The song remains the same…

My guess – the writers had a lot of fun writing this episode.

There are so many layers to the subtext – I am sorry, but I have to say it again.

Damn the writers of this show are good.

What a way to start. Dean with an angel and a devil, and they’re strippers !!

Anna is back.

As usual – all is not what it seems – Anna is now out to do some killing of her own.

Only she wants to kill one of the boys.

Luckily we still have our angel in the trench coat, and he does not let that happen. Go Cas !!

With Anna doing the time warp thingee and heading off to 1978 to kill the boys’ mother, Cas zapped them all back there as well. If only I had my own time zapping angel. So cool !!

It’s weird though – seeing Cas injured. It takes a bit of getting used to, this whole Cas losing his angel juice scenario. They could not have picked a better actor than Misha Collins to play Castiel.

Back to 1978 they go…

Between the writers and Misha, Castiel is a dream character.

Conversation over the coffee table at the Winchester’s – priceless. There was so much subtle subtext in the conversations between the boys and their unsuspecting parents.

Watching Mary kick butt – yeah feminism.

Now, next came one of my favourite moments. First you have the Impala. Always good.

Then you have the whole Winchester clan in the car.

And here it comes – John telling them all: “Not another word, all of you, or so help me I will turn this car around!”

WOW – how many times have I said that to my kids !!

In this episode we eventually got a glimpse of the John we know. ‘Tough John.’ Finally.

When Sam gets to have some time alone with John, well the eyes got a bit misty in my house. Luckily I taped it so I can watch it again. Such a moment of paradox in their relationship.

Some father/son time…

So far we have Anna, Mary, and John back. But that’s not all folks. Our evil angel Uriel is back for a visit as well. This was one of my favourite bad guys until Anna killed him. Time travel makes anything possible – so welcome back Uriel, even if it is only for one episode.

Then came another teary moment, a Mary and Dean moment, that ended up one of the saddest moments in five seasons between Mary and both of her sons. Well, I guess I’ll just leave you to watch it.

Okay – I had a tear or two for this episode – I admit it !!

But hey, this is a butt kicking show so before long the Winchesters are fighting angels again. Man, what ever happened to fluffy winged, good angels?

Anna gets what she wants – she kills Sam.

Of course, being Supernatural that’s not the end, of Sam or the episode.

One more angel makes an appearance. Michael.

I’ve been waiting for this since episode one this season.

Dean and his angel in the same room.

All my illusions have been shattered as far as angels go.

AND – the subtext continues right to the end.

Watching Mary and John, with Mary murmuring to an unborn Dean that: “Angels are watching over you.”

It takes subtext to a whole new level.

Now, how many hours is that until next Friday?



6 thoughts on “The song remains the same…”

  1. I think that is the main drawcard for me – the writers of this show are so good. So good I can and do forgive the occasional lapse – they take what should be ridiculous, make it believable, funny, poignant – all in 40 minutes.

    I am hooked big time and am happy to shout my love of this show to the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. Ive always been a tad envious of their black car thats for sure. And they never seem to be short of cash. Hitting the road, in a classic car with good tunes while fighting the forces of darkness. A good life all around.:)


    1. I agree – the car is so…dare I say it…SEX ON WHEELS. LOL

      And the music is amazing. I read somewhere – so not sure if it is true – that because of their small budget they have no chance to get the newer songs. Damn good thing if you ask me.


      '67 Chevy Impala


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