’s notion of colours is αλογος unphilosophical.

For the colours are spiritual.

For WHITE is the first and the best.

For there are many intermediate colours, before you come to SILVER.

For the next colour is a lively GREY.

For the next colour is BLUE.

For the next is GREEN of which there are ten thousand distinct sorts.

For the next is YELLOW which is more excellent than red, tho Newton makes red the prime. God be gracious to John Delap.

For RED is the next working round the Orange.

For Red is of sundry sorts till it deepens to BLACK.

For black blooms and it is PURPLE.

For purple works off to BROWN which is of ten thousand acceptable shades.

For the next is PALE. God be gracious to William Whitehead.

For pale works about to White again.

NOW that colour is spiritual appears inasmuch as the blessing of God upon all things descends in colour.

For the blessing of health upon the human face is in colour.

For the blessing of God upon purity is in the Virgin’s blushes.

For the blessing of God in colour is on him that keeps his virgin.

For I saw a blush in Staindrop Church, which was of God’s own colouring.

For it was the benevolence of a virgin shewn to me before the whole congregation.

For the blessing of God upon the grass is in shades of Green visible to a nice observer as they light upon the surface of the earth.

For the blessing of God unto perfection in all bloom and fruit is by colouring.

For from hence something in the spirit may be taken off by painters.

For Painting is a species of idolatry, tho’ not so gross as statuary.

For it is not good to look with earning upon any dead work.

For by so doing something is lost in the spirit and given from life to death.

For BULL in the first place is the word of Almighty God.

For he is a creature of infinite magnitude in the height.

For there is the model of every beast of the field in the height.

For they are blessed intelligences and all angels of the living God.

For there are many words under Bull.

For Bul the Month is under it.

For Sea is under Bull.

For Brook is under Bull. God be gracious to Lord Bolingbroke.

For Rock is under Bull.

For Bullfinch is under Bull. God be gracious to the Duke of Cleveland.

For God, which always keeps his work in view has paited a Bullfinch in the heart of a stone. God be gracious to Gosling and Canterbury.

For the Bluecap is under Bull.

For the Humming Bird is under Bull.

For Beetle is under Bull.

For Toad is under bull.

For Frog is under Bull, which he has a delight to look at.

For the Pheasant-eyed Pink is under Bull. Blessed Jesus R4NK EL.

For Bugloss is under Bull.

For Bugle is under Bull.

For Oxeye is under Bull.

For Fire is under Bull.

For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry.

For he is the servant of the Living God duly and daily serving him.

For at the first glance of the glory of God in the East he worships in his way.

For is this done by wreathing his body seven times round with elegant quickness.

For then he leaps up to catch the musk, which is the blessing of God upon his prayer.

For he rolls upon prank to work it in.

For having done duty and received blessing he begins to consider himself.

For this he performs in ten degrees.

For first he looks upon his fore-paws to see if they are clean.

For secondly he kicks up behind to clear away there.

For thirdly he works it upon stretch with the fore paws extended.

For fourthly he sharpens his paws by wood.

For fifthly he washes himself.

For Sixthly he rolls upon wash.

For Seventhly he fleas himself, that he may not be interrupted upon the beat.

For Eighthly he rubs himself against a post.

For Ninthly he looks up for his instructions.

For Tenthly he goes in quest of food.

For having consider’d God and himself he will consider his neighbour.

For if he meets another cat he will kiss her in kindness.

For when he takes his prey he plays with it to give it chance.

For one mouse in seven escapes by his dallying.

For when his day’s work is done his business more properly begins.

For he keeps the Lord’s watch in the night against the adversary.

For he counteracts the powers of darkness by his electrical skin and glaring eyes.

For he counteracts the Devil, who is death, by brisking about the life

For in his morning orisons he loves the sun and the sun loves him.

For he is of the tribe of Tiger.

For the Cherub Cat is a term of the Angel Tiger.

For he has the subtlety and hissing of a serpent, which in goodness he suppresses.

For he will not do destruction, if he is well-fed, neither will he spit without provocation.

For he purrs in thankfulness, when God tells him he’s a good Cat.

For he is an instrument for the children to learn benevolence upon.

For every house is incompleat without him and a blessing is lacking in the spirit.

For the Lord commanded Moses concerning the cats at the departure of the Children of Israel from Egypt.

For every family had one cat at least in the bag.

For the English Cats are the best in Europe.

For he is the cleanest in the use of his fore-paws of any quadrupede.

For the dexterity of his defence is an instance of the love of God to him exceedingly.

For he is the quickest to his mark of any creature.

For he is tenacious of his point.

For he is a mixture of gravity and waggery.

For he knows that God is his Saviour.

For there is nothing sweeter than his peace when at rest.

For there is nothing brisker than his life when in motion.

For he is of the Lord’s poor and so indeed is he called by benevolence perpetually — Poor Jeoffry! poor Jeoffry! the rat has bit thy throat.

For I bless the name of the Lord Jesus that Jeoffry is better.

For the divine spirit comes about his body to sustain it in compleat cat.

For his tongue is exceeding pure so that it has in purity what it wants in musick.

For he is docile and can learn certain things.

For he can set up with gravity which is patience upon approbation.

For he can fetch and carry, which is patience in employment.

For he can jump over a stick which is patience upon proof positive.

For he can spraggle upon waggle at the word of command.

For he can jump from an eminence into his master’s bosom.

For he can catch the cork and toss it again.

For he is hated by the hypocrite and miser.

For the former is affraid of detection.

For the latter refuses the charge.

For he camels his back to bear the first notion of business.

For he is good to think on, if a man would express himself neatly.

For he made a great figure in Egypt for his signal services.

For he killed the Icneumon-rat very pernicious by land.

For his ears are so acute that they sting again.

For from this proceeds the passing quickness of his attention.

For by stroaking of him I have found out electricity.

For I perceived God’s light about him both wax and fire.

For the Electrical fire is the spiritual substance, which God sends from heaven to sustain the bodies both of man and beast.

For God has blessed him in the variety of his movements.

For, tho he cannot fly, he is an excellent clamberer.

For his motions upon the face of the earth are more than any other quadrupede.

For he can tread to all the measures upon the musick.

For he can swim for life.

For he can creep.

* * *

Let Ramah rejoice with Cochineal.

Let Gaba rejoice with the Prickly Pear, which the Cochineal feeds on.

Let Nebo rejoice with the Myrtle-Leaved-Sumach as with the Skirret Jub. 2d.

Let Magbish rejoice with the Sage-Tree Phlomis as with the Goatsbeard Jub: 2d.

Let Hashum rejoice with Moon-Trefoil.

Let Netophah rejoice with Cow-Wheat.

Let Chephirah rejoice with Millet.

Let Beeroth rejoice with Sea-Buckthorn.

Let Kirjath-arim rejoice with Cacalianthemum.

Let Hadid rejoice with Capsicum Guiney Pepper.

Let Senaah rejoice with Bean Cape.

Let Kadmiel rejoice with Hemp-Agrimony.

Let Shobai rejoice with Arbor Molle.

Let Hatita rejoice with Millefolium Yarrow.

Let Ziha rejoice with Mitellia.

Let Hasupha rejoice with Turky Balm.

Let Hattil rejoice with Xeranthemum.

Let Bilshan rejoice with the Leek. David for ever! God bless the Welch March 1st 1761. N.S.

Let Sotai rejoice with the Mountain Ebony.

Let Sophereth rejoice with White Hellebore.

Let Darkon rejoice with the Melon-Thistle.

Let Jaalah rejoice with Moly wild garlick.

Let Ami rejoice with the Bladder Sena in season or out of season bless the name of the Lord.

Let Pochereth rejoice with Fleabane.

Let Keros rejoice with Tree Germander.

Let Padon rejoice with Tamnus Black Briony.

Let Mizpar rejoice with Stickadore.

Let Baanah rejoice with Napus the French Turnip.

Let Reelaiah rejoice with the Sea-Cabbage.

Let Parosh rejoice with Cacubalus Chickweed.

Let Hagab rejoice with Serpyllum Mother of Thyme. Hosanna to the memory of Q. Anne. March 8th N.S. 1761 — God be gracious to old Windsmore.

Let Shalmai rejoice with Meadow Rue. —

Let Habaiah rejoice with Asteriscus Yellow Starwort.

Let Tel-harsa rejoice with Aparine Clivers.

Let Rehoboam rejoice with Folium Montanum. God give grace to the Young King.

Let Hanan rejoice with Poley of Crete.

Let Sheshbazzar rejoice with Polygonatum Solomon’s seal.

Let Zeboim rejoice with Bastard Dittany.

Let The Queen of Sheba rejoice with Bulapathon Herb Patience.

Let Cyrus rejoice with Baccharis Plowman’s Spikenard. God be gracious to Warburton.

Let Lebanah rejoice with the Golden Wingged Flycatcher a Mexican Small Bird of Passage.

Let Hagabah rejoice with Orchis. Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus for my seed in eternity.

Let Siaha rejoice with the Razor-Fish. God be gracious to John Bird and his wife.

Let Artaxerxes rejoice with Vanelloes. Palm Sunday 1761. The Lord Strengthen me.

Let Bishlam rejoice with the Cotton-bush.

Let Mithridath rejoice with Balsam of Tolu.

Let Tabeel rejoice with the Carob-Tree.

Let Ariel rejoice with Balsam of Peru, which sweats from a tree, that flowers like the Foxglove.

Let Ebed rejoice with Balsam of Gilead. God be gracious to Stede.

Let Jarib rejoice with Balsam of Capivi. The Lord strengthen my reins.

Let Shimshai rejoice with Stelis Missletoe on Fir.

Let Joiarib rejoice with Veronica Fluellen or Speedwell.

Let Tatnai rejoice with the Barbadoes Wild Olive.

Let Ezra rejoice with the Reed. The Lord Jesus make musick of it. Good Friday 1761.

Let Josiphiah rejoice with Tower-Mustard. God be gracious to Durham School.

Let Shether-boznai rejoice with Turnera. End of Lent 1761. No. 5.

Let Jozadak rejoice with Stephanitis a vine growing naturally into chaplets.

Let Jozabad rejoice with the Lily-Daffodil. Easter Day 22nd March 1761.

Let Telem rejoice with Hart’s Penny-royal.

Let Abdi rejoice with Winter-green. God be gracious to Abdy.

Let Binnui rejoice with Spotted Lungwort or Couslip of Jerusalem. God give blessing with it.

Let Aziza rejoice with the Day Lily.

Let Zabbai rejoice with Buckshorn Plaintain Coronopus.

Let Ramoth rejoice with Persicaria.

Let Athlai rejoice with Bastard Marjoram.

Let Uel rejoice with Lysimachia Loose-strife which drinks of the brook by the way.

Let Kelaiah rejoice with Hermannia.

Let Elasah rejoice with Olibanum White or Male Frankinsense from an Arabian tree, good against Catarrhs and Spitting blood from which Christ Jesus deliver me.

Let Adna rejoice with Gum Opopanax from the wounded root of a species of panace Heracleum a tall plant growing to be two or three yards high with many large wings of a yellowish green — good for old coughs and asthmas.

Let Bedeiah rejoice with Gum Sagapenum flowing from a species of Ferula which grows in Media. Lord have mercy on my breast.

Let Ishijah rejoice with Sago gotten from the inward pith of the breadtree. The Lord Jesus strengthen my whole body.

Let Chelal rejoice with Apios Virginian Liquorice Vetch.

Let Miamin rejoice with Mezereon. God be gracious to Polly and Bess and all Canbury.

Let Zebida rejoice with Tormentil good for hæmorrhages in the mouth even so Lord Jesus.

Let Shemaria rejoice with Riciasides.

Let Jadau rejoice with Flixweed.

Let Shimeon rejoice with Squills.

Let Sheal rejoice with Scorpioides. God be gracious to Legg.

Let Ramiah rejoice with Water-Germander.

Let Jeziah rejoice with Viper’s Grass.

Let Machnadebai rejoice with the Mink, a beast.

Let Meremoth rejoice with the Golden Titmouse of Surinam.

Let Mattenai rejoice with Hatchet Vetch.

Let Chelluh rejoice with Horehound.

Let Jaasau rejoice with Bird’s foot.

Let Maadai rejoice with Golden Rod.

Let Sharai rejoice with Honey-flower.

Let Shashai rejoice with Smyrnium.

Let Hananiah the son of an apothecary rejoice with Bdellium.

Let Hassenaah rejoice with the White Beet. God be gracious to Hasse and all musicians.

Let Hachaliah rejoice with Muscus Arboreus.

Let Sanballat rejoice with Ground Moss found sometimes on human skulls.

Let Col-hozeh rejoice with Myrobalans, Bellerica, Chebula, Citrina, Emblica and Indica.

Let Meah rejoice with Varias, a kind of streaked panther. April 8th praise the name of the Lord.

Let Eliashib rejoice with Shepherd’s Purse.

Let Azbuk rejoice with Valerianella Corn Sallet.

Let Geshem (which is Rain) rejoice with Kneeholm. Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus for Rain and his family and for the plenteous rain this day. April 9th 1761. N.S.

Let Bavai rejoice with Calceolus Ladies Slipper.

Let Henadad rejoice with Cacalianthemum.

Let Shallun rejoice with Mullein Tapsus barbatus good for the breast.

Let Ophel rejoice with Camara.

Let Meshezabeel rejoice with Stephanomelis. Old April bless the name of the Lord Jesus.

Let Zadok the son of Baana rejoice with Viburnum.

Let Vaniah rejoice with Pug in a pinner. God be gracious to house of Vane especially Anne.

Let Besodeiah rejoice with the Nettle.

Let Melatiah rejoice with Adonis Bird’s eye.

Let Jadon rejoice with Borrage.

Let Palal rejoice with the female Balsamime. God be gracious to my wife.

Let Ezer rejoice with Basella Climbing Nightshade.

Let Uzai rejoice with Meadow Sweet.

Let Zalaph rejoice with Rose-bay.

Let Halohesh rejoice with Ambrosia, that bears a fruit like a club.

Let Malchiah Son of Rechab rejoice with the Rose-colour’d flow’ring Rush.

Let Sia rejoice with Argemone Prickly Poppy.

Let Lebana rejoice with Amaranthoides Globe Amaranth.

Let Rephaiah the Son of Hur rejoice with the Berry-bearing Angelica.

Let Harhaiah of the Goldsmiths rejoice with Segullum, the earth that detects the mine.

Let Harumaph rejoice with the Upright Honeysuckle.

Let Hashabniah rejoice with the Water Melon. Blessed be the manuscripts of Almighty God.

Let Phaseah rejoice with the Cassioberry Bush.

Let Nephishesim rejoice with Cannacorus Indian Reed.

Let Tamah rejoice with Cainito Star-Apple — God be praised for this Eleventh of April o.s. in which I enter into the Fortieth Year of my age. Blessed. Blessed. Blessed!

Let Siloah rejoice with Guidonia with a Rose-Colour’d-Flower.

Let Benjamin a Rebuilder of Jerusalem rejoice with the Rock-Rose. Newton, bless!

Let Malchijah Son of Harim rejoice with Crysanthemoides.

Let Besai rejoice with Hesperis Queen’s Gilly-Flow’r.

Let Perida rejoice with Podded Fumitory.

Let Tabbaoth rejoice with Goldy Locks. God be merciful to my wife.

Let Bakbuk rejoice with Soft Thistle.

Let Hodevah rejoice with Coronilla.

Let Tobiah rejoice with Crotolaria. God be praised for his infinite goodness and mercy.

Let Mehetabeel rejoice with Hsemanthus the Blood Flower. Blessed be the name of the Blood of the Lord Jesus.

Let Bazlith rejoice with the Horned Poppy.

Let Hagaba rejoice with the Turnsole. God be gracious to Cutting.

Let Shalmai rejoice with Lycopersicum Love-apple. God be gracious to Dunn.

Let Arah rejoice with Fritillaria the Chequer’d Tulip.

Let Raamiah rejoice with the Double Sweetscented Pione.

Let Hashub Son of Pahath-moab rejoice with the French Honeysuckle.

Let Ananiah rejoice with the Corn-Flag.

Let Nahamani rejoice with the May-apple. God give me fruit to this month.

Let Mispereth rejoice with the Ring Parrakeet.

Let Nehum rejoice with the Artichoke.

Let Ginnithon rejoice with the Bottle Flower.

Let Zidkijah rejoice with Mulberry Blight. God be gracious to Gum my fellow Prisoner.

Let Malluch rejoice with Methonica Superb Lily.

Let Jeremiah rejoice with Hemlock, which is good in outward application.

Let Bilgai rejoice with Tamalapatra Indian Leaf.

Let Maaziah rejoice with Chick Pease. God be gracious to Harris White 5th of May 1761.

Let Kelita rejoice with Xiphion the Bulbous Iris.

Let Pelaiah rejoice with Cloud-Berries. God be gracious to Peele and Ferry.

Let Azaniah rejoice with the Water Lily.

Let Rehob rejoice with Caucalis Bastard Parsley.

Let Sherebiah rejoice with Nigella, that bears a white flower.

Let Beninu rejoice with Heart-Pear. God be gracious to George Bening.

Let Bunni rejoice with Bulbine — leaves like leek, purple flower.

Let Zatthu rejoice with the Wild Service.

Let Hizkijah rejoice with the Dwarf American Sun-Flower.

Let Azzur rejoice with the Globe-Thistle.

Let Hariph rejoice with Summer Savoury.

Let Nebai rejoice with the Wild Cucumber.

Let Magpiash rejoice with the Musk.

* * *

For H is a spirit and therefore he is God.

For I is person and therefore he is God.

For K is king and therefore he is God.

For L is love and therefore he is God.

For M is musick and therefore he is God.

For N is novelty and therefore he is God.

For O is over and therefore he is God.

For P is power and therefore he is God.

For Q is quick and therefore he is God.

For R is right and therefore he is God.

For S is soul and therefore he is God.

For T is truth and therefore he is God.

For U is union and therefore he is God.

For W is worth and therefore he is God.

For X has the pow’r of three and therefore he is God.

For Y is yea and therefore he is God.

For Z is zeal and therefore he is God, whom I pray to be gracious to the Widow Davis and Davis the Bookseller.

For Christ being A and Ω is all the intermediate letters without doubt.

For there is a mystery in numbers.

For One is perfect and good being at unity in himself.

For Two is the most Imperfect of all numbers.

For every thing infinitely perfect is Three.

For the Devil is two being without God.

For he is an evil spirit male and female.

For he is called the Duce by foolish invocation on that account.

For Three is the simplest and best of all numbers.

For Four is good being square.

For Five is not so good in itself but works well in combination.

For Five is not so good in itself as it consists of two and three.

For Six is very good consisting of twice three.

For Seven is very good consisting of two compleat numbers.

For Eight is good for the same reason and propitious to me Eighth of March 1761 hallelujah.

For Nine is a number very good and harmonious.

For Cipher is a note of augmentation very good.

For innumerable ciphers will amount to something.

For the mind of man cannot bear a tedious accumulation of nothings without effect.

For infinite upon infinite they make a chain.

For the last link is from man very nothing ascending to the first Christ the Lord of All.

For the vowell is the female spirit in the Hebrew consonant.

For there are more letters in all languages not communicated.

For there are some that have the power of sentences. O rare thirteenth of march 1761.

For St Paul was caught up into the third heavens.

For there he heard certain words which it was not possible for him to understand.

For they were constructed by uncommunicated letters.

For they are signs of speech too precious to be communicated for ever.

For after ת there follows another letter in the Hebrew tongue.

For his name is Wau and his figure is thus Wau .

For the Æolians knew something of him in the spirit, but could not put him down.

For the figures were first communicated to Esaw. God be gracious to Musgrave.

For he was blest as a merchant.

For the blessing of Jacob was in the spirit and Esau’s for temporal thrift.

For the story of Orpheus is of the truth.

For there was such a person a cunning player on the harp.

For he was a believer in the true God and assisted in the spirit.

For he play’d upon the harp in the spirit by breathing upon the strings.

For this will affect every thing that is sustaind by the spirit, even every thing in nature.

For it is the business of a man gifted in the word to prophecy good.

For it will be better for England and all the world in a season, as I prophecy this day.

For I prophecy that they will obey the motions of the spirit descended upon them as at this day.

For they have seen the glory of God already come down upon the trees.

For I prophecy that it will descend upon their heads also.

For I prophecy that the praise of God will be in every man’s mouth in the Publick streets.

For I prophecy that there will be Publick worship in the cross ways and fields.

For I prophecy that the general salutation will be. The Lord Jesus prosper you. I wish you good luck in the name of the Lord Jesus!

For I prophecy that there will be more mercy for criminals.

For I prophecy that there will be less mischief concerning women.

For I prophecy that they will be cooped up and kept under due controul.

For I prophecy that there will be full churches and empty play-houses.

For I prophecy that they will learn to take pleasure in glorifying God with great cheerfulness.

For I prophecy that they will observe the Rubrick with regard to days of Fasting and Abstinence.

For I prophecy that the clergy in particular will set a better example.

For I prophecy that they will not dare to imprison a brother or sister for debt.

For I prophecy that hospitality and temperance will revive.

For I prophecy that men will be much stronger in the body.

For I prophecy that the gout, and consumptions will be curable.

For I prophecy that man will be as good as a Lupine.

For the Lupine professes his Saviour in Grain.

For the very Hebrew letter is fairly graven upon his Seed.

For with diligence the whole Hebrew Alphabet may be found in a parcel of his seed.

For this a stupendous evidence of the communicating God in externals.

For I prophecy that they will call the days by better names.

For the Lord’s day is the first.

For the following is the second.

For so of the others untill the seventh.

For the seventh day is the Sabbath according to the word of God direct for ever and ever.

For I prophecy that the King will have grace to put the crown upon the altar.

For I prophecy that the name of king in England will be given to Christ alone.

For I prophecy that mm will live to a much greater age. This ripens apace God be praised.

For I prophecy that they will grow taller and stronger.

For degeneracy has done a great deal more than is in general imagined.

For men in David’s time were ten feet high in general.

For they had degenerated also from the strength of their fathers.

For I prophecy that players and mimes will not be named amongst us.

For I prophecy in the favour of dancing which in mutual benevolence is for the glory of God.

For I prophecy that the exactions of Moab will soon be at an end.

For the Moabites even the French are in their chastisement for humiliation.

For I prophecy that the Reformation will make way in France when Moab is made meek by being well drubbed by the English.

For I prophecy that the Reformation will make great way by means of the Venetians.

For the Venetian will know that the Englishman is his brother.

For the Liturgy will obtain in all languages.

For England is the head and not the tail.

For England is the head of Europe in the spirit.

For Spain, Portugal and France are the heart.

For Holland and Germany are the middle.

For Italy is one of the legs.

For I prophecy that there will not be a meetinghouse within two miles of a church.

For I prophecy that schismaticks will be detected.

For I prophecy that men will learn the use of their knees.

For every thing that can be done in that posture (upon the knees) is better so done than otherwise.

For I prophecy that they will understand the blessing and virtue of the rain.

For rain is exceedingly good for the human body.

For it is good therefore to have flat roofs to the houses, as of old.

For it is good to let the rain come upon the naked body unto purity and refreshment.

For I prophecy that they will respect decency in all points.

For they will do it in conceit, word, and motion.

For they will go forth afield.

For the Devil can work upon stagnating filth to a very great degree.

For I prophecy that we shall have our horns again.

For in the day of David Men as yet had a glorious horn upon his forehead.

For this horn was a bright substance in colour and consistence as the nail of the hand.

For it was broad, thick and strong so as to serve for defence as well as ornament.

For it brightened to the Glory of God, which came upon the human face at morning prayer.

For it was largest and brightest in the best men.

For it was taken away all at once from all of them.

For this was done in the divine contempt of a general pusillanimity.

For this happened in a season after their return from the Babylonish captivity.

For their spirits were broke and their manhood impair’d by foreign vices for exaction.

For I prophecy that the English will recover their horns the first.

For I prophecy that all the nations in the world will do the like in turn.

For I prophecy that all Englishmen will wear their beards again.

For a beard is a good step to a horn.

For when men get their horns again, they will delight to go uncovered.

For it is not good to wear any thing upon the head.

For a man should put no obstacle between his head and the blessing of Almighty God.

For a hat was an abomination of the heathen. Lord have mercy upon the Quakers.

For the ceiling of the house is an obstacle and therefore we pray on the house-top.

For the head will be liable to less disorders on the recovery of its horn.

For the horn on the forehead is a tower upon an arch.

For it is a strong munition against the adversary, who is sickness and death.

For it is instrumental in subjecting the woman.

For the insolence of the woman has increased ever since Man has been crest-fallen.

For they have turned the horn into scoff and derision without ceasing.

For we are amerced of God, who has his horn.

For we are amerced of the blessed angels, who have their horns.

For when they get their horns again they will put them upon the altar.

For they give great occasion for mirth and musick.

For our Blessed Saviour had not his horn upon the face of the earth.

For this was in meekness and condescension to the infirmities of human nature at that time.

For at his second coming his horn will be exalted in glory.

For his horn is the horn of Salvation.

For Christ Jesus has exalted my voice to his own glory.

For he has answered me in the air as with a horn from Heaven to the ears of many people.

For the horn is of plenty.

For this has been the sense of all ages.

For Man and Earth suffer together.

For when Man was amerced of his horn, earth lost part of her fertility.

For the art of Agriculture is improving.

For this is evident in flowers.

For it is more especially manifest in double flowers.

For earth will get it up again by the blessing of God on the industry of man.

For the horn is of plenty because of milk and honey.

For I pray God be gracious to the Bees and the Beeves this day.

Let Hezir rejoice with Scorpion Sena.

* * *

Let Dew, house of Dew rejoice with Xanthenes a precious stone of an amber colour.

Let Round, house of Round rejoice with Myrmecites a gern having an Emmet in it.

Let New, house of New rejoice with Nasamonites a gem of a sanguine colour with black veins.

Let Hook, house of Hook rejoice with Sarda a Cornelian — blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus by hook.

Let Crook, house of Crook rejoice with Ophites black spotted marble — Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus by crook. The Lord enable me to shift.

Let Lime, house of Lime rejoice with Sandareses a kind of gem in Pliny’s list.

Let Linnet, house of Linnet rejoice with Tanos, which is a mean sort of Emerald.

Let Hind, house of Hind rejoice with Paederos Opal — God be gracious to Mrs Hind, that lived at Canbury.

Let Tyrrel, house of Tyrrel rejoice with Sardius Lapis an Onyx of a black colour. God speed Hawke’s Fleet.

Let Moss, house of Moss rejoice with the Pearl-Oyster behold how God has consider’d for him that lacketh.

Let Ross, house of Ross rejoice with the Great Flabber Dabber Flat Clapping Fish with hands. Vide Anson’s Voyage and Psalm 98th ix.

Let Fisher, house of Fisher rejoice with Sandastros kind of burning stone with gold drops in the body of it. God be gracious to Fisher of Cambridge and to all of his name and kindred.

Let Fuller, house of Fuller rejoice with Perileucos a precious stone with a white thread descending from its face to the bottom.

Let Thorpe, house of Thorpe rejoice with Xystios an ordinary stone of the Jasper-kind.

Let Alban, house of Alban rejoice with Scorpites a precious stone in some degree of the creatures.

Let Wand, house of Wand rejoice with Synochitis a gem supposed by Pliny to have certain magical effects.

Let Freeman, house of Freeman rejoice with Carcinias a precious stone the colour of a sea-crab. The Lord raise the landed interest.

Let Quince, house of Quince rejoice with Onychipuncta a gem of the jasper kind.

Let Manly, house of Manly rejoice with the Booby a tropical bird.

Let Fage, house of Fage rejoice with the Fiddlefish — Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus in the fish’s mouth.

Let Benning, house of Benning rejoice with the Sea-Egg. Lord have mercy on the soul of Benning’s wife.

Let Singleton, house of Singleton rejoice with the Hog-Plumb. Lord have mercy on the soul of Lord Vane.

Let Thickness, house of Thickness rejoice with The Papah a fruit found at Chequetan.

Let Heartly, house of Heartly rejoice with the Drummer-Fish. God be gracious to Heartly of Christ, to Marsh, Hingeston and Bill.

Let Sizer, house of Sizer rejoice with Trichros a precious stone black at bottom, white atop and blood-red in the middle.

Let Chetwind, house of Chetwind rejoice with Hammocrysos, a gem with gold sands on it.

Let Branch, house of Branch rejoice with Hæmatites — Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus THE BRANCH.

Let Dongworth, house of Dongworth rejoice with Rhymay the Bread-fruit. God be gracious to the immortal soul of Richard Dongworth.

Let Randall, house of Randall rejoice with Guavoes. God give Randall success.

Let Osborne, house of Osborne rejoice with Lithizontes a sort of carbuncle. God be gracious to the Duke of Leeds and his family.

Let Oldcastle, house of Oldcastle rejoice with Leucopthalmos. God put it in heart of king to repair and beautify Dover Castle.

Let Beeson, house of Beeson rejoice with Pyropus, carbuncle opal. God be gracious to Masters of Yoke’s Place.

Let Salmon, house of Salmon rejoice with Sapinos a kind of Amethyst.

Let Crutenden, house of Crutenden rejoice with Veneris Gemma a kind of amethyst.

Let Bridges, house of Bridges rejoice with Jasponyx, which is the Jasper-Onyx.

Let Lane, house of Lane rejoice with Myrmecias a precious stone with little knots in it.

Let Cope, house of Cope rejoice with Centipedes. God give me strength to cope with all my adversaries.

Let Sutton, house of Sutton rejoice with Cholos a gem of the Emerald kind.

Let Pelham, house of Pelham rejoice with Callimus in Taphiusio one stone in the body of another. God bless the Duke of Newcastle.

Let Holies, house of Holies rejoice with Pyriasis a black stone that burns by friction. The Lord kindle amongst Englishmen a sense of their name.

Let Lister, house of Lister rejoice with Craterites a very hard stone. The Lord hear my prayer even as I attend unto his commandments.

Let Ash, house of Ash rejoice with Callaica a green gem. God be gracious to Miss Leroche my fellow traveler from Calais.

Let Baily, house of Baily rejoice with Catopyrites of Cappadocia. God be gracious to the immortal soul of Lewes Baily author of the Practice of Piety.

Let Glover, house of Glover rejoice with Capnites a kind of Jasper — blessed be the memory of Glover the martyr.

Let Egerton, house of Egerton rejoice with Sphragis green but not pellucid.

Let Reading, house of Reading rejoice with Synodontites found in the fish Synodontes. 27th July N.S. 1762 Lord Jesus have mercy on my soul.

Let Bolton, house of Bolton rejoice with Polygrammos, a kind of Jasper with white streaks.

Let Paulet, house of Paulet rejoice with Chalcites, a precious stone of the colour of Brass.

Let Stapleton, house of Stapleton rejoice with Scythis a precious stone — the Lord rebuild the old houses of England.

Let Newdigate, house of Newdigate rejoice with Sandaserion a stone in India like Green Oil.

Let Knightly, house of Knightly rejoice with Zoronysios a gem supposed by the ancients to have magical effects. Star — word — herb — gem.

Let Fellows, house of Fellows rejoice with Syrites a gem found in a Wolf’s bladder.

Let Ascham, house of Ascham rejoice with Thyitis a precious stone remarkably hard. God be gracious to Bennet.

Let Mowbray, house of Mowbray rejoice with The Black and Blue Creeper a beautiful small bird of Brazil.

Let Aldrich, house of Aldrich rejoice with the Trincalo or Tricolor, a leaf without a flower or the flower of a leaf.

Let Culmer, house of Culmer rejoice with Phloginos a gem of a fire-colour.

Let Catesby, house of Catesby rejoice with Cerites a precious stone like wax.

Let Atterbury, house of Atterbury rejoice with Eurotias a black stone with the appearance of mould on it.

Let Hoare, house of Hoare rejoice with Crysopis a precious stone of a gold-colour. God be gracious to John Rust.

Let Fane, house of Fane rejoice with Chalcedonius Lapis a sort of onyx called a Chalcedony.

Let Lorman, house of Lorman rejoice with Cheramites, a sort of precious stone.

Let Flexney, house of Flexney rejoice with Triopthalmos — God be gracious to Churchill, Loyd and especially to Sheels.

Let Gavel, house of Gavel rejoice with Phlogites a precious stone of a various flame-colour.

Let Hederick, house of Hederick rejoice with Pyritis a precious stone which held in the hand will burn it; this is fixed fire.

Let Pleasant, house of Pleasant rejoice with The Carrier Fish — God be gracious to Dame Fysh.

Let Tayler, house of Tayler rejoice with the Flying Mole — God keep him from the poor man’s garden. God be gracious to William Tayler Sen and Junr.

Let Grieve, house of Grieve rejoice with Orites a precious stone perfectly round. Blessed be the name of the Man of Melancholy, for Jacob Grieve.

Let Bowes, house of Bowes rejoice with the Dog Fly. Lord have mercy upon me and support me in all my plagues and temptations.

Let Alberton, house of Alberton rejoice with Paneros a precious stone good against barrenness.

Let Morgan, house of Morgan rejoice with Prasius Lapis of a Leek-green colour.

Let Powell, house of Powell rejoice with Synochitis a precious stone abused by the ancient sorcerers.

Let Howell, house of Howell rejoice with Ostracias a gem like an oyster.

Let Close, house of Close rejoice with Chalcophonos a gem sounding like brass. O all ye gems of the mine bless ye the Lord, praise him and magnify him for ever.

Let Johnson, house of Johnson rejoice with Omphalocarpa a kind of bur. God be gracious to Samuel Johnson.

Let Hopgood, house of Hopgood rejoice with Nepenthes an herb which infused in wine drives away sadness — very likely.

Let Hopwood, house of Hopwood rejoice with Aspalathus the Rose of Jerusalem.

Let Benson, house of Benson rejoice with Sea-Ragwort or Powder’d Bean. Lord have mercy on the soul of Dr Benson Bsp. of Gloucester.

Let Marvel, house of Marvel rejoice with Brya a little shrub like birch.

Let Hull, house of Hull rejoice with Subis a bird called the Spight which breaks the Eagle’s eggs.

Let Mason, house of Mason rejoice with Suberies the Capitol Cork Tree. Lord be merciful to William Mason.

Let Fountain, house of Fountain rejoice with Syriacus Rephanus a sweet kind of Radish.

Let Scroop, house of Scroop rejoice with Fig-Wine — Palmi primarium vinum. Not so — Palmi-primum is the word.

Let Hollingstead, house of Hollingstead rejoice with Sissitietaeris herb of good fellowship. Praise the name of the Lord September 1762.

Let Moyle, house of Moyle rejoice with Phlox a flame-colour’d flower without smell, tentanda via est. Via, veritas, vita sunt Christus.

Let Mount, house of Mount rejoice with Anthera a flowering herb. The Lord lift me up.

Let Dowers, house of Dowers rejoice with The American Nonpareil a beautiful small-bird.

Let Cudworth, house of Cudworth rejoice with the Indian Jaca Tree, which bears large clusters of fruit like apples.

Let Cuthbert, house of Cuthbert rejoice with Phyllandrian a good herb growing in marshes — Lord have mercy on the soul of Cornelius Harrison.

Let Chillingworth, house of Chillingworth rejoice with Polygonoides an herb with leaves like laurel long and thick good against serpents.

Let Conworth, house of Conworth rejoice with Nenuphar a kind of Water Lily.

Let Ransom, house of Ransom rejoice with Isidos Plocamos a sea shrub of the Coral kind, or rather like Coral.

Let Ponder, house of Ponder rejoice with Polion an herb, whose leaves are white in the morning, purple at noon, and blue in the evening.

Let Woodward, house of Woodward rejoice with Nerium the Rose-Laurel — God make the professorship of fossils in Cambridge a useful thing.

Let Spincks, house of Spinks rejoice with Struthiomela a little sort of Quinces — The Lord Jesus pray for me.

Let Peacock, house of Peacock rejoice with Engalacton an herb good to breed milk.

Let Nason, house of Nason rejoice with Errhinum a medicine to clear the nose.

Let Bold, house of Bold rejoice with the Hop-Hornbeam. God send me a neighbour this September.

Let Spriggings, house of Spriggings rejoice with Eon the Tree of which Argo was built.

Let Bear, house of Bear rejoice with Gelotophyllis an herb which drank in wine and myrrh causes excess of laughter.

Let Sloper, house of Sloper rejoice with Gelotophye another laughing plant.

Let Tollfree, house of Tollfree rejoice with Fern of Trees — Lord stave off evil this day.

Let Clare, house of Clare rejoice with Galeotes a kind of Lizard at enmity with serpents. Lord receive the soul of Dr Wilcox Master of Clare Hall.

Let Wilmot, house of Wilmot rejoice with Epipetros an herb coming up spontaneous (of the seed of the earth) but never flowers.

Let Anstey, house of Anstey rejoice with Eumeces a kind of balm. Lord have mercy on Christopher Anstey and his kinswoman.

Let Ruston, house of Ruston rejoice with Fulviana Herba, ab inventore good to provoke urine. Lord have mercy upon Roger Pratt and his family.

Let Atwood, house of Atwood rejoice with Rhodora with leaves like a nettle and flower like a rose. God bless all benefactors of Pembroke Hall.

Let Shield, house of Shield rejoice with Reseda herb dissolving swelling, and imposthumes.

Let Atkins, house of Atkins rejoice with Salicastrum Wild Wine upon willows and osiers.

Let Pearson, house of Pearson rejoice with the American Aloe. I pray for the soul of Frances Burton.

Let Hough, house of Hough rejoice with Pegasus The Flying Horse there be millions of them in the air. God bless the memories of Bsp. Hough and of Peter.

Let Evelyn, house of Evelyn rejoice with Phu a Plinian shrub sweet-scented. I pray God for trees enough in the posterities.

Let Wing, house of Wing rejoice with Phlomos a sort of Rush. I give the glory to God, thro Christ, for taking the Havannah. Septr 30th 1762.

Let Chace, house of Chace rejoice with Papyrus. God be gracious to Sr Richard and family.

Let Pulteney, house of Pulteney rejoice with Tragion a shrub like Juniper.

Let Abdy, house of Abdy rejoice with Ecbolia a medicine to fetch a dead child out of the womb. God give me to bless for Gulstone and Halford.

Let Hoadley, house of Hoadley rejoice with Dryos Hyphear which is the Oak-Missletoe.

Let Free, house of Free rejoice with Thya a kind of Wild Cypress.

Let Pink, house of Pink rejoice with Trigonum herb used in garlands — the Lord succeed my pink borders.

Let Somner, house of Somner rejoice with the Blue Daisie — God be gracious to my neighbour and his family this day, 7th Octr 1762.

Let Race, house of Race rejoice with Osiritis Dogshead. God be praised for the eighth of October 1762.

Let Trowell, house of Trowell rejoice with Teuchites kind of sweet rush.

Let Tilson, house of Tilson rejoice with Teramnos a kind of weed. Lord have mercy on the soul of Tilson, Fellow of Pembroke Hall.

Let Loom, house of Loom rejoice with Colocasia, an Egyptian Bean of whose leaves they made cups and pots.

Let Knock, house of Knock rejoice with Condurdon which bears red flowers in July and worn about the neck is good for scrophulous cases.

Let Case, house of Case rejoice with Coctanum a Syrian Fig. The Lord cure my cough.

Let Tomlyn, house of Tomlyn rejoice with Tetralyx a kind of herb.

Let Bason, house of Bason rejoice with Thelypteris which is Sea-Fern.

Let Joslyn, house of Joslyn rejoice with Cotonea a Venetian herb.

Let Mace, house of Mace rejoice with Adipsos a kind of Green Palm with the smell of a quince.

Let Potts, house of Potts rejoice with Ulex an herb like rosemary with a quality of attracting gold.

Let Bedingfield, house of Bedingfield rejoice with Zygia, which is a kind of maple.

Let Tough, house of Tough rejoice with Accipitrina. N.B. The hawk beat the raven St Luke’s day 1762.

Let Balsam, house of Balsam rejoice with Chenomycon an herb the sight of which terrifies a goose. Lord have mercy on William Hunter his family.

Let Graves, house of Graves rejoice with Cinnaris the Stag’s antidote — the persecuted Christian is as the hunted stag.

Let Tombs, house of Tombs rejoice with Acesis Water Sage — God be gracious to Christopher Charles Tombs.

Let Addy, house of Addy rejoice with Crysippea a kind of herb so called from the discoverer.

Let Jump, house of Jump rejoice with Zoster a Sea-Shrub. Blessed be the name of Christ for the Anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt 1762.

Let Bracegirdle, house of Bracegirdle rejoice with Xiris a kind of herb with sharp leaves.

Let Girdlestone, house of Girdlestone rejoice with Crysocarpum a kind of Ivy.

Let Homer, house of Homer rejoice with Cinnabar which makes a red colour.

Let Lenox, house of Lenox rejoice with Achnas the Wild Pear Tree. God be gracious to the Duke of Richmond.

Let Altham, house of Altham rejoice with the Everlasting Apple-Tree.

Let Travell, house of Travell rejoice with Ciborium The Egyptian Bean.

Let Tyers, house of Tyers rejoice with Ægilops a kind of bulbous root. God give good will to Jonathan Tyers and his family this day. All Saints. N.S. 1762.

Let Clever, house of Clever rejoice with Calathiana a sort of Autumnal flower.

Let Bones, house of Bones rejoice with The Red-Crested Black and Blue Bird of Surinam.

Let Pownall, house of Pownall rejoice with the Murrion a creature of the Beaver kind.

Let Fig, house of Fig rejoice with Fleawort. The Lord magnify the idea of Smart singing hymns on this day in the eyes of the whole University of Cambridge. Novr 5th 1762. N.S.

Let Codrington, house of Codrington rejoice with Thelyphonon an herb whose root kills scorpions.

Let Butler, house of Butler rejoice with Theombrotios a Persian herb. God be gracious to the immortal Soul of the Duke of Ormond.

Let Bodley, house of Bodley rejoice with Tetragnathius a creature of the Spider kind.

Let Acton, house of Acton rejoice with Theangelis an herb used by the Ancients for magical purposes.

Let Peckwater, house of Peckwater rejoice with Tettigonia a small kind of Grashopper.

Let Sheldon, house of Sheldon rejoice with Teucrion an herb like Germander.

Let Breckock, house of Brecknock rejoice with Thalassegle an herb. God be merciful to Timothy Brecknock.

Let Plank, house of Plank rejoice with the Sea Purslain — God be gracious to Thomas Rosoman and family.

Let Goosetree, house of Goosetree rejoice with Hippophaes a kind of teazle used in the dressing of cloth. God exalt the Soul of Captain Goosetree.

Let Baimbridge, house of Baimbridge rejoice with Hippophæstum of the same kind. Horses shou’d be dock’d in winter. — Bambridge praise the name of the Lord.

Let Metcalf, house of Metcalf rejoice with Holcus Wall-Barley — God give grace to my adversaries to ask council of Abel.

Let Graner, house of Graner rejoice with Hircules Bastard Nard. The Lord English Granier and his family.

Let Cape, house of Cape rejoice with Orgament an herb.

Let Oram, house of Oram rejoice with Halus an herb like unto Orgament.

Let Sykes, house of Skyes rejoice with Hadrobolum a kind of sweet gum.

Let Plumer, house of Plumer rejoice with Hastula Regia an herb resembling a spear.

Let Digby, house of Digby rejoice with Glycryhiza Sweetroot. God be gracious to Sr Digby Legard his Son and family.

Let Otway, house of Otway rejoice with Hippice an herb which being held in an horse’s mouth keeps him from hunger.

Let Cecil, house of Cecil rejoice with Gnaphalium an herb bleached by nature white and soft for the purpose of flax. God bless Lord Salisbury.

Let Rogers, house of Rogers rejoice with Hypelates a kind of Laurel — God be gracious to Rogers and Spilsbury with their families.

Let Cambden, house of Cambden rejoice with Glischromargos a kind of white marl.

Let Conduit, house of Conduit rejoice with Greecula a kind of Rose. God be gracious to the immortal soul of Sr Isaac Newton.

Let Hands, house of Hands rejoice with Hadrosphserum kind of Spikenard with broad leaves.

Let Snipe, house of Snipe rejoice with Hæmotimon a kind of red glass. Blessed be the name of Jesus for the 29th of Novr.

Let Aylesworth, house of Aylesworth rejoice with Glinon which is a kind of Maple.

Let Aisley, house of Aisley rejoice with Halicastrum which is a kind of bread corn.

Let Ready, house of Ready rejoice with Junco The Reed Sparrow. Blessed be the name of Christ Jesus Voice and Instrument.

Let Bland, house of Bland rejoice with Lacta a kind of Cassia. God be gracious to Bland of Durham and the Widow George.

Let Abington, house of Abington rejoice with Lea a kind of Colewort praise him upon the sound of the trumpet.

Let Adcock, house of Adcock rejoice with Lada a shrub, which has gummy leaves.

Let Snow, house of Snow rejoice with Hysginum a plant dying Scarlet.

Let Wardell, house of Wardell rejoice with Leiostreum a smooth oyster. God give grace to the black trumpeter and have mercy on the soul of Scipio.

Let Herring, house of Herring rejoice with Iberica a kind of herb. Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus for Miss Herring.

Let Dolben, house of Dolben rejoice with Irio Winter Cresses, Rock Gentle or Rock Gallant.

Let Oakley, house of Oakley rejoice with the Skink a little amphibious creature found upon Nile.

Let Owen, house of Owen rejoice with the Shag-green a beast from which the skin so called is taken.

Let Twist, house of Twist rejoice with Neottophora a little creature that carries its young upon its back.

Let Constant, house of Constant rejoice with the Musk-Goat — I bless God for two visions of Anne Hope’s being in charity with me.

Let Amos, house of Amos rejoice with The Avosetta a bird found at Rome.

Let Humphreys, house of Humphreys rejoice with The Beardmanica a curious bird.

Let Busby, house of Busby rejoice with The Ganser a bird. God prosper Westminster-School.

Let Alured, house of Alured rejoice with the Book-Spider — I refer the people of both Universitys to the Bible for their morality.

Let Lidgate, house of Lidgate rejoice with The Flammant a curious large bird on the coast of Cuba. God make us amends for the restoration of the Havannah.

Let Cunningham, house of Cunningham rejoice with The Bohemian Jay. I pray for Peace between the K. of Prussia and Empress Queen.

Let Thornhill, house of Thornhill rejoice with The Albicore a Sea Bird. God be gracious to Hogarth his wife. Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus at Adgecomb.

Let Dawn, house of Dawn rejoice with The Frigate Bird which is found upon the coasts of India.

Let Horton, house of Horton rejoice with Birdlime — Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus against the destruction of Small Birds.

Let Arne, house of Arne rejoice with The Jay of Bengal. God be gracious to Arne his wife to Michael and Charles Burney.

Let Westbrooke, house of Westbrooke rejoice with the Quail of Bengal. God be gracious to the people of Maidstone.

Let Allcock, house of Allcock rejoice with The King of the Wavows a strange fowl. I pray for the whose University of Cambridge especially Jesus College this blessed day.

Let Audley, house of Audley rejoice with The Green Crown Bird. The Lord help on with the hymns.

Let Bloom, house of Bloom rejoice with Hecatompus a fish with an hundred feet.

Let Beacon, house of Beacon rejoice with Amadavad a fine bird in the East Indies.

Let Blomer, house of Blomer rejoice with Halimus a Shrub to hedge with. Lord have mercy upon poor labourers this bitter frost Deer 29 N.S. 1762.

Let Merrick, house of Merrick rejoice with Lageus a kind of Grape. God all-sufficient bless and forward the Psalmist in the Lord Jesus.

Let Appleby, house of Appleby rejoice with Laburnum a shrub whose blossom is disliked by bees.

Let Waite, house of Waite rejoice with the Shittah-Tree — blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus for the musicians and dancers this holiday-time.

Let Stedman, house of Stedman rejoice with Jacobasa St James’s Wort. God be merciful to the house of Stuart.

Let Poet, house of Poet rejoice with Hedrychum a kind of ointment of a sweet smelling savour. God speed the New Year thro’ Christ 1763.

Let Jesse, house of Jesse rejoice with the Lawrey a kind of bird. God forward my version of the psalms thro’ Jesus Christ our Lord.

Let Clemison, house of Clemison rejoice with Helix a kind of Ivy. God be praised for the vision of the Redcap and packet.

Let Crockatt, house of Crockatt rejoice with Emboline an Asiatic Shrub with small leaves an antidote. I pray for the soul of Crockatt the bookseller the first to put me upon a version of the Psalms.

Let Oakley, house of Oakley rejoice with Haliphasus a tree with such bitter fruit that nothing but swine will touch it.

Let Preacher, house of Preacher rejoice with Helvella a small sort of cabbage. God be merciful to the immortal soul of Stephen Preacher.

Let Heron, house of Heron rejoice with the Tunal-Tree on which the Cochineal feeds.

Let Kitcat, house of Kitcat rejoice with Copec the Pitch-Stone. Janry 8th 1763 Hallelujah.

Let Gisbourne, house of Gisbourne rejoice with Isocinnamon an herb of a sweet smelling savour.

Let Poor, house of Poor rejoice with Jasione a kind of Withwind — Lord have mercy on the poor this hard weather. Jan: 10th 1763.

Let Eccles, house of Eccles rejoice with Heptapleuros a kind of Plantain. I pray for a musician or musicians to set the new psalms.

Let Moseley, house of Moseley rejoice with Spruce — I bless God for Old Foundation Day at Pemb. Hall.

Let Pass, house of Pass rejoice with Salt — The Lord pass the last year’s accounts in my conscience thro’ the merits of Jesus Christ. New Year by Old Stile 1763.

Let Forward, house of Forward rejoice with Immussulus a kind of bird — the Lord forward my translation of the psalms this year.

Let Quarme, house of Quarme rejoice with Thyosiris yellow Succory — I pray God bless all my Subscribers.

Let Larkin, house of Larkin rejoice with Long-wort or Torch-herb — God give me good riddance of my present grievances.

Let Halford, house of Halford rejoice with Siren a musical bird. God considered thou me for the baseness of those I have served very highly.

Let Ayerst, house of Ayerst rejoice with the Wild Beet — God be gracious to Smith, Cousins, Austin, Cam and Kingsley and Kinleside.

Let Decker, house of Decker rejoice with Sirpe a Cyrenian plant yielding an odoriferous juice.

Let Cust, house of Cust rejoice with Margaris a date like unto a pearl.

Let Usher, house of Usher rejoice with Condurdon an herb with a red flower worn about the neck for the scurvy.

Let Slingsby, house of Slingsby rejoice with Midas a little worm breeding in beans.

Let Farmer, house of Farmer rejoice with Merois an herb growing at Meroe leaf like lettuce and good for dropsy.

Let Affleck, house of Affleck rejoice with The Box-thorn. Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Emanuel.

Let Arnold, house of Arnold rejoice with Leucographis a simple good against spitting of blood.

Let Morris, house of Morris rejoice with Lepidium a Simple of the Cress kind.

Let Crane, house of Crane rejoice with Libanotis an herb that smells like Frankinsense.

Let Arden, house of Arden rejoice with Mew an herb with the stalk and leaves like Anise.

Let Joram, house of Joram rejoice with Meliphylla Balm Gentle God be gracious to John Sherrat.

Let Odwell, house of Odwell rejoice with Lappago Maiden Lips. Blessed be the name of Jesus in singularities and singular mercies.

Let Odney, house of Odney rejoice with Canaria a simple called Hound’s-grass.