Leaps of faith

Leaps of faith can be hard to take.


I know – I’ve tried to take a few at different times in my life.


Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn’t.


It’s not always easy to continue to take those leaps once you’ve ended up on the floor after one.


Writing (the way I see it) is all about leaps of faith.


You approach a white piece of paper or computer screen, believing that you will find the words to turn it into much more than that.


Not just for yourself.


You have to believe that you will be able take the person reading it away from the world they inhabit and into the world you are creating. That the picture you draw for them will become reality – even, if only until they put the words down and go on with their lives.


You do that over and over again. For each new piece, whether it is a poem or a short story, or the novel you’re working on, you trust in yourself to do that. If you didn’t there would be little point in starting.


After that is done you next face the process of putting yourself and your work out there in the public arena. There are a variety of ways to do this. Send it off to your friends, to a competition, to a publisher, or publish it yourself. And each of these ways leaves you open to rejection.


When rejection comes, as it does…it has the ability to make you stop. Wonder whether you have what it takes. Perhaps you ask yourself the question. Maybe not the first time, it could just be that it wasn’t the right fit for them you think.


You go over it again, checking, rechecking. Sometimes you find something you missed. An error. Sometimes you don’t. So you send it out again.


While you wait to hear back – you start with the white space again. Begin a new story. And you send that out. But it comes back too.


Maybe it’s then the question comes to you.


It can be phrased so many different ways.


  • Can I write?
  • Am I kidding myself?
  • Do I have ANY talent?
  • Does anyone like anything I write?


The answers to these questions will decide whether or not you take your next leap.

It almost seems easier just to give up. Go back to what you were doing before you decided to do the one thing you love, the one thing you believe you are good at.


For me – the one thing is searching out words to make the world make sense, or not.


It’s what I believe I am good at.


In the end, I have to trust that I will get to the place I want to go. For me – that means becoming a published author.


For years my ex told me I could NEVER do so many things.


He told me I could never bungee jump off a bridge.


Just before I got rid of him – I did just that. (I am TERRIFIED of heights)


He said I could never learn to water-ski.


It took a year – seriously – I drank an enormous amount of salt water, but I kept going out on that boat. One day I stood up and slid right along behind it.


These were things I wasn’t good at – but I leaped and I landed in one piece.


So I will keep leaping – and believing – and I will land on my feet.


I have faith.


Just like the penquin in the video – I fell in love with him when I saw it.



9 thoughts on “Leaps of faith”

    Not only does your writing speak to the heart…BUT THE VIDEO…IT’S PRECIOUS!

    I’m going to copy it and any time I get any kind negativity banging around at my door, I’m going to have a new look at this video!

    “It’s not always easy to continue to take those leaps once you’ve ended up on the floor after one.” This line speaks to me on a first name basis ;-D


  2. Great post, Jo! Speaking with honesty about that which so many of us feel.

    I just posted this morning about a query letter I sent out and how my idea was rejected last time –

    I wonder what will happen this time round? But I just had to give it another go as I believe in what I’ve written, and I just can’t stop writing and coming up with ideas! I know you’re the same 🙂



    1. Thank you !!

      I think any writer has those moments where there is so much doubt – when beloved stories come back not wanted, not appreciated. It is the nature of the beast. And so many times I have wondered just those precise words – but I have to believe – have to have faith. Because i am in love, with words, what they do, how they occupy both the page and the mind. There is no other path for me anymore.

      I just hope others believe it too !!



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